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Dark Heresy Scenario Contest Finalist #3 3
Congratulations to Scrivner's Star
Dark Heresy | Published 05 February 2009

I am very happy to begin unveiling the finalists for the 2008 Dark Heresy Scenario Contest! There were quite a few entries, and the trio of finalists should be honored that their dedication and hard work distinguished them from the great number of excellent entries that I received. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who participated in the contest. There was quite a diverse array of adventures and concepts, and it was particularly exciting to see how creative and enthusiastic the entries became!

And now, I present the third and concluding finalist:

Scrivener’s Star by John W. S. Marvin

John W. S. Marvin’s entry is based heavily upon Disciples of the Dark Gods and focuses on the conflicted data-vault worlds of the Prol system. Scrivner’s Star includes six very high-quality maps and is deeply connected to the intricate conspiracies from Disciples of the Dark Gods.

John’s scenario overview is as follows:
This is an adventure for acolytes in their second to fourth ranks in their careers. It is a horror scenario, and is meant to be difficult. Players will almost certainly Burn Fate Points, but successful play may be rewarded with a fate point, if the GM deems the players have deserved it. The scenario should take about two gaming sessions to complete.
This adventure uses two heresies and some Imperial discord from Disciples of the Dark Gods.

The setting is Prol I, an Administratum run planetoid in conflict. The Administratum has run out of room in its data valuts on Prol I through IX. Prol X is proscribed. The Centurists wish to use Prol X, proscription be damned. The Pyratics seek to burn the old and unused records on Prol I, the setting for this adventure. Recently the Pyratics have secretly moved in people and are preparing for the “Great Burning.” While the population is listed as 400 caretakers, the real population is ten times that.

The judges enjoyed Scrivner’s Star’s extremely detailed maps and the interesting complex storyline. Acolytes who go through this adventure face difficult choices, unusual foes, and memorable NPCs. A solid adventure that focuses on intriguing parts of the Calixis Sector, the Judges determined that Scrivner’s Star is a worthy adventure for the top ranks of the Dark Heresy 2009 Scenario Contest.

Congratulations, John W. S. Marvin! As one of the finalists, you may be selected as the ultimate winner of the 2008 Dark Heresy Scenario Contest!

Download Scrivner's Star (PDF, 392KB).

To see the other finalists or discuss their entries, visit the Dark Heresy Scenario Contest forum thread.
The contest entries are provided for the enjoyment of Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Dark Heresy fans. They contain fan created content that should not be considered official Dark Heresy content, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fantasy Flight Games or Games Workshop.


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Comments (3)

Published: 2/7/2009 7:04:20 AM

Brilliant. Can''t wait to use it.

The Spaniard
Published: 2/6/2009 9:55:19 AM
FFG Staff

Great work! 



Published: 2/5/2009 6:18:02 PM

Wow. Thanks so much.

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