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Swooping in for the Kill
Paolo Parente Talks About the Aircraft of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare
Dust Warfare | Published 19 September 2012

Back in May, Operation “Zverograd” and the SSU took the world of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare by storm. The introduction of this third faction allowed players to pursue wholly new army builds. The SSU’s gritty, hard worn, and resolute armies not only featured all new infantry and combat walkers, they included the game’s first aircraft.

Now the SSU Airborne Transport swoops across battlefields, carrying troops into the thick of action. Two more helicopters are on their way, and fans of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare who stopped by our booth at Gen Con Indy were excited to see the two Axis flyer prototypes that we showed off in our display case.

Today, we’re happy to share an interview with Paolo Parente, creator of the Dust universe, about these new Axis flyers and the future of aircraft in Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare!

Axis flyer prototypes on display at Gen Con Indy 2012

Interview with Paolo Parente, Creator of Dust

FFG: Aircraft have recently added another exciting dimension to Dust Tactics. What challenges did you face as you worked to incorporate them into the game?

PP: Luckily, Dust Tactics is a pretty straightforward game that allowed us to let air units follow most of the regular movement and shooting rules. The main challenge was to try to represent the fact that aircraft move so much faster than ground units, and this was finally solved by forcing all units targeting an aircraft to be at range of 6 or less.

FFG: What inspired you as you developed your concepts for the different aircraft?

PP: The main inspiration for all our vehicles are the late war and early post-war projects. Late war airplanes were mostly jet fighters since Germany was trying to counter the allied bombing raids over its territory, and they were looking for very fast and radar-equipped night interceptors. However, Dust Tactics does not need jet fighters; we needed to study ground-attack aircraft that could make sense on our type of battlefield.

l decided to develop VTOL aircrafts. These are totally ahead of their time, l know, but perfect for the task. VTOL are slower than jet fighters, and perfectly accomplish the role we need them to fulfill. Also, I could make their wing span shorter, making it possible to play them easily on our tables.

Their lines were inspired by two of my favorite WWII aircrafts – the Axis Horten and the Allied P38 Lightning. Their lines are so unique and different from each other that they’re perfect for the job.

Paolo Parente’s Raid Over Zverograd

FFG: I know it’s often difficult for a creator to choose from among his creations, but can you pick a favorite from among the aircraft? And what brings it closer to your heart?

PP: l really love them both, but my absolutely favorite aircraft will be released next year. It will be for the SSU.

FFG: What about Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare has surprised you the most so far?

PP: The Dust universe being appreciated by so many gamers…it’s just great.

FFG: Anything else you want to share with us today?

PP: l just want to thank the players and fans who keep enjoying our game and miniatures. Their enthusiasm and feedback are very encouraging.

Thanks, Paolo!

We’ve had a lot of fun with the beautiful miniatures from the alternate World War II of Dust Tactics, and we look forward to seeing the skies filled with SSU helicopters and these new flyers.

Meanwhile, until these prototype aircraft are finished and ready for your games of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare, keep your eyes open for future announcements and previews.

Dust Warfare offers players intense and engaging tabletop miniatures combat set in an alternate 1940s reality in which World War II continues to rage, fueled by the introduction of alien technology and the development of fearsome combat walkers.

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