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Wiz-War Rules! 6
Not only is the gameplay magical, you can now download the rules online
Wiz-War | Published 10 January 2012

With a simple boomstone, Talthus shattered the door standing between him and victory. Already, he’d stolen one of Callista’s treasure chests. Now, to win the competition as well as its accompanying prestige and glory, all he had to do was haul her last remaining treasure back to his base. He smiled, already able to envision himself in a comfortable faculty position, perhaps in the Tower of Alchemy… He grabbed the treasure, then immediately dropped it and recoiled in pain when Callista’s ward burned his hands. Worse yet, he heard her soft footsteps scuffling around the corner. Injured as he was, he wondered if he could survive another duel.

Wiz-War is coming! This board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits you against rival mages in a subterranean maze. The premise is simple, but the execution more difficult. All you have to do to win is score two points by stealing treasures or felling foes, but you’ll need quick wits and a vivid imagination to see your way to victory. Your rivals each also wield an arsenal of sensational spells, and they’ll attempt to match your mystical tricks with their own.

Study up

Wily wizards may push the rules, but still the rules bind them… a little. You can find the rules for Wiz-War online here (low-res pdf, 8.2 MB) and on the game’s support page.

As you read the rules, remember that magic makes everything possible, and your mage can cast spells to see through walls, reach around corners, avoid attacks by turning to mist, and hasten through the maze by bending the corridors to his will.

Be the first to get your hands on this treasure

Spells and strategy collide in this fast-paced, comedic board game. Whether you sneak past your opponents’ defenses to deprive them of their treasures or fling yourself into battle with fireballs and boomstones, Wiz-War entertains with rules that are easy to understand and gameplay that's as sophisticated as your imagination.

Best of all, the Wiz-War is nearly ready to begin, so head to your local retailer and pre-order your copy today!

Deep underground in a magical maze, dueling wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures during the classic, clever (and sometimes comical) confrontations of Wiz-War! This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits players’ wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery.

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Comments (6)

Published: 1/11/2012 10:55:25 PM

 I see MAJOR errors in the instructions, both involving doors. 

First, the "Moving, Attacking, and Causing Damage" diagram on page 8, shows the red player moving through a green door with no mention of him needing a key or pick lock.

Second, the "Line of Sight" diagram on page 10, shows that you are able to see through closed doors which is absolutely wrong. Maybe it's because the graphic for the door is so poorly conceived that the editing department didn't know it was a door. It looks more like a force field. How hard would it have been to show a door knob? 

Published: 1/11/2012 8:52:31 PM

 I am really worried about the changes.

The graphics seem to be a miss-match too. Why would a large picture of a rose represent a rosebush? Why are the door tokens not shown from an overhead view instead of the new perspective view? Why are all the walls plain black segments instead of detailed overhead pictures like the original?

Why is there still a "wizard blade"?!?! It is always the most quickly discarded card in any game.

Time will tell, but we may be playing my original version forever. 

Published: 1/10/2012 10:36:11 PM

OK. I see the part on p. 11 that you're talking about (and I missed.) In that case, it seems like the description of spell energy should be more prominent, rather than a seemingly off-hand comment in the maintenance section, or at least mentioned somewhere else in bold: Spell energy is 1 unless otherwise noted.

Published: 1/10/2012 9:58:45 PM

@Jackwraith On page 11 it explains that all spells have an energy of 1, by default.  So if you cast Extra Arms normally, it would have a duration of 1.  Suppose (foolishly, just for the sake of example) that you had two Extra Arms cards in your, uh, hand.  You could then cast one of them, and discard the other to boost the first; this would replace the default energy with the energy value of the discarded card (in this case, 3).  The energy value doesn't otherwise matter; as the example says, it's only when you're boosting that you look at that 3.

Published: 1/10/2012 8:58:06 PM

Rules posted = almost here.

Never played the original, but heard a lot about it. This looks to be a great family fun game.


Published: 1/10/2012 7:00:05 PM

Right away, a question: On p. 12, an example is given for maintaining spells with the card Extra Arms. The energy value for the spell is 3 but the spell is instead cast with 1 energy token, which is then discarded in the following turn along with the card. The reason given for the spell only being cast with 1 token is that the "spell effect" was chosen, rather than being used to boost another spell. However, on p. 10 under Temporary duration, it quite logically states that the duration of temporary spells is equal to the energy rating on the card.

How would we know that Extra Arms is cast with a duration of 1, rather than the 3 on the card, and why? Is the statement under Temporary duration incorrect or is the example of maintenance incorrect? Or is there something later in the rules that clarifies why Transformation spells ignore their printed duration or some such issue?

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