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A First Look at the Conclusion of The Dark Waters Trilogy
Preview the First Chapter of The Dweller in the Deep
The Dark Waters Trilogy | Published 05 December 2013

““Get up,” said the voice, imperious and impossible to disobey.
He remembered nothing before the voice had spoken to him, or whether there had even been a before. Had the voice brought him into existence? It seemed preposterous that a voice could achieve such miracles, but this was no ordinary voice. It had the echoing cadences of sounds no mortal tongue ever ought to form, of blasphemous words not meant for the ears of Man.
If any voice could bring life from lifelessness, it was this one.
He nodded, though no question had been asked, and looked up at the wheeling sea birds as they returned to nests on the sheer rock behind him. The cliff thrust to the clouds, its summit lost in the mist, but what he could see was surely thousands of feet high.

The brittle cracking of bone shards gradually re-knitting in his battered flesh told him that he’d fallen from that cliff. The scavenged meat of his body was black and blue, red and raw, but in defiance of all natural laws, he was…alive?

Strange, iridescent powder coated his body and rivulets of black fluid dribbled from the gashes and tears in his skin. Despite the ruination of his form, he felt powerful and lethal, as though all mortal frailties were behind him and he had evolved to a new plateau of existence.”

- Dweller in the Deep, Chapter One

Recently, we announced the Dweller in the Deep, the final novel in The Dark Waters Trilogy. Set in the Arkham Horror universe, and written by award-winning author Graham McNeill, The Dweller in the Deep concludes the harrowing story begun in Ghouls of the Miskatonic and continued in Bones of the Yopasi.

Preview the First Chapter

Having learned the shocking truth behind a plot to cast the world into unimaginable darkness, Miskatonic University professor Oliver Grayson and his team of unlikely allies must arm themselves with deadly weapons, powerful eldritch artifacts, and the most potent tool an investigator can wield: knowledge. The stage is set for one ultimate, heart-stopping race to save mankind!

Download the first chapter of The Dweller in the Deep (pdf, 22.3 MB). Then, keep checking back for more news and previews for the coming conclusion of The Dark Waters Trilogy.


The Dark Waters Trilogy is a gripping new series from best-selling novelist Graham McNeill.

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