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Digging Deeper 15
The second preview of the upcoming Talisman: The Dungeon.
Talisman | Published 27 March 2009

Our journey thus far has been relatively safe. Aside from the Umbra Spider, we have not encountered anything malicious. I fear this trend will not continue as we descend further into the dungeon. Our group, all though small, is well prepared and well armed. Trusting our newest compatriot, we follow the Gladiator further into the dungeon proper. The library gives way to a beautiful view of the Outer Region, and I am surprised at our sudden altitude. Birds are seen wheeling through the skies beyond, and the breeze is welcome after the dank air of the library. Distracted by the blue sky, we find ourselves caught unawares by the Goblin Marauders boiling up from behind us. Daggers drawn, they advance like the tides. I draw my sword, and our group prepares to meet them in battle.

Having caught a glimpse of the board layout, we are now able to discuss some of the new menagerie awaiting in the Dungeon expansion. Keeping true to the flavor, all of the encounters in the Dungeon are specific to it. From trap doors and snake pits, to cave-ins and lost dwarves, the Dungeon has plenty to immerse you in the darkness. Even more, the followers found in the Dungeon are able to stay with you and provide a benefit outside the Dungeon. Most notably is the Tunnel Fighter, a welcome addition outside the Dungeon, and a fantastic fighter inside the Dungeon.

We find ourselves battered, but victorious. The Goblins are no match for our group and the remainder slink back into the shadows to find easier prey. We bandage up our wounded and proceed down a darkly lit corridor. The Gladiator is a welcome addition, providing his own Helmet, and he seems to be trained with his armour, as each of the blows against him seem to have less impact. Although I am unsure of his motives, I am sure of his abilities. We proceed down the corridor, wary of further attacks. At the end of the passage, we see torch light. As we approach, a bony figure commands us to halt. Startled, we can only stare at this skeleton guard. He demands a "toll" in order to allow us to pass. Before we make our decision, the Gladiator leaps at him, weapon drawn.

In addition to the traps and treasures in the Dungeon deck, many of the new creatures will push the adventurers to have a decent Craft. Many magical denizens will do a fair amount of damage to the unwary, and the chances of running into a creature, such as the Lesser Demon, are good. Not all of the inhabitants are quite as powerful as the Lesser Demon, but you will need to prepare as there are both Craft and Strength values as high as 8!

The guard defeated, we proceed to our first staircase. The stairs spiral down, and flickering shadows dance on the walls. The passage is warmer, and the smell of burning is thick in the air. We make our way down the staircase, weapons at the ready. The bottom is a scene from a nightmare. The walls are bathed in flame, and the air is acrid with smoke. Breathing hurts, the temperature too hot for comfort. We spot the door and head towards it as fast as we can. In my haste I run into the back of the Gladiator, who is standing quite still and staring up. I raise my head and stare directly into the eyes of terror. A Demon stands before us! Scrambling we prepare for the fight, the Demon watching with a faint hint of amusement. It stalks forward and snatches one of our group, flames licking from its skin. The beast casts our former member aside and heads for me. I am a warrior, but staring into those eyes froze me to my soul. Hand outstretched, the Demon walks right at me. Suddenly the Gladiator bellows out unfamiliar words. As he yells, the Demon wails in pain. It falls to the ground stricken, and explodes into a cloud of cinders. Staring in wonder, the Gladiator replaces the scroll he picked up earlier. "Thought this might come in handy." With that he heads back towards the next room.

Our party did return from their harrowing adventure, and the story they returned with was shocking to say the least. Evil awaits them at the end of the Dungeon, evil and the potential for wealth beyond their wildest dreams. Until next time...

For the first glimpse into the Dungeon, check out The Path Ahead.

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Comments (15)

Published: 4/21/2009 4:49:12 AM

The Guard Room is impressive !

I can't wait anymore:) Bring on the Dungeon:P

I hope i can get the Dungeon as soon as possible in my local shop in the Netherlands;)



Published: 4/6/2009 6:54:31 PM

 Yeah!  I just got the revised edition, haven't used the Reaper expansion but I've played my friend's third edition with the corner pieces and I always thought that was pretty cool.  Looking forward to this a lot!


Starry Vere
Published: 4/1/2009 10:12:07 PM

I have been falling in love with Talisman all over again with this 4th edition treatment from FF. They have just done everything right so far. I loved being able to buy a simple upgrade and the Reaper expansion was fantastic. Can't wait for the Dungeon. Keep up the great work, guys!!

Published: 3/30/2009 10:49:02 PM

Interestingly, I just received my copy of the Reaper Expansion and it included the cards "Lesser Demon" and "Psychic Crystal" as adventure cards. Are they intended to be that way or will they be dungeon cards?

Published: 3/30/2009 5:47:49 AM

Levarre:::  "I think that Poland is populated with Talisman lovers more than any other place in the world :-)

I am glad to be one of them and hope that FFG will try their hardest to deliver as many expansions as possible in the shortest time and in the hoghest quality (although that is something that is rather obvious :-D)."

I entirely agree with Levarre. I am also one of Talisman lovers of many in Poland. And my hopes are exactly the same that FFG will deliver regularly an expansion hopefull every 4 months? Definetly I will buy whatever they will create for the Talisman, so if any FFG guy is reading it please work more create more there are people ready to buy :)


Published: 3/30/2009 2:51:47 AM

I think that Poland is populated with Talisman lovers more than any other place in the world :-)

I am glad to be one of them and hope that FFG will try their hardest to deliver as many expansions as possible in the shortest time and in the hoghest quality (although that is something that is rather obvious :-D).

Published: 3/29/2009 11:36:21 PM

 I really like where these expansions are going, with fantastic art work and more variety then in past editions of the game. FFG is doing a wonderful job on bringing new life to this classic and makes me want to play the game more then ever.

Published: 3/29/2009 8:10:13 AM

 Oops, two more I forgot, from the back of the box:


Spell - Change Fortune

Object - Wand of Dragonfire?

Published: 3/29/2009 8:01:21 AM

 Here's a summary of cards we know so far (card types not definite in some cases):


• Craft
• Weakness
• Finger of Death


• Fire
• Cave-in
• Dark Denizens (?)
• Trap Door

Enemies (may include some Strangers)

• Vampire Prince
• Spirit of Vengeance
• Lesser Demon (C7)
• Black Elf (C3)
• Blight Haunt
• Goblin Marauders
• Umbra Spider (S4)
• Goblin King
• Iron Golem
• Crawling Slime


• Dungeon Keeper
• Lone Dwarf


• Soul Drinker (Weapon)
• Psychic Crystal


• Tunnel Fighter


• Snake Pit




Published: 3/29/2009 3:38:43 AM

Wow,wow,wow!Brillliant job!Just can't wait on may :) Greetings from Poland!We are waitin' here too!

Published: 3/28/2009 12:21:40 PM

At least the Guard this time round looks like he's, er, guarding.  The old guy looked half asleep and a total walk over :)


Love the Lesser Demon artwork, too!

Published: 3/28/2009 9:00:26 AM

There are a few more images to see over at Talisman Island for those of you that need your Dungeon fix!

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