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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on its way to distributors
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 18 November 2009

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It may have been a long and hard road leading up to this moment, but the results were well worth it.
Over the past few months, we’ve been pouring over and putting the finishing touches on our monumental re-imagining of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Today we’re proud to announce that these boxes have been shipping out on trucks all week long, making their way first to the game distributors, and then will be landing soon in your friendly local game store.
Here’s a picture of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay development team, with boxes of their pride and joy stacked high on pallets in our warehouse.
WFRP development team surrounded by boxes
If you’re one of the lucky individuals who took part in the Emperor’s Decree special event last week, thank you for getting out there to support your local store. We’re thrilled by the number of responses we have received from players and GM’s who had the opportunity to enjoy these very first public games of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
The event was a success because of your participation, and both players and GM’s have been leaving feedback on our forums and across the web.
Here are a few highlights (and you can read more for yourself on our WFRP forums):
"...this system is written with storytellers firmly in mind. Everything about the rules is designed to promote, and even reward, creativity and flexibility."
“Great system...already pre-ordered mine based on the demo (I admittedly went in with a negative attitude and expecting it to be more a board game...that'll teach me to listen to theorycrafters on the internet).”
“The system plays smoothly, and while it is vastly different from the prior edition, it does an excellent job of fading into the background and letting the DM and players tell a story...I look forward to running a campaign with it...”
“The new dice mechanic. Very involved, very intuitive, and extremely easy to grasp after your first couple rolls. Gathering the dice pool really helps paint a picture of what you're doing...They are very much a story-telling aid, even more so than FFG has led me to believe from the designer diaries.”
“All the naysayers that complain about this being more a board game than an rpg apparently don't know what an RPG is....This is closer to pure storytelling than D&D4e/3.5/3 or any other 'real' RPG out there.”
Ask your local game store for more information. Soon you’ll have your own copy in hand and can passionately dive in to this brand new look at the Old World.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.
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Published: 11/22/2009 1:43:00 AM

 Games Workshop took down their forums most likely due to the childish bickering that took place. It was the right thing to do. They have a business to run and they don't need to be associated with self-centered brats.

Published: 11/22/2009 1:32:09 AM

I have been the one doing the reportings guys. You are really ticking me off. I mean this is like what 5 months and both sides are still fighting. You know what? I just don't care about risking my furure in the gaming world. Sorry but I can't hold this in any longer.

You guys are acting like jerks. Life isn't fair and you need to get used to these disappointments. 2nd ed failed SO WHAT!? Stop sitting on here and dwelling on the past. We get it! you are mad and angry and because I agreed you have a right to be angry and lost my temper, I now am no longer allowed to post articles or support for a company I love like family. You know how sickening and twisted and full of hate I got when I got this for an email "we no longer want your support because you have a displeasure with our company" for supporting both sides and trying to help reach a common ground. I had a elven book ready to post in pdf format....I deleted it after that email. That was 245 pages gone never to be seen again.

Please leave or boycott FFG rather than sittting in here every week an complaining. When will this be stopped?

Why do you guys like to rain on those they are enjoying the articles and games? IMO WFRP blows anyways. You pretend it is the best system out there and arn't willing to try others. IT FAILED FOR A REASON. It was failing before it was handed off like an orphan to FFG.

BI messed up and FFG tried to remedy it. When that wasn't working they turned to the only other option they had. Start over from scratch and give the game a new image. Its the same dang reason DnD did also, believe me my college professor was the creator of the the franchise. The class he tought GAME DEVELOPMENT.

I wish I could have a sit down with half of you and talk this out. Forums are too easy to say negative things and not show emotion in.

I didn't like 1st or 2nd edition and I will not be getting 3rd edition. To me both Grimm and Exalted are way deeper and more exciting that warhammer and world of warcraft could ever hope to be. The constant back and for bickering (im looking at both sides) was casting this dark shadow over the forums.

YES Jay and co were wrong to kill 2nd and announce a 3rd edition without a poll or asking the supporters. Yes they were wrong to not hold a public playtest like Piazo did with Pathfinder. BUT at least they are trying to keep the franchise alive under a different image rather than let it fade away.

I tried everything. First siding with one side, then the other, then acting as a middle man. I tried to get this to stop by offering a free book for the much wanted elven lands and lore so that the 2nd edition supporters might be encouraged to do the same. I tried emailing FFG to see if they could delay the release and hold public playtest. I mean anything I could think of I tried. Even playing devil's advocate and that was when FFG was too blind to see it as that and decided I was through with them professionally.

Sure, no one asked me to do this, but no one asked Jesus to sacrifice himself either. I have gotten over the anger with FFG and realized I made a mistake that I have to live with. I was hoping it would have stopped this fighting, but I guess it was all in vain.

All of you people fighting over this game that isn't even up there in quality, lore ,gameplay or material as say White Wolf products, Champions, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, or even Grimm are a huge disappointment to the gaming world. How the heck do you guys even play board games without backstabbing or hurting the players? Seriously. Go back through all the old artcles (and there are a lot) read all the infighting and all you can do is facepalm and and feel childish.

Get a life. I hope this product does well because int eh last video for this game I could tell Jay honestly thought he was doing the right thing. It backfired on him. But I do want it to do well. I also hope that the 2nd edition forums are shut down, just to make this site needless for 2nd ed players. I now understand why WW took down the WoW RPG forum, because we would have been doing the same fighting rather than being forced to keep the game alive with our own tools and resources.

Go make your own site. Or get together on your own forum and craft a better system like Paizo did with Pathfinder and a public test.

When I was forced to stop working on the WoW RPG game for White Wolf I didnt sit and complain in the forums. I made a final post with my thoughts, left, and did fan work with the rest of the forum community.


Published: 11/21/2009 3:54:23 PM

 Abu Ghraib was an ABOMINATION, not a 3e of a game; that's merely a disappointment. Get some perspective.

Published: 11/21/2009 4:31:40 AM

I've seen this happen too often now. I guess it's what happens when toy companies like Hasbro get hold of a licence. They can't help but try and figure out a way to make more money out of it.

I'm going to a demo game tomorrow, but I have more than a little doubt about the validity of this 'radically different' approach. I haven't read the other articles on this game and I don't think I'll bother as the demo should be sufficient to either confirm, or deny my suspicions.

That said, I'm pretty confident in my judgement having played real (no apostrophies) roleplay games since I was knee high to a grasshopper (1985) and this boxed game sounds like mousetrap to me. All you should need is a few dice, a pad, pencil and an imagination.

I'm sure what I'd like to say would break whatever forum rules they have at Fantasy Flight, so I guess you'll have to use that most important component of a roleplay game. For the real judgement I'll get back to you.

One final thing I have to say is that this is the trend we'll have to get used to. When people who publish games for real gamers (Guardians of the Order for example) are forced into closure by lack of interest and what GW doesn't even call one of its 'specialist games' (fanatic games as was) gets passed around the houses it's a dark future (another fine game) for those of us who have the patience and dedication to the real hobby. I only hope that the game we're writing will have at least some impact.

Published: 11/21/2009 1:41:59 AM

Runelord26.... a single tear... well said my unknown friend.

Deadline247: I withhold my response so it will not be deleted for being inapropriate...   If my "gloom" was 'spead' to you, then I win... so LOLs on you.

  I am just unhappy with this travesty/abomination and enjoy the forums to express my disgust with this change... if those who read are "infected"... then obviously there is a strong ring of truth to them...  time will be the ultimate tell in it all... enjoy your boardgame to those who go to 3rd... I'll be here content with my 7-8 players in a system that works for us.


Published: 11/20/2009 11:06:17 PM

Like something crawling out of the Northern waste that has been exposed to too much Chaos full of potential but directionless and destructive that is how I will describe WFRP 3rd edition.
I discovered FFG about 3 years ago and I have been thrilled with their games. When it was announced that the license had transferred to them I was excited to see what they would do with WFRP. When the first videos were posted I felt the first forebodings of doom the gentleman presenting the game did not seem to be excited about the game, to me his was a very hum drum presentation. As each additional tidbit was leaked the forebodings increased but I was still looking forward to the demo. This evening I had a chance to look through the demo kit at my local game store and I was shocked to say the least. Some thin pamphlets running to about 60 pages each all stacked together about the size of the 2nd edition core rulebook lots and lots of counters, dice, and cards. After flipping through the booklets I placed them back in the box and with sigh walked away my greatest fears realized Third edition is a board game. What makes an RGP great is its flexibility my group didn’t care for the critical hit rules in 2nd edition so we didn’t use them no big deal but I don’t see that flexibility in 3rd edition. 2nd edition was one of the best systems I have played and run. Speaking for myself I would have liked to see a book on the Elves and their magic or the Dwarves but the game didn’t need to be scrapped to give birth to the ABOMINATION that is 3rd edition. I’m going to take my 100 bucks and go buy the few books I don’t have from 2nd edition.

Published: 11/20/2009 5:43:29 PM

I was able to host one of the empire's decree events last weekend(one of the good things about working in a game store) and people seem to be really excited about the game and the mechanics.

Published: 11/20/2009 3:11:45 PM

Nowhere in the banter mentioning this should have been tied to the Dragon Age license have I seen it noted that Green Ronin (who actually designed 2E WFRP) has said license. So, if that's your cup of tea, I'm sure Pramas and his team will do a good job with it.

That said, I'm hoping my Amazon preorder of WFRP 3 doesn't take too long to ship. I've been very excited since the initial announcement and nothing about the Designer Diaries, Preview Videos and Emperor's Decree feedback has done anything but build on that initial excitement. I've listened to the naysayers from moment one, and I think they've had some valid concerns, but I think fans of any game are going to have concerns about a new edition. Early returns suggest that by and large, WFRP 3 is overcoming some of the preconceived notions.

Hopefully, now that it's coming out, folks will get a chance to form real opinions instead of just knee-jerk reactions for good or for ill.

Published: 11/20/2009 11:44:35 AM

Rhaaaa lovely!

I Think this one is the most innovating RPG I've ever seen. Cant wait to try it out.

Published: 11/20/2009 1:25:37 AM

I wish you guys the best of luck! I hope this pays off in the end. You put a ton of heart into this edition. Making sure to do everything you could to hype it. Just continue to support it and it should have all the ingredients for a success. Remember the goal and mission. Don't lose your love for the product and it will remain a success. 

Grats on a successful pre-release Jay. Based on the reviews in the forums you deserve a pat on the back. Keep it up!

Published: 11/19/2009 2:41:30 PM

I  agree with c8tiff, this system looks perfect for a Dragon Age RPG. Dragon Age is all gritty and grim, like Warhammer, but it is also new and comes without the legacy of the previous Warhammer RPGs. Plus it might actually do a better job attracting video gamers as new customers. Anyway, too late for that. 

I'm exited about the game as what it is - the new Warhammer - nonetheless and wait for my box.

Published: 11/19/2009 2:21:55 PM

when  in italy??

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