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Rise of the Serpent People
Forsaken Lore, an Expansion for Eldritch Horror is Now Available
Eldritch Horror | Published 30 April 2014

Forsaken Lore, an expansion for Eldritch Horror is now available at your local retailer and through our webstore!

The fate of the world grows even more uncertain as the malignant influence of Yig, the Father of Serpents, extends across the globe. Previously defeated Ancient Ones attempt to reclaim the world once again, forcing Investigators to solve new mysteries to keep them at bay. All the while, terrible new Epic Monsters and dangerous new Encounters keep Investigators racing across the globe to stave off the collapse of the world.

Forsaken Lore adds over two hundred new cards to Eldritch Horror, including over one hundred new Encounter cards, twenty-four condition cards, and fourteen new mysteries.

The Father of Serpents

Forsaken Lore features a new Ancient One: Yig, the Father of Serpents. He enters the game with six unique mysteries, and the aid of his cultists and Serpent People.

Recently, we previewed three of Yig’s six mystery cards in order to better prepare investigators for the horror that awaits.

Now, you’ll be able to battle against Yig’s serpents for the fate of the world in Forsaken Lore.

Unfortunately for investigators, Yig’s serpents aren’t the only thing standing in the way of salvation. A host of new Epic Monsters, two new conditions, and hundreds of new Encounters will challenge even the most skilled investigators, while evil continues to spread as new Mysteries for the Ancient Ones included in Eldritch Horror are uncovered. Discover the Stone Circles where Yog-Sothoth’s worshippers gather and put an end to their arcane rituals, or do battle with the mighty Hydra Epic Monster as she rises from the sea to do the bidding of Cthulhu.

Purchase Your Copy Today!

The fate of the world rests in the hands of the few brave Investigators who have read the signs. The way ahead is treacherous, and tough choices and deadly obstacles stand between your Investigators and the salvation of the world. Can you solve the mysteries of the mighty Yig? Will you defend the Earth from the threat of the Ancient Ones?

Purchase your copy of Forsaken Lore at your local retailer or through our webstore today. Then, gather your team of investigators (or face the growing darkness on your own) and prepare to battle Yig and his serpents for the fate of the world! Then, keep checking back for more news and previews related to Eldritch Horror.

The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction? Eldritch Horror is a cooperative game of terror and adventure in which one to eight players take the roles of globetrotting investigators working to solve mysteries, gather clues, and protect the world from an Ancient One - an elder being intent on destroying our world.

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