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An update for Fantasy Flight Supplies
Fantasy Flight Supply | Published 20 August 2009

This Summer has been a busy period for Fantasy Flight Games with lots of new releases coming out, including several games that debuted at Gen Con Indy 2009. For those of you who picked up copies of Middle-earth Quest, Chaos in the Old World, Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expansion, and more, and want to know what kind of sleeves to get to protect your games, we have just updated our Fantasy Flight Supply list.

You can find updated information on the Fantasy Flight Supply Support Page, periodically updated to include new releases as they come out.

Keep checking back as we update our list when new products come out and stay tuned for more news on upcoming releases!

Fantasy Flight Supply is a complete line of board game accessories to protect and customize your games. The chromatic color identification system is © 2009 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. It is a proprietary trade-dress to identify the correct sleeves as they are needed for games.

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Comments (6)

Published: 2/2/2010 12:56:26 PM


Any brand of card sleeve is going to do the same thing.  Sounds like your complaint isn't about FF sleeves, but sleeves in general.


Published: 10/23/2009 6:28:23 AM

I have bought 12 packs of sleeves for the Talisman boardgame, but i am not very satisfied with it.

The reason for this is, that the deck will be triple so high as normal, and we need to make 4 stacks with the adventure cards.

They are also very smooth, the deck can easily collapse in a instant..

I think that we need a card holder for the Talisman adventure and other cards, so that we can place it beside the board.

On top of that, If the cards are into sleeves, there is  no room anymore for more cards in de main Talisman boardgame box. ( even without sleeves, there is no room for it)

I hope that FFG will make a Talisman box, where all the cards can be put in, ( protected in sleeves)

Published: 10/22/2009 4:39:24 PM

 You should link to the pdf, or at least the support article that links to the pdf on every product page.  That way, your customers (like me) don't have to go searching for the info.

Published: 8/20/2009 2:44:09 PM

I have order already 12 packs here in the netherlands !!

I hope they are coming soon:)

Published: 8/20/2009 2:03:57 PM

Kingsburg should have 1 green instead of 2 gray.

Published: 8/20/2009 12:27:57 PM

 Horray! Thanks FFG :P!

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