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Reaving and Raiding at The Grand Melee 2
An A Game of Thrones: The Card Game spotlight by guest writer Matthew Morgan
A Game of Thrones LCG | Published 27 October 2011

Location destruction has long been a thematic component of House Greyjoy’s presence in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. The current cycle of Chapter Packs, A Tale of Champions, provides some new cards that work well to reestablish the Kraken as the master of location destruction (to which I refer as “reaving”).

The raiding part comes in with Greyjoy’s deck discard effects, which can be used to help power a draw engine. I think “milling” is the term many use to describe this mechanic, but I like “raiding” better, since I feel it is a more Nedly way to refer to it in A Game of Thrones, and as I believe the term was first coined by Joe Becker, I want to give him due credit.

Now, I’ve never liked raiding simply for the sake of raiding. I feel it needs to serve some other purpose for it to lead to enjoyable play experiences. Hence, I like to add cards that can provide you with benefits as the result of raiding your opponent’s deck. This brings me to the two new Greyjoy cards from A Tale of Champions that serve as the focus of this article.

Newly Made Lord

The Lords of Westeros are dangerous foes, and a newly made one is no less. Consider House Greyjoy’s Newly Made Lord (Tourney for the Hand, 16).

This character gives Greyjoy the strong ability to control their opponent’s troublesome locations outside of the Challenges phase. Ghaston Grey (Forging the Chain, 34) bringing you down? Smuggler’s Cove (Kings of the Storm, 31) annoying you? Frozen Outpost (Lords of Winter, 26) confounding your challenges? Lannisport Brothel (Core Set, 56) proving too much of a distraction for you? Send in the Newly Made Lord, and those threats are removed.

With the plot Search and Detain (Here to Serve, 120), one could potentially bring him back into hand the next turn to do it again. Also, the fact this Newly Made Lord is not unique means you can put three in a deck, and each one can thrash a troublesome location as it enters play.

Your foes need to think twice about attempting to use locations to stop your Krakens from dominating Westeros with your Newly Made Lord entering the battle. Take the fight to them. Claim the iron price for House Greyjoy!

Euron Crow’s Eye

Euron has always been a strong character for Greyjoy, and the new version coming in The Grand Melee is no exception. Simply by keeping Euron Crow’s Eye (The Grand Melee, 29) in play, you can raid a card off an opponent’s deck with each challenge declared against you, and if a location is discarded in this way, he allows you to draw a card. Combine his draw ability with Fishmonger’s Square (Tales from the Red Keep, 72), which allows you to draw cards if you discard an attachment or event, and your chance of gaining card advantage from the raid grows even more likely. Note also that his response can be triggered multiple times in any given phase, increasing your chances of being able to draw. In a melee game, Euron can discourage other players from even sending a challenge your way for fear of losing cards from their decks and playing into your draw advantage.

Euron is also versatile because he has so many powerful traits. He is a King, thus possibly shutting down some of the powerful abilities of other King characters. He is a Lord, and can be used in conjunction with the Red Wedding plot (Princes of the Sun, 57), as well as defense against the ability of Core Set Stannis (Core Set, 72). He is Ironborn and eligible to benefit from all the in-house Greyjoy effects that make use of that trait. Finally, he is a Raider, so he also fits into any Raider-themed deck. On top of this, he has the Noble crest, which means he can be protected with the plot, The Power of Blood (Core Set, 194), and he has Renown, which can help speed up your chance at claiming victory with every challenge he wins.

So get out there, and start raiding and reaving, Ironborn! Claim the green lands for the Kraken, and bring glory to House Greyjoy once more, with Euron as King of the Seven Kingdoms, attended by his own council of Newly Made Lords.

Based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, playable by 2-4 players, brings the beloved heroes, villains, locations, and events of the world of Westeros to life through innovative game mechanics and the highly strategic game play. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Chapter Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (2)

Published: 10/28/2011 2:37:11 AM

 Previews have already been spoiled for long. Good cards anyway

Published: 10/27/2011 8:14:22 PM

 Nice to see cards that let you benefit from the raiding of cards from your opponent's deck.

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