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Refugees of War
A Preview of the Latest A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones LCG | Published 09 February 2009

The only thing worse than a long winter is a long winter of war. For the people of Westeros, however, this is their unfortunate reality. Brutal cold, a dearth of food and shelter, and relentless conflict have driven the population of the realm to a desperate, refugee status. In times like these, if you are not equipped to prey upon the weak, your only recourse is to pray for your very survival.

Refugees of War, the fifth Chapter Pack in the A Time of Ravens expansion to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game hits stores later this month. In this pack, we continue our exploration of the aftermath of the War of Five Kings as scavengers, refugees, and bandits abound!

The Refugee of the Citadel is a good example of the style of card you can find in this pack. In times of strife you’ll find refugees at every doorstep, and this is represented by the card’s gold cost of 0. On the flip side, these refugees are a fickle lot, and having left everything behind once, it doesn’t take much for them to do so again. Thus, if you don’t maintain a dominant position or keep some gold around to support them, your refugees are more than likely to leave.

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Not all of the refugees of Westeros are nameless, faceless entities, either. Gilly is one example of such a “named” refugee who should prove more useful when the weather is fair. She’ll be a beast in your Summer decks (perhaps bringing some much needed card draw and intrigue STR to a Targaryen deck?), but it’s advisable not to rely on Gilly too much, as she’ll desert (and flee to a warmer locale?) with the onset of Winter.

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One “refugee” who refuses to let anyone push her around is Cat o’ the Canals. Her “immune to opponent’s card effects” seems innocuous enough, until the first time she stands up to an opponent’s Valar Morghulis or Wildfire Assault. And give her Ice, Needle (also in this pack), or even an out of House Aegon’s Blade, and watch your opponents sweat!

With cards like the Tides of War providing a number of nasty challenge-based plot tricks for Summer and Winter based decks, being able to shrug off the effects of an opponent’s plot card might be more important than ever!

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We hope you enjoyed this preview of the Refugees of War Chapter Pack. These cards, along with others like Alannys Greyjoy, the infamous Head of a Dwarf attachment, and the War of Five Kings epic battle event card are making their way to stores near you this February!

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