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The Search for Identity Concludes
Announcing the Final Installment in The Identity Trilogy
The Identity Trilogy | Published 13 November 2013

The Jinteki gel-grenade launcher was designed for mining.

That was how it was going to be implemented in Gullivar colony. At just over a meter in length, the launcher was fourteen centimeters in diameter. The muzzle was square. Ammunition for the launcher resided in two reservoirs at the back of the weapon.

The explosives were a binary formula, not capable of detonation until combined. I took off the safety and the keypad and trigger flipped out for use.

I dialed in a delivery load that would provide maximum concussion without breaching the shuttle’s wall integrity, aligned the sighting mechanism, and squeezed the trigger.

A bright blue amorphous blob of gel-explosive shot from the launcher and streaked across the distance separating Khloe from the advancing craft. Upon impact, the blob spread quickly as I had intended, covering 2.19 nearly square meters with a thin

I punched the detonator button and the pool of gel-explosive detonated with a harsh flash and no noise. Immediately, the shuttlecraft altered its direction, knocked off-course by the explosion. It slid under Khloe like a rectangular shark.

. . .

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Rebel, the third novel in The Identity Trilogy written by Mel Odom and set in the Android universe!

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Drake 3GI2RC is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. Haunted by another man’s memories, the NAPD’s most infamous android cop must quickly uncover the truth of his own past. Unfortunately, his search has taken him from the familiar New Angeles streets to the politically volatile planet Mars. Will Drake find answers before he’s caught in the midst of an interplanetary civil war?

Rebel is the third and final installment of The Identity Trilogy, a series based in the near-future dystopian world of Android. In it, Mel Odom concludes his tale of murder, intrigue, and what it means to be human.

Mel Odom is the author of over 140 science fiction and fantasy works, and the bestselling author of Stalker Analog and Lethal Interface. He also penned the Alex Award-winning series The Rover, and has written for numerous tie-in lines such as Forgotten Realms, Hellgate: London, and Shadowrun.


Mel Odom’s The Identity Trilogy is a series of novels set in the Android universe, and it tells a story of murder, manipulation, and mystery in a world where humanity and technology collide.

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