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The Data War Begins Now
Future Proof Is Now Available for Android: Netrunner
Android: Netrunner The Card Game | Published 31 May 2013

“Police are investigating the brutal slaying of twenty-nine year-old club owner Günther Mathias in connection to the recent data terrorism against the Weyland Consortium.”
    –NBN Live at 5

Data theft, hostile assets, virtual sabotage, and corporate war… The data war begins now.

Future Proof, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer!

With sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Future Proof pushes the high-stakes struggles of Android: Netrunner to the brink of open war. The game’s runners have become bolder, faster, and better than ever before. Accordingly, in this Data Pack, Criminals develop important new contacts like Mr. Li (Future Proof, 105) and key members of New Angeles City Hall (Future Proof, 109), Anarchs explore the possibility of turning corporate tags against their source of origin, and eccentric Shapers plan their runs for maximum efficiency by indexing Corporate servers.

All these developments have forced corporations to respond with the development of stronger ice, trickier traps, and deadlier servers. Weyland Consortium and Jinteki experiment with hostile assets. Haas-Bioroid continues to push for new efficiencies, developing server upgrades in the Ruhr Valley (Future Proof, 111). And NBN launches a number of Midseason Replacements (Future Proof, 116) with the goal of better identifying its key viewership.

Trimming the Fat

The arrival of Future Proof heralds Sweeps Week for NBN. It’s time to eject all the baggage that’s dragging the company down, and that means cutting to a deck minimum of forty cards!

Future Proof introduces a new identity for the media megacorp, The World Is Yours (Future Proof, 114). In exchange for the loss of three influence and two recurring credits the Corp could use during trace attempts, NBN gains the option to present a slimmer, sleeker new look – one that might help it play to its strengths by trimming away the fat, cutting a slew of unnecessary ice, assets, and operations.

NBN players have generally pursued two primary strategies:

  • Brokering deals with the Weyland Consortium to tag-and-bag runners with Scorched Earth (Core Set, 99).
  • Racing to seven points by fast-advancing their agendas with the hosted agenda counters from AstroScript Pilot Program (Core Set, 81) and Psychographics (Core Set, 85).

These strategies aren’t exactly mutually exclusive. In fact, a number of players have built both into their decks, leaving themselves with a back-up plan in case their original strategy fails. To get either strategy to work, though, you need to set up card combinations, and to step up card combinations, you need to get those cards into your hand.

That’s where the new NBN identity comes into play. You start with five fewer cards that don’t advance your key combinations. Then, you get to hold one more card in your hand. Not only does this ease the pressure of holding key cards from turn to turn, it can help you mess with your opponent’s mind. HQ is a key target for the game’s popular Criminal Runners, and forcing them to hunt blindly for a possible agenda from among six cards, instead of from among five, may cause them to shift their focus for a turn or two. Alternatively, you can leave your HQ lightly defended, but oversee it with the Sysop, Bernice Mai (Humanity’s Shadow, 97). Then, your opponent has to ask himself, is it worth the run if I might suffer the tag that leads to the Scorched Earth and the body bag?

Finally, because the identity reduces the deck size below forty-five cards, it reduces the number of agenda points you’re required to build into the deck. You can reduce your total agenda points from twenty to eighteen. Most of the time, as in the sample deck below, this means removing an agenda that you can’t advance quickly and steering your deck’s focus back toward its game-winning cards.

NBN: The World Is Yours*

Agendas (10):
AstroScript Pilot Program x3
Breaking News x3
Project Beale (Future Proof, 115) x3
Restructured Data Pool x1

Assets (3):
Melange Mining Corp x3

ICE (14):
Data Raven x3
Draco x2
Flare (Future Proof, 117) x2
TMI x3
Tollbooth x2
Wall of Static x2

Operations (12):
Anonymous Tip x2
Closed Accounts x1
Hedge Fund x3
Psychographics x1
Scorched Earth x3
SEA Source x2

Upgrade (1):
Bernice Mai x1

*Some restrictions may apply. Scan this card to find out more.

Standing on the Edge of History

For months, the Data Packs of the Genesis Cycle have bolstered the seven factions of Android: Netrunner, providing each with new identities, ice, agendas, assets, programs, resources, and events. The tricky factions have gotten trickier. The efficiency experts have become more efficient.

Now, the game’s cyberstruggles have reached a new high point. Future Proof concludes the game’s first cycle of expansions and deepens the number of intriguing combinations and synergies that players can explore as they navigate the game’s economic challenges, bluffs, and wagers. With more resources at their disposal the game’s corporations and runners push harder than ever before, raising the stakes to the brink of war.

Don’t miss out on the high-stakes cyberstruggles engendered by the new cards from Future Proof. Head to your local retailer, and get your copy today!


Based on the classic card game designed by Richard Garfield, Android: Netrunner The Card Game is a game for two players set in the dystopian future of Android. It pits monolothic megacorps against subversive netrunners in a high-stakes struggle for the control of valuable data.

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