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The Son of Skywalker
Preview a Jedi Objective Set from the Between the Shadows Expansion
Star Wars: The Card Game | Published 13 August 2014

“I’ll never turn to the dark side. You’ve failed, Your Highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”
   –Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

In the shadows of the galaxy, many beings find a place to escape unwanted scrutiny. The Between the Shadows expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game gives you access to the skills of those who lurk in shadow – the Jedi and the Scum and Villainy of the Star Wars universe. Whether you train in the Force with Yoda or take illicit contracts while working for Prince Xizor, you’ll quickly find that the shadows are your closest allies.

In Between the Shadows, you’ll find none other than Luke Skywalker – a Jedi and a hero of the Rebellion. When Luke fought Darth Vader in Cloud City, his training was not complete, but by the time they fought again aboard the second Death Star, Luke had gained experience as a Jedi.

In today’s preview of Between the Shadows, we’ll take a look at the newest version of Luke Skywalker and his objective set!

The Power of a Jedi

This set begins with the A Hero’s Trial (Between the Shadows, 633) objective, changing the game's normal deployment rules in a fundamental way. As an Action during the conflict phase, you may play an enhancement from your hand if you have A Hero’s Trial as one of your revealed objectives. Surprising your opponent by suddenly playing an enhancement like Shii-Cho Training (Core Set, 122) or Trust Your Feelings (Core Set, 153) can swing an engagement dramatically in your favor.

Of course, you need a unit to attach these enhancements to, and you’ll find an exceptional option in the new version of Luke Skywalker (Between the Shadows, 634). This version of Luke features the same combat icons as the Core Set version, but he has gained a Force icon and the Elite keyword, signifying his growing prowess as a Jedi. He has lost the Targeted Strike keyword, but this version of Luke offers you new ways to deal damage. Whenever you attach an enhancement to Luke, you may deal one damage to a target enemy unit, and by discarding an enhancement attached to Luke, you may remove a focus token from him! Combining Luke with the Jedi’s numerous enhancements allows you to destroy any obstacle in your way and A Hero’s Trial allows you to surprise your opponent by playing enhancements on Luke in the midst of battle.

This objective set also includes some new enhancements to power Luke Skywalker. I Am a Jedi (Between the Shadows, 637) can be attached to any Force User unit, and it provides resources equal to the number of enhancements attached to the enhanced unit. If you attach I Am a Jedi to a unit that already has a few enhancements, you can easily improve your total resources for the turn, especially if In You Must Go (Core Set, 76) reduces the cost of your first enhancement. If you use I Am a Jedi to generate three or four resources, it probably won’t completely refresh for the remainder of the game, but if you attach it to Luke, you can focus it for resources, then discard it to remove a focus token from Luke.

An enhancement naturally suited to Luke Skywalker is Luke’s Lightsaber (Between the Shadows, 636). This enhancement grants two unit damage to the attached Force User or Force Sensitive unit, but its Action ability makes it most deadly in the hands of Luke Skywalker. Luke’s Lightsaber invites you to spend a Jedi resource to attach this enhancement to Luke Skywalker from your discard pile, consistently recurring itself and giving you the means to trigger both of Luke’s abilities again and again.

If you can’t destroy all obstacles with Luke Skywalker and his enhancements, this objective set offers some additional tools. The set includes a copy of Heat of Battle (Between the Shadows, 65) and introduces the Speeder Bike (Between the Shadows, 635). The Speeder Bike features two normal tactics icons, as well as the Edge (1) ability. The caveat, however, is that you must destroy the Speeder Bike after you lose an edge battle if it was participating in the engagement. Even with this Forced Reaction, the Speeder Bike promises to be a potent threat that your opponent must find some way to deal with, leaving the way clear for Luke Skywalker to annihilate both units and objectives.

There Is Good in Him

Luke Skywalker offers the Jedi a powerful way to remove anything that might stand between the light side and victory. In Between the Shadows, you can take advantage of Luke Skywalker and the others who train in the shadows.

Pre-order Between the Shadows at your local retailer today!

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