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The third installment of background for Chaos Marauders
Chaos Marauders | Published 15 October 2009

When Chaos Marauders first came out, it had a Da Whozit Sekshun in the back of the rulebook. We are going to be putting these in the Support section of the Chaos Marauders minisite.

The average stone (or offal, flameball, and just about anything else) thrower takes about twenty large trees to build.

This may seem unimportant except that it is the cause of much fighting. After all, Orcs want to destroy, not spend hours carefully chopping up nice bits of wood for some addlebrained engine builder!

Claws of Malal
This regiment of Chaos Beastmen worships Malal, the renegade Chaos God. They are more than willing to join in tribal disputes and annihilate the followers of other, lesser deities, while showing the purest form of Chaos to the rest of the army.

Crummy Snotling Slaves
Always good for a laugh, these scurvy, wretched little slave units find themselves roped into most Orc campaigns; sometimes with promises of great rewards and more often with twenty feet of rope and a pointed stick! They are useless in battle, serving as mere cannon fodder to pad out the more valuable Orcish ranks. However, some provide other useful services for the army, such as the Whipping Post Mob or the highly skilled Nose Pick Brigade.

Dragromm Flailbreath
A high-ranking Chaos Champion, Dagromm has a personal hatred for anything Dwarven, and will lead any attack against Dwarven strongholds or units. With his rotted face and bestial frame, he is feared by the Orcs and always obeyed. He is easily recognized by the many Dwarven bones fused to his black iron wargear, and misses no opportunity to extend his collection.

Garok Varokroksenrok
Three years ago, this brilliant Dwarf engineer from Karaz-a-Karak was invited to the Human city of Talabheim to review its siege defenses. On his first night in the city, he was kidnapped by Clan Skryre Skaven, who were intent on gaining his precious knowledge. Since then, he has been dragged from hell-hole to hell-hole, bravely keeping silent. He serves now as a banner, and his moaning, crucified form will be one of the first things that the Dwarfs at Mad Dog Pass see when the Orc army attacks.

Grivziz Dirtballs
Many years ago, one of the Psycho Orcs of the Dripping Canker first invented the game of dirtball. This exciting pastime involves a number of fresh Dwarf heads being kicked round a cave mouth (the Ggg’ Hole). The Dirtballs are constantly “striving for perfection,” hoping to develop a team to match the classic lineup of ’66 (1566 Dwarf Date).

Leaders change when the team hits a losing streak; one of the players kills the leader and takes control. Ugmuk Mungrell, the previous boss, ended his thirty years at the top with the oft-quoted words: “Agghhh, you’ve killed me, Grivziz.”

Hak Veinthrob’s Volunteers
This well-bruised fighting force has been assembled, harassed, and bullied by the mortifying Hak Veinthrob. This veteran has a tendency to go blood-burstingly berserk at the drop of a helm, which not only earns him a healthy amount of respect but also leaves him with a terrible hangover. This, of course, only makes him even angrier...

Hobgoblin Musician/Standard
In the heat of marauding, spare a thought for these poor creatures who, unprotected and puny, are a tempting target for many a would-be Orc champion who has his eye on either the tatty Hobgoblin standard or the “Boozy and Sloshed” bone horn.

Hobgoblins rarely accompany their dangerous and unstable Orc allies into battle, but they do send their standards and musicians. If the Orcs win, the Hobgoblins take more than their share of the credit, and if the Orcs lose...well, who’ll miss a couple of cheerleaders?

Horned Rat Standard
The standard of The Horned Rat is an effigy of a most foul and horrible Chaos God revered by the Skaven Lords of Decay. The Orcs so fear the rodent deity that they would never risk its wrath by accidentally damaging the standard. Consequently, no battle line with the Horned Rat Standard in it will ever be attacked.

Chaos Marauders is a classic card game of fast and frenzied Orcish mayhem. Players build their battle lines as they prepare to assault their foes.

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