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A Missing Coach, A Lost Package 18
An intro scenario for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is now online
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 23 November 2009

Be wary when you set out from the relative safety of your smug home, outside the palisades and fences protecting your town. What lies outside those walls is cruel and unforgiving. The area between towns and cities is little more than a seething mass of anarchy, violence, bandits, and beastmen. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into one of them at a time.... If you’re not, the next Warden to fill your boots will hear the same warning.
– Oscar Heilman, Roadwarden Captain.
Excerpt from a lecture to newly appointed wardens.

Something is definitely wrong. Vaerun the High Elf Envoy is expecting an important package that was supposed to arrive on the last coach. Birgitta the Roadwarden’s partner Rutger was escorting the package. The coach, the package, and Rutger are all a day late...

A Day Late, a Shilling Short (pdf, 3.1 MB), the exciting introductory scenario that debuted as part of the recent Emperor’s Decree Pre-release Event, is now available for download under the "Resources" section the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay support page.

The short demo booklet is designed to make it easy for a first-time GM with access to the Core Set to set up, prepare, and run a short adventure for some friends. Though not playable without a copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, this sixteen-page pdf file conveys a grim and perilous world of strife. Check it out, and see the adventure that helped make the Emperor’s Decree Pre-release Event such a smashing success!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.

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Comments (18)

Published: 11/25/2009 12:08:48 PM

Thank You! First material is online and what material - the famous demo adventure. :)

Published: 11/24/2009 4:39:52 PM

@Rakshasa:  Believe it's a typo.  The same passage is in the booklet but it reads "snug home".

Published: 11/24/2009 3:22:40 AM

I never thought of a home as being "smug" before. Is it a rules term?

Published: 11/24/2009 1:29:38 AM

First of all. It's great that you have started to make material availabe online. But I still woul like to see a demo video session.

Buy I somewhat agree with Magelore here:
"The sticker shock on this five pack of books makes me unwilling to just buy them on faith alone."

And after all I think Jay owes us a session demo video :-)=)

Published: 11/23/2009 8:56:07 PM

And while I'm making unreasonable requests, can I point a wobbly stick at the excessive hyphenation in this document? Be-fore, expe-rience, vil-lages ... as a graphic designer these really stick out like a sore thumb for me. Some hyphenation is inevitable, but some of these hurt! ;)

Sorry to be picky, the adventure is otherwise beautifully designed and I know tight deadlines mean that text is often just left as it's typed, but going through and fixing these typographical uglies would really take the quality up that extra notch.

Published: 11/23/2009 8:31:13 PM

Just to clarify - I'm just talking about converting 2E characters to 3E. While I would love to see 'The Thousand Thrones' campaign updated for use with the new system, for example, I don't imagine it's going to happen anytime soon.

Published: 11/23/2009 8:29:17 PM

Correct. Hopefully I'm speaking for all the people currently running long term campaigns, who would like to bring them into the new (3E) edition. Certainly no need to convert this adventure back to 2E—characters going since '87 have had their share of simple beastmen encounters, I can tell you! ;)

Japan Gamer
Published: 11/23/2009 5:41:49 PM

I think you converted the wrong way.  The request was to bring 2E characters into a 3E game.

Published: 11/23/2009 4:08:01 PM

Re: Converting it to WFRP 2e, I'd say this much:

1. Any Warhammer GM worth his salt can estimate the target numbers on the skill checks given how they are related in the module.

2. As for combat, apply the Chief and Brute template to the Beastmen and you're done.

3. For the social encounter, use the 2e system to run a number of skill checks in succession, track successes and failures and let each result influence the next roll. Google "skill challenges" how to mimic such a mechanism, and you're done.

However, before doing any of that, read the adventure and then decide for yourself if it's really worth that effort. Pity that it falls flat as a testdrive of the new edition. A nice web enhancement for people intent on buying the box, though (hoping that it doesn't replicate stuff that's already in it).

Published: 11/23/2009 3:53:41 PM

Please ignore this if it's already in the core package, but I'd like to put in the request—for those of us with long-running WFRP campaigns—for some info on converting 2nd edition characters to the new edition. My players have characters they've been playing since 1987, and they're not going to give them up in a hurry, that's for sure!

Japan Gamer
Published: 11/23/2009 3:53:40 PM

 Can't wait to run this at one of my Christmas gaming parties!!!  Come on box set, fly to me now, FLY!!!!

Published: 11/23/2009 2:16:00 PM

The demo adventure looks really nice! The artwork is also amazing; I hope the core box has a similar quality (I still haven't received my copy of the game).

I'll use this one in my WFRP campaign.

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