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A Journey's End
Announcing the Final Chapter Pack in the A Song of the Sea Cycle
A Game of Thrones LCG | Published 10 January 2013

The dwarf shrugged. “Do you want to wager your throne upon a woman’s whim? Go to Westeros, though … ah, then you are a rebel, not a beggar. Bold, reckless, a true scion of House Targaryen, walking in the footsteps of Aegon the Conqueror. A dragon.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of A Journey’s End, the sixth and final Chapter Pack in the A Song of the Sea cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

The Great Houses of Westeros collide in new battles, intrigues, and power struggles as their long journeys from the A Song of the Sea cycle come to an end. The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) in A Journey’s End launch players into heated naval battles and chaotic melees. You’ll find five new Warships, five cards to support the game’s Melee keyword, Mercenary lords, renowned Captains, and three new Prayers for the devout as they call to the Seven for guidance.

A Journey’s End also concludes the A Song of the Sea cycle with three new cards to support the naval () enhancement. Each of the Great Houses has wagered its future upon a path it hopes will lead toward dominion over the Seven Kingdoms. At A Journey’s End, it is time for you to throw in your lot. Will you wager your shot at the throne upon a whim? Or will you steer a true course – bold, direct, and fearless – as a conquerer come to claim your birthright?

At Sea with the Ironborn

Among those who seek to claim the Seven Kingdoms by force are the Ironborn of House Greyjoy, and these raiders are the natural beneficiaries of a cycle dedicated to fleshing out each House’s naval presence. The Ironborn rank among the Seven Kingdoms’ greatest and most daring sailors, and their longships afford them tremendous speed and mobility as they harry the coastlands with their attacks.

Under the leadership of Euron Crow’s Eye, the Ironborn are no longer content to rule only their islands and the surrounding lands. Instead, they have set sail for destinations far, far from the Iron Islands, and they have turned their attentions toward the conquest of all Westeros.

Still, it is one thing to launch a raid against a nation and another thing entirely to occupy and rule it. As the Ironborn extend their reach, they spread their forces thinner and thinner. Will they have enough strength to hold onto all that they take? The key might be how well they can make use of their conquests.

The Ten Towers Longship (A Journey’s End, 103) can be of good use, here. Whenever you win a challenge by four or more strength, you can kneel the Ten Towers Longship to seize an event in your opponent’s discard pile and attach it to the Warship for later use. At the right time, then, you can discard an event attached to the Ten Towers Longship to play it as though it were in your hand. In this way, the Ten Towers Longship can win you your opponent’s best events.

Do you want to steal your opponent’s A Game of Cyvasse (A Change of Seasons, 57) or He Calls It Thinking (Princes of the Sun, 21)? Did he frustrate you with a Misinformation (The Wildling Horde, 64) that you’d much rather turn against him? Win a challenge, and seize these events from your opponent’s discard pile. Also, because the Ten Towers Longship’s response allows you to stack an event during the resolution of a challenge, you can first stack and then play such cards as Make an Example (Princes of the Sun, 42) and Superior Claim (Kings of the Storm, 47) to give your victory in the challenge an extra punch.

The Ten Towers Longship has some less obvious benefits, too. It can kill your opponent’s recursion, serve as a form of hidden card draw, and hold powerful, situational events in a manner that’s safe from your opponent’s intrigue challenges. Finally, in conjunction with Baelor Blacktyde (The Isle of Ravens, 67), the Ten Towers Longship adds a frightening element of event control to House Greyjoy. By limiting the number of events your opponent may play, and by using the best of them against him, you can force your opponent to think very carefully about when he’ll want to use events. You may even scare him from playing them at all until it’s too late…

By then, you may have sailed straight into King’s Landing, bolstered by the might of your Ten Towers Longship, as well as the rest of your fleet.

How Will Your Journey End?

Will your journey end in victory or in tragedy? Will you successfully navigate your way through your opponent’s web of lies and past his allies to best him in battle? As the Great Houses collide, their lords and ladies know only one victor can emerge. After all, in the game of thrones, you win or you die.

Look for A Journey’s End to arrive at retailers everywhere in the second quarter of 2013!

Based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, playable by 2-4 players, brings the beloved heroes, villains, locations, and events of the world of Westeros to life through innovative game mechanics and the highly strategic game play. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Chapter Pack expansions to the core game.

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