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Spleenrippers and Meat Grinders 2
The fourth installment of background for Chaos Marauders
Chaos Marauders | Published 20 October 2009

When the original Chaos Marauders first came out, it had a "Da Whozit Sekshun" in the back of the rulebook, which offered short bios of each of the units in the game. Join us today as we continue our tour of this colourful bunch!

Orcs are not devoutly religious as a rule, but when all-out war looms they often decide a bit of divine favour might be useful. The shrines are tidied, the temples attended, and the idols dusted.

Hoping for a runaway win, the army drags along a stone idol of the Orc god, Kygor Sydewynder. Sydewynder (though born mortal) entered the Orcish pantheon after refining the Arts of Hack & Slay Warfare, as well as many fine implements of horrific torture.

Possessing an Idol of Kygor is not necessarily a good thing, though, as his divine wrath is easily roused!

This powerful, armoured battering ram, built from guidelines forced out of Varokroksenrok during one of his rare moments of weakness, is guaranteed to smash even the most solid Dwarven door off its smug little hinges. It has been constructed so superbly that it rolls with the minimal of Orcish effort. This is due to complicated things like the distribution of total body weight, high tension cables, and other such nonsense that only a “runt” or weedy Orc would understand.

Monggo’s Meat Grinders
Every Orc army has something that is considered everyone’s personal property. This is the obligatory stock of portable torture implements, which includes everything from rippers, to crushers, to manglers, and more besides.

Despite the shared ownership of the “Meat Grinders,” one Orc ensures the equipment is kept safe and in good, rusty condition. The present manager is Bloodbath Monggo, whose techniques even give other Orcs appreciative shivers!

For most Orcs there is nothing more gratifying than to see some high ‘n’ mighty good creep taken down a peg or two by a large dart fired from this deadly accurate machine. (‘Ockee’ is a phonetic spelling of an Orcish word that means something along the lines of: “the place from which darts are thrown.”)

Odlugg Spleenripper
This large ugly Troll is roaming the world in search of the ultimate nosh. However, having tried everything from poached Halfling to Ogre’s Limbs with Nurgle’s Rot, Odlugg has yet to find “Da grub o’ me dreemz.”

Afraid of Odlugg, the Orcs let him eat their booty if he wants it. Odlugg often gets confused in the heat of battle and walks away hoping to shift his headache. Sometimes he even joins somebody else’s ranks – which can be a problem.

Orc Regimental Standard/Musician
Every regiment has its prized standard, and a drummer who whips the troops up into a frenzy. Indeed, when it comes to the crunch, there is nothing that would make Orc soldiers desert their standard. Nothing, that is, except for the sight of an even larger force coming to capture it.

Shaman of Aaaaaaaag
Some perverse Orcs are not content to bash their way through life. They study battle magic instead, believing that any army is puny without mystical support to back it up.

However, it’s not easy to become a magician owing to the lack of mentors. So the Orcs go to the ancient secret caves (such as the Catacombs of Aaaaaaaag, at the southernmost point of the World’s Edge Mountains) where Orc adepts pass on their knowledge to other Orcs, who in turn pass it on, and so on. Of course, the practice is dying out as graduates of the temple (shamans), tend to run off to the nearest war, leaving fewer and fewer shamans to pass on their knowledge.

The Shotti
This is a large vermillion jewel the Orcs know nothing about. They just bring it along on with the understanding that when the time comes to fight, it will do something spectacularly helpful.

The jewel itself holds the awesome ‘Blast’ spell and is to be wielded by the Chaos Magician Sziggmann Deathlok, who will join the army in a few days.

Skyrr’s Blowback
The ‘blowback’ (more Orcish nicknaming) is a Skaven firethrower, using a mixture of magic, chemicals, and the weird Warpstone to produce a gout of corrosive flame. It is controlled by two Ratmen, one of whom is Skyrr – the firethrower commander.

The weapon is devastating, but suffers from one major setback. When it’s used there is always a chance that it will backfire and explode – wiping out the crew and anyone standing it the vicinity!

Chaos Marauders is a classic card game of fast and frenzied Orcish mayhem. Players build their battle lines as they prepare to assault their foes.

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Comments (2)

Published: 11/12/2009 7:26:23 PM

The original Chaos Marauders was wwaaaaay back in GW's publishing history, and I don't think at that point there were only Mork and Gork (or even if there were a Mork and Gork at that point).

Published: 10/21/2009 8:57:10 AM

Pretty cool article.

The only thing im wondering about is is the Idol. I always thought that the only 2 greenskin gods were Ork and Mork. I never heard Kygor.

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