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Your Tale Begins
Winter Tales Is Now Available at Your Local Retailer
Winter Tales | Published 12 June 2014

The White Rabbit paused his daily inspection on a freezing balcony, high above the hissing construction of the Nightmare Factory. Beneath him, dozens worked, brainwashed into mindless service, creating weapons and monstrosities for the winter regime. The White Rabbit sipped his wine, warmed against the chill in the air. He started this war with the products of his factory, and he would end it in the same way.

In the frosty city of Wintertown, two factions wage a constant struggle. On one side, Snow White, Candlewick, Mad Hatter and the other soldiers of winter strive to maintain their rule and ensure that winter never leaves. Opposing the winter regime are the spring rebels, including Alice, Dorothy, Pinochio, and others, attempting to overthrow the oppressive soldiers holding Wintertown in its grasp.

Take your place in these struggles and weave your own stories in Winter Tales, now available at your local retailer!

The Story So Far

In Winter Tales, you and your friends control characters fighting for either the spring rebels or the winter soldiers. Every action your characters take expands the story of the struggle. During the struggle, you play story cards, each of which features art that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Your characters move, quest, and fight by interpreting the art on story cards and weaving it into your narrative.

In our first preview, we examined how you and the other players use story cards to move through the streets of Wintertown and complete quests. Quests offer you opportunities to complete key goals, such as establishing a safe house for the resistance, or spreading propaganda to uphold the regime. Quests can be contested by characters from the opposing faction, and when a set number of quests are completed, the game’s epilogue begins.

Next, we took a closer look at ways you can keep your opponents from ever reaching their quests. Winter soldiers have the opportunity to interrupt the rebels’ movement with battle, potentially incapacitating them if they are unable to escape. The rebels are unable to fight openly, but they can still lay traps for unwitting soldiers. A well-laid trap can incapacitate a soldier, or force your opponent to waste his story cards breaking free.

Once a certain amount of quests have been completed, the story reaches its climax and the epilogue triggers, as we explored in our third preview. At this point, the story you told throughout the game comes to a head, as each player tells of his characters’ final efforts to tip the outcome of the game in his faction’s favor. The faction which wins the epilogue wins the game, and you bring your story of spring rebels and winter soldiers to a dramatic conclusion.

If you’re looking for ways to bring greater strategic depth to your stories of Wintertown, you can add this with advanced rules, as we showed in our most recent preview. Whether you tap into powers gained by successfully completing quests, give characters specific objectives, or take advantage of each character’s unique skills, these advanced rules enhance both strategic gameplay and the richness of your narrative. The full rules for Winter Tales are now available for download from the game’s support page.

Chapter One

Your chance to create enduring stories in the fantasy world of Wintertown has arrived. The reign of winter will endure forever unless a committed band of rebels can topple its leadership.

Decide the fate of Wintertown when you pick up your copy of Winter Tales from your local retailer today!

Winter Tales is a narrative board game of storytelling and fairy tale adventures for three to seven players, set in the grim chill of Wintertown. Players control the lives of their favorite fairy tale characters as they seek to complete quests, creating a new fable. In the course of the tale, players tell the story of soldiers battling in the streets and plazas, and rebels laying cunning traps. Can Spring return, or will Winter reign eternally? Craft a new story in Winter Tales!

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