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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Gen Con Seminars Posted! 27
Jay Little's WFRP seminars now available on video!
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 21 August 2009

Last week at Gen Con, FFG's Senior RPG Developer and designer of the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Jay Little, hosted daily seminars on the new system, giving fans and potential players an overview of the mechanics and setting.

The FFG Media Department filmed Jay's Thursday seminar and has posted it here on the FFG website. Just click on the image below to begin watching.



After you watch the video, head over to the forums and discuss!

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Published: 8/24/2009 3:57:04 PM
FFG Staff

Glad to see these vids FFG. But you must know that nothing will change the minds of the 2ed players.

Now that I am begining to see people turned away from 2nd edition, not because of the game itself, but the people that play it, I think its time I told a tale.

I was the same way when I read all the 4th ed changes. I would compare the many aspects that seem to be stolen directly from WoW ie: Warlock as playable, eladrin to high elves, the new powers system etc. But now that doesn't matter. I downloaded the 4th edition books on demonoid (OMG noes!) and liked them so much that I took back most of the hate for the product that I had spread amongst my players leading up to release. It wasn't hard to convince them to play because I had been so staunch with my hate that they knew it had to be good in order to change my mind. After downloading the intro adventure to the rules, we could not wait until the core set released. I bought the collectors set of the 3 books and took them up to my college, where Dave Arneston was teaching. I had a nice sit down talk with him. When I asked him to sign the books he laughed. He told me about how he wished people would let go of the old traditions and open their mind to new ideas. He said the problem is the vet players don't see the good in 4th ed they only see the bad. He talked about how it was infact him and Gary's idea of changing the way miniature games were played that gave birth to DnD and RPGs.

Dave signed my books with his name. No note or anything. Just his name. The message was pretty clear in the advice he gave me. The one thing he regreted the most was how he gave up playing and inventing games to teach about game creation at a college and try to inspire people to come up with new ideas, but when he saw the reaction to 4th edition and all the hate, he questioned himself asking why he should even try to inspire new ways of playing and inventing games if the outside world doesn't want them.

His health dropped pretty fast after that and had to be hospitalized. I wonder if he got to see the reaction of all the players that loved the new DnD. I like to think he did and got a smile out of it.

I guess what I am trying to say is give the product a chance, try it out using a store copy. Try to convince the owner of the store to purchase an extra copy because you are concerned. I know I will be getting a copy for my store and try to convince customers to give it a go. I was naive with DnD 4, and now regret the fact that I helped kill sales for the product with my hate messages, but thanks to Dave's talk as teacher to student, I learned that sometimes it is good to be open to new ideas.

I will say the same thing I told players in general chat on WoW. If you wanna continue to trash those that are trying to support the game, making fun or hating on people demoing it for the first time and giving it a chance, go right ahead. But you are only hurting the image of the game. 

This is not the first time I have had to tell this tale. The last time I had to repeat Mr. Arneston's advice was when the new Star Trek trailer was shown and all the old trek fans were hating on people drawn to the series for the first time. 

Published: 8/24/2009 1:52:38 PM

Wow what an arrogant elitism and judgementalism! Oo;

Hmm maybe better to see a lot of you stick to previous editions, i sure as hell wouldn't want to play with people who act like this!

Published: 8/24/2009 11:13:58 AM

I liked the seminars a lot. Not sure how the dice pools would work, I have to admit it did remind me of Descent a bit, but I'm looking forward to the other changes.

The stances, new critical system (FINALLY!) and the party tension meter looked good. Will be buying this for sure.  


Nova Nagilum
Published: 8/24/2009 9:27:16 AM

It's really good to see the seminar videos. I really like the party sheets and the way the character sheets are set up. The wounds and cards also seem really useful. I had many doubts before, but I have to say now I think this looks to be very innovative - and simplified. I'm not sure how the stance or action cards will work, but I'm actually pretty impressed to see that the game is moving in a different direction. The box set is sort of like old school games, and the dice remind me a little of HeroQuest. It's also really good to hear that the artwork is promising, what I've seen so far looks pretty amazing. I think the most interesting things are the party sheets (very innovative to have mechanics that the party can share), and the addition of wood elf/high elf development.

I'm still a little uncertain of how this will go over of course, how it will play out (I think there might be a few too many props for the stance thing for instance), but overall, nothing in these videos seems like a 'game-killer'. If anything, these accessories look like they might help the hobby to be less bookkeeping work, and more of an actual playable game. I'm wondering if this new edition would be so controversial if FFG did the same old formula and came out with a bunch of books that have already been published in previous editions? I don't see any problem with adding in cards and career advance sheets to help make things easier - especially for players who aren't as sure-footed with all the rules; it helps having the material in front of you. I personally don't want to just collect a ton of books on revisited material. It's probably a very good idea to go in this direction. Things might be a little clunky at first, but this seems relatively promising.

Published: 8/24/2009 2:26:23 AM

Looks like a bold and courageous move. I can't wait to see it in the flesh.

Published: 8/23/2009 10:10:40 PM

It looks similar to D&D 4th edition, but much better. I wish you guys all the best with the product.

Published: 8/23/2009 8:36:04 PM

I watched the videos. IMHO it seems like nearly all of the changes involved combat in one form or another.  There were no changes to any roleplaying aspect of the game. Stats are the same. Classes and the class system are still the same.  He did not say how skill checks are made so i dont know if those changed any.  The introduction of talents and group talents dont bother me. I dont know how or if they will work out but thats not the same as the idea bothering me. The big changes Combat seem to be moving tward something like D&D 4th ed. might as well call some of the cards "at will attacks" to make it more obvious. The stance meter is different than anything i have ever seen but we dont know everything about it yet. Can charactes move between any of the stances, one extreme to the other, at will? Are you stuck in one stance for the duration of combat? All of that is of secondary importance to the main question.  Will the end result be a D&D nearly all combat game? or a roleplaying game that ocassionally has combat in it?

Published: 8/23/2009 3:57:57 PM

Yes You are right Ludlov, I am angry, I may be a bit overreacting, but still...
You ask me why. Well, mostly because I'm afraid.

As You pointed most of the young potential players this game tries to aim in some degree is not interested by it (because it is not a video game). Many of the old players (like me) are not interested in presented changes, and will not back this game up. So in summary we have high probability that 3-rd edition will fall. If it falls FFG will probably stop making any RPG stuff in Warhammer world. To say it simply Warhammer will die. That means no new books, no fluff, no anything. We will be condemned to fan made matrial only (not that I have something againt fan made material, I use it often, but you know how it is).

Another thing that pains me is that only half of 2-ed books were released in my country, and since FFG stopped backing them up, rest of them will never be released (and some of them were already translated, ready to print!). That means I was actually denied those books, denied of the knowledge they contain. Of course you can say I can buy them in pdf in english. Well... First: my english is not that good, and my players english is even worse. Second: I don't tolerate electronic books. Only book that is a book, is a paper book, and 2-nd edition was in hard cover.

The last thing that bothers me is, that for the 3-rd time we will be given the same information just in another form. 3-rd edition does not consist of any information that was not released earlier. So for the next time we will be forced to pay our money for the same thing in new cover. As You said, there are plenty of information available on internet, and in previous editions, so what's the point of paying for it for the third time? What about some really new stuff? Something that was never released, or talked about before? Why they need to begin everything for one more time, instead of continuing in place where Black Industries left it?

Don't get me wrong, I like the tabletop games as much as RPG games. I could even buy this one if it is named oficially a tabletop game, hell I could even buy it if it is named tabletop RPG, as long as FULL RPG Warhammer books compatible with previous editions will be continued.

Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 8/23/2009 1:01:52 PM

Well, Sunatet,

you're entitled to your opinion of course but I'm afraid I just don't understand where the anger comes from. I mean... If you prefer the old Warhammer (I assume you're referring to first edition) that's perfectly fine, but is it really so horrible that new games want to try new things?

We live in a very visual age - most kids aren't even interested anymore in anything that doesn't have a screen with moving pictures on it. I deplore that as well. In fact, that's why I love both roleplaying games and boardgames: they're not technological, they put people together, face to face, and let us interact without needing a computer screen or a cell phone between us. If games like this new, more visually attractive Warhammer can bridge the gap to today's kids, it would be great for  them AND for the "unplugged" gaming industry as well.

Personally, I don't feel that my imagination is hampered by being able to see cool artwork on the cards and other elements on the table. If anything, it inspires me to create even more exciting visuals inside my mind! I don't see what's so horrible about that. You might as well argue that all the fluff material produced for RPGs is limiting to your imagination as it keeps you from imagining the fantasy world the way YOU see it or want it to be - but I think you'll agree with me that fluff only helps us to imagine the world and the characters that inhabit it.

Anyway, if you hate the whole WFRP3 concept, that's fine, but in the end... What's to stop you from just ignoring the 3rd edition? There are tons of material for WFRP1 and WFRP2 and surely imaginative people can come up with their own stuff. You may feel that FFG's ideas are crap, but at least they are actively trying to produce new things, actively innovating the roleplaying game genre and that can only be to the benefit of the medium I think.

Published: 8/23/2009 11:46:42 AM

Ludlov, You can be sick of the whole boardgame-roleplaying game comparison, but it is in the right place. Mainly because 3-rd edition IS more a boargame, and less roleplaying game.

All those beautifull graphics on every sheet of paper in this game is actually decreasing role of imagination. I remember my first sessions of Warhammer in the old days of my youth, when everything I knew about monsters and how they look came from my GM. I used my imagination to picture them in my mind, I'm still using my imagination today, and my players use it too. It's like comparing book and a movie. Old warhammer is a book, new is a movie...

All that strange new mechanics and dice pool are what Retina already said "tell you what, when and how everything happens".

In the old REAL warhammer I can take 2 dice, ONE book (love the 2-nd edition hard cover), some of my own printed and disposable handouts, paper and pencil, go out in the woods, to the sea, or whenever I like in the day, or night, and play with my players without worries that my beautifull handouts/skill cards/whatever will be destroyed in the process, without worrying that I loose my unique precious dice (I can buy d10 in EVERY game shop). THAT is where Warhammer spirit IS. THAT is what REAL Warhammer IS. Not this shitty tabletop game, with it's fragile cards, that requires lots of table space (basing on those movies).

I feel like if this game was ment for kids with little to no imagination at all. Kids that love to play the abomination made by the retards from mythic (yes I'm insluting them, ban me for this if you like) called Warhammer Online.

Yes it has preatty pictures, but the spirit that old Warhammer has? I DO NOT THINK SO.

Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 8/23/2009 7:53:16 AM

I mean D e s cr i p t i v e

Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 8/23/2009 7:52:52 AM

By deive, I mean deive :)

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