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A Preview of the Rogue for BattleLore: Heroes Expansion
Battlelore | Published 30 June 2009

Welcome back, BattleLore Fans!

In anticipation of the release of the upcoming Heroes Expansion for BattleLore, we are running a series of preview articles on the different character classes of the heroes that can become your armies' commanders. Last time we looked at the
pious and powerful Cleric. While the Cleric’s abilities are specialized towards bolstering defenses, the Rogue is charged with sabotage and sneak attacks. For those who wish to disrupt rather than destroy or defend, we explore the next type of “hero”...

The Rogue

“I seemed to have misplaced my knife. Can you check your back?”

The Rogue is not for the defensive-minded players. A cunning marauder, the Rogue’s focus is the disruption of his opponent’s hero. With a bank of class-specific skills that target an enemy hero, the Rogue forces other heroes to tread carefully. However, it is also worth noting that the Rogue is an opportunist and should not be used toe-to-toe unless forced (especially against a Warrior).

Let’s take a look at the skills available to a fledgling Rogue. It is important to note that the Rogue has a full complement of skills to choose from unlike the Cleric whose initial selection is limited by prerequisites.

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As all heroes, the Rogue has the “Riding” skill as an option. However the mount, while providing extra mobility, only sets up the use of future skills.

Another movement skill that the Rogue has is “Pathfinder.” This skill allows the Rogue to treat all terrain (including impassable terrain) as though the terrain were countryside. This allows the Rogue to surprise inattentive heroes. Although useful, the movement again only sets up the use of the other Rogue abilities.

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The four remaining skills are the heart of the Rogue hero. Two are used in combat while the other two are based on the Rogue’s penchant for stealing from other heroes.

The two combat skills are “Assassin” and “Blademaster.” The former increases combat performance against another hero while the latter improves general melee combat performance. Both are superb skills but an initial choice of one or the other will put the opponent forever on the lookout for situations where that skill can be exploited. It is usually better to forgo one of these skills until you determine how your opponent is going to utilize his hero. A charging Warrior might convince you to take “Assassin” while a turtling “Cleric” may force the selection of “Blademaster” to help wade through the ranks.

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The two remaining skills are “Leech” and “Thievery.” The “Leech” skill allows the Rogue hero to steal Lore that the opponent rolls when making an attack against the Rogue. A powerful ability, the “Leech” skill is not good during the early stages of hero development since it requires you to be attacked. It should definitely be postponed until at least the third or fourth class-specific selection.

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The recommendation is therefore the Rogue skill of “Thievery.” A devastating skill if used successfully against an unwary hero, the “Thievery” skill requires the Rogue to spend all Lore rolled (minimum 2) when in melee combat with an enemy hero. However, the Rogue then steals an artifact from the enemy hero. Since each hero starts with only one and the Rogue can immediately use the stolen artifact, “Thievery” can quickly turn the tide of battle as well as set back the opposing hero’s development.

A good balance of cunning and offense, the Rogue is perfect for guerilla-style attacks that target an enemy hero. He can also deter the movement of the opposing hero who does not want to be subject to a possible equipment loss or the victim of a ruthless backstab.

Next time: Get your troops into line and order your units more effectively as the Field Commander.

Set in a world that bridges history and fantasy, BattleLore is board game that puts players in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of medieval Europe. Using the easy-to-learn Commands and Colors system, players can wage thrilling battles without a lengthy time commitment.


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Comments (6)

Lord Mykal
Published: 7/5/2009 3:38:22 AM

Yes all very interesting and I love the idea of artifacts! As for additional non-council historical and game heros well those have got to be in the wings as well yes?

What about a new army box set? Who would be best elves, orgs, maybe an order such as the Templars/Teutonic Knights? Hnmm that would be great!


Published: 7/1/2009 3:55:06 PM

This is very exciting, but it for it's raising a lot of questions.  When the card says, "Your rouge hero"  does that refer to him alone or him and his squad (or both)?  That would change the usefullness of the rouge a lot for me.

Von Falkenheyn
Published: 7/1/2009 3:59:40 AM

Artifacts?? Attached items of power?? We want a preview of artifacts please :-)

Published: 6/30/2009 2:35:37 PM

Very exciting news.  I am ready for it.

Published: 6/30/2009 2:21:40 PM

Those previews are getting even better. Most probably not my playing style but sounds fascinating.

Published: 6/30/2009 1:03:41 PM

 Awesome. I like.

The fact that there are only 6 skills kinda turns me off, but when I read the word "artifacts" on thievery, it made it all better. This looks really cool.

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