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No Peace Amongst the Stars 13
Announcing The Jericho Reach, an upcoming Deathwatch supplement
Deathwatch | Published 11 November 2011

“There is no peace to be had amongst the stars. The sum total of human endeavour must be bent towards the singular goal of survival, and to falter in this task for even a moment is to court the extinction of mankind. We cannot permit laxity or negligence of any kind, for it is the duty of every man and woman in the Imperium to lend their every effort to the matter of survival."
      –Confessor Corvinus

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Jericho Reach, a supplement for Deathwatch! This comprehensive tome provides in-depth information on the struggles of Kill-teams currently operating throughout the Reach. Each chapter delves into detail on the personalities, planets, and themes of a specific salient, while providing players and Game Masters alike with important resources for integrating the setting more deeply into their campaigns.

What’s more, The Jericho Reach includes a full adventure. When Watch Fortress Erioch receives an astropathic distress signal from deep inside a Tyranid-infested planet, the Kill-team is immediately dispatched to investigate. Now, they must fight their way through monstrous adversaries while working to uncover the source of the strange message. But can they solve the mysteries of this war-ravaged world in time?

A word from the Watch Captain

For more on The Jericho Reach, Deathwatch’s developer agreed to share his insights:

For nearly half a century, the Achilus Crusade has raged through the Jericho Reach, forging a new Imperial sector from the ashes. But now, the Crusade has faltered; the devouring Tyranids, cunning Tau, and fiendish armies of Chaos have proved a worthy match, and the Crusade teeters upon the brink of disaster. Only the Space Marines of Watch Fortress Erioch, whose treacherous missions bring them to every corner of the Reach, can hold back the tide of xenos threats.

Earlier this year, The Achilus Assault took an in depth look at the Achilus Crusade and the history of the Imperium’s epic struggle to bring the light of the Emperor back to the stars of the Jericho Reach. Today, the Deathwatch team is proud to announce The Jericho Reach, a new sourcebook for the Deathwatch line that delves into the current struggles of the Space Marines of Watch Fortress Erioch against the xenos that threaten the Reach from all sides. 

In this latest addition to the Deathwatch line, detailed descriptions of planets, personalities, and adversaries from all corners of the Reach allow GMs and players to embark on deadlier and more diverse missions than ever before. Secretly aid the armies on Khazant by performing surgical strikes into the heart of the enemy territory, combat the insidious Tau on their worlds beyond the Greyhell front, and face off against some of the largest beasts of the Tyranid swarm.

Additionally, as Kill-teams fight against the many xenos that threaten the Imperium, they learn their tactics and strategies, and become even more efficient at hunting them down. The Jericho Reach presents a myriad of new abilities for Battle-Brothers to gain as they learn from conquering their foes. Powerful new solo modes, squad modes, oaths, and demeanours all become available as the Kill-team completes missions against specific adversaries.

Look for The Jericho Reach on store shelves early next year, and save the Imperium from the xenos threat!

Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which players take on the roles of the bio-engineered super-soldiers known as Space Marines. United with their battle-brothers, players will complete extraordinary missions involving some of the greatest heroes and deadliest opponents the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to offer.

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Published: 11/11/2011 4:50:19 PM

Interesting.  I look forward to it.

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