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New Rules and More Riches
Explore the Catacombs in The King of Ashes Expansion
Cadwallon: City of Thieves | Published 14 September 2012

The King of Ashes expansion for Cadwallon: City of Thieves brings some exciting changes to the standard rules, and adds in a whole host of new mechanics to liven up your thieving experience as your gang skulks the streets of Cadwallon. When we announced the expansion, we only hinted at the wealth of new content for the denizens of the City of Thieves. In this preview, we’ll take a closer look at the both the brand new and the revised mechanics that will add to your experiences in the Cadwallon: City of Thieves universe!

Exploration, Experience, and Equipment

New mechanics will enhance the base game’s board and introduces a host of new challenges and opportunities for snagging riches.

Intrigue cards give your gang a chance to take a stab at a secret mission in order to secure a little something on the side. Taking on these secret missions can yield great rewards, but be careful! Some Intrigue cards carry a heavy penalty if your gang can’t complete the mission before the end of the game.

Combat becomes much more than just an opportunity to fleece your fellow thieves or send the militia packing with the introduction of Experience tokens and the wound mechanic. Players gain one Experience token each time they roll a natural six as the attacker in combat. Experience tokens can be used to take a reroll on any die, or two can be spent to purchase a piece of equipment for your characters. Players can now also get Wounds from skills or certain kinds of equipment, which leaves them unable to be activated unless a player spends an action point to heal his injured character.

Equipment cards have a whole host of benefits for you and your allies. Purchasing an equipment card for a character can lead to boosts in combat, lockpicking, movement, or other sneaky skills. Keep a copy of the Watchman’s Pass on your person if you need to slip past a portcullis after the alarm, take a sip of a Flying Potion to add four to your movement value, or carry a loaded Gun through the streets of Cadwallon to inflict a Wound after defeating someone in battle. Each character can only have one piece of equipment at a time, so choose your tools wisely.

With the addition of Exploration tokens, the streets of Cadwallon are filled with new secrets for your enterprising thieves to uncover. Exploration tokens can reveal treacherous traps that wound players or extra security to frustrate the efforts of even the most adept thieves. It’s not all gloom and doom, though. Some Exploration tokens feature equipment, Magic Gems for use in the Catacombs, experience-granting Emblems of Cadwallon, or even secret passages leading down into the dangerous depths of the Catacombs themselves.

Same City, New Rules

Even with all of these new challenges to contend with, the gang leaders have been training to become even more proficient at their perfidious plundering, and some of the old rules have changed to reflect all of their hard work.

Rigorous battle training has led to two changes in the way these deadly thieves do battle. During combat, players are no longer restricted to playing a single arcana card per battle. Each player can now play as many cards as he wants, creating a whole new way of utilizing the deck. Also, a tie in the combat roll no longer means an automatic win for the attacker. Instead, the winner of a tie is now determined by adding the total of all the dice together for a final attack or defense value.

Even among gangs of thieves, teamwork is key. Players can now move characters through spaces occupied by members of their own gang. During this move, the two can now trade equipment and treasures. If you’ve grabbed as much loot as you can carry and happen to cross paths with an empty-handed compatriot, share the load with your partner and keep an eye out for more riches.

All New Adventures

The King of Ashes expansion includes a campaign made up of four new adventure sheets. Experience tokens and ducats are carried over from adventure to adventure in campaign mode, and each scenario has a reward for the winner to take with them into the next phase of the campaign. If that’s not enough adventuring for you, there are also two more independently playable scenarios called “The Festival of Ashes” and “A Duke’s Ransom.”

Each of these thrilling new quests will have your gang working their way through the nooks and crannies of the new Catacombs board while taking care to evade the dreaded Cyclops of Mid-Nor! We’ll come face to face with this titanic, threatening denizen of the Catacombs in another article.

In our next preview, we’ll take a look at the host of new Mercenary characters that are available to be recruited by the gangs of Cadwallon. We’ll also get reacquainted with some old friends who have some new tricks up their sleeves!

Cadwallon: City of Thieves is a fast-paced board game of cunning thievery and ruthless skullduggery in a fantasy city steeped in magic and intrigue. Two to four players each control their own gang of four thieves, competing to amass the greatest haul of loot from the many carefully locked chests scattered about the city.

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