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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gen Con Seminars Posted! 27
Jay Little's WFRP seminars now available on video!
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 21 August 2009

Last week at Gen Con, FFG's Senior RPG Developer and designer of the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Jay Little, hosted daily seminars on the new system, giving fans and potential players an overview of the mechanics and setting.

The FFG Media Department filmed Jay's Thursday seminar and has posted it here on the FFG website. Just click on the image below to begin watching.



After you watch the video, head over to the forums and discuss!

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Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 8/23/2009 7:50:22 AM

I am really getting quite sick of the whole boardgame-roleplaying game comparison. The game is the game and it is clearly aimed at a group of players playing the roles of Old World characters and co-operating with each other and the Game Master to create a storytelling experience. And yes, it uses cards and custom dice and what have you, all of which look like beautiful and excitingly visual & tactile gaming aids. If that makes WFRP3 a boardgame, then call it a boardgame if you want. Either way, to me these things look like very useful and exciting ways to make the game run smoothly and look good on the table. That last remark may sound superficial, but I think it really helps to make the game more fun. As far as I'm concerned, roleplaying games have always had some difficulty balancing the "roleplaying" aspect with the "game" aspect. The way I see it, these cards and other tools will probably help us find that balance again, by making the "game" aspect run very smoothly and integrating it into the roleplaying experience. I love the idea of the dice telling us more about what happens, for example: this is exactly the kind of thing game mechanics should promote: things that happen to your character, decided by circumstance and skill. If you think this limits the GM's imagination too much, I think you're overreacting. If anything it provides inspiration to the GM to be more deive and more narrative and as such, more creative in the resolution of actions.

As for the lore... I think some people are jumping to conclusions: I don't see how it is implied by Jay Little that ALL Dwarfs HAVE to come from the same Dwarfhold and I think you can hardly fault FFG for introducing High Elves as a separate group. If anything, these decisions should expand upon and deepen the lore.

I love what I'm seeing - I only hope I'll still be able to use most of my WFRP2 material for background, adventure hooks etc. I doubt that will be a problem though. Of course, I could be wrong and the game might be bad after all, but based on what I'm seeing, I think it looks wonderful.

Published: 8/23/2009 12:57:13 AM

GAh! I don't know who your trying to kid with this but if it looks like a board game and plays like a board game...I'm thinking it is a board game. I am really disappointed with this and where you guys went with it. This is not a role-playing game. Sadly I will stick to 2nd ed. 

Published: 8/22/2009 11:24:13 PM

heh, maybe we should call this "basic warhammer fantasy roleplay" and 2nd ed would become "Advanced Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay" harkening back to teh days of basic D&D (box sets) and AD&D (hardback books)



Published: 8/22/2009 9:02:30 PM

Thanks for posting these.

Unfortunately, they've only reinforced my fears of what you've done to WFRP.

RocketPropelledGrenade summed up the horrid lore issues quite well, so I'll skip that.

You can say it all you want, but frankly, this is a boardgame now. Yes, yes, there's no central board where you're figs run around on, but there is a central board for tracking the party. Don't get me started on the whole stance board either. Plus the career cards that you slot tactics onto? Seriously, how is this not a boradgame?

The other huge issue is treating the GM and players like infants with no imagination. No longer does the GM weave a story around the action and allow players to describe their performances, the dice tell you what, when and how everything happens. I know you can just ignore the "special" parts of the dice and make up your own story for what happens, but you still have to deal with the rediculous dice pool instead of a quick pair of d10s! Argh!

I'm really sorry to see this wonderful project line go this way.

Published: 8/22/2009 8:03:42 PM

When I first heard about this, I was iffy. When I heard a little more, I was excited. Now, I'm just sad.

I ws barely able to stomach getting through the first video. In fact, I wasn't able to watch it all the way through. I hear that Athel Loren wood elves are going to be played alongside other Elves, let alone humans (I dare not even mention the last option), and I nearly cried.

Then, I hear a single Dwarfhold is the source of Dwarf PCs. I shut it off right then. I was almost able to convince myself that I wouldn't be forced to play in a micro-managed corner of the setting like the initial set-up sounded. But apparently Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Kadrin, Karak Izor....all off limits. Bugger that.

This has utterly destroyed my faith in the new edition. I may end up looking at it to see if anything is salvagable or interesting, but barring a serious 180 on what I saw, FFG won't be getting my money for this particular product.

Published: 8/22/2009 5:06:02 PM

Great videos, to the point and full of good explanations and innovative ideas. The game looks impressive.

I'll give this one a try for sure. WH Fantasy has always been my favourite RPG and I'm excited about trying the new mechanics... if it does not work out, I'll always have 2nd edition.

Hamish Longstride
Published: 8/22/2009 11:22:27 AM

This looks great (as expected). The game seems to have been designed with new gamers in mind. Also looks like a lot of effort has been made to aid players that are maybe new to the Warhammer world.  I like the emphasis on group play (ok, I know that rpgs ARE group games but I have run too many games with players that don't realise that!). It'll be interesting getting to grips with the new dice system and full marks to FFG for having the guts to commit to it. The proof will be in the playing which I am looking forward to. I am particularly impressed with all the character sheet aids. Having all the info right there in front of you looks like it should make for a smoother ride.

I have been playing WFRP on and off since the first edition came out and I am excited by this new direction.

Published: 8/22/2009 10:31:21 AM

no, not getting it, watched all the vids and will stay 2nd ed, i'll be able to run a quicker game for more players, cheaper.

no thanks!


Published: 8/22/2009 10:22:53 AM

I am 50/50 on the idea on revamp WHFRP3..

Its the dice that just does not do for it for me... yes yes there is no rule that says d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d20 d% etc.. and these are the only dice - create a brand new dice system (I can understand - making it your *WHFDP FFG) but then say its not boardgame mechanic - its got that fluffy cant put my finger like WOW online game, power cards very similar feel to another recent revamped tradition fantasy game...

Of course it looks fab - FFG are top for making things look really nice.

Most likely being a collector it will find a place on my home shelf, but as yet not sure it would be opened... but things change...

To the future....


(*WHFDP = WarHammer Fantasy Dice Pool)


Published: 8/22/2009 9:22:17 AM

Nice! I might even pick it up before it gets translated into Spanish! And thanks for posting the seminars, that's cool indeed. Keep them coming!


Published: 8/22/2009 5:47:21 AM

Yes it looks pretty shiny. But the videos could not convince me entirely. I am not one of those anti-3rd ed. crusaders at all and I was looking forward to the game. After seeing the videos my initial enthusiasm is a little bit damped because of 2 things:

1st: I am not really a fan of dice pool systems, which reminds me very much to WoD (which I dont like because of its clunky game system).

2nd: no word about the grittyness and lethality of the game system. Of course before playing it, noone knows the truth, but according to the videos it looks rather like the PCs have no other choice than to play heroes spiced with a dark twist.

What I find positive is that the game seems to have some interesting mechanics. Eg. the tension table, the group pool or that the crits are available from beginning on, instead only if the PC is near death. So I will watch it and testplay it before I probably buy it.




Published: 8/22/2009 5:01:24 AM

This game seems to be aimed at a much younger market, with it's variable stances, different coloured dice and full colour cards to denote skills, tactics, etc.  It seems to me to be the boardgame version of a console RPG.  This is no bad thing though, let's get the next generation away from their X-Box's and playing with their friends face to face!

I came into this very skeptical, but after realising that times change, am happy to go along with it.  Especially when FFG have made the whole thing so damned pretty! 


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