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Will You Answer the Hero's Call? 46
Announcing an epic supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 28 September 2011

Despite my reputation, I am not a heartless man. I often struggle to reconcile what must be done with my sympathies for those accursed by the taint of Chaos. The day I consigned my own sister to the flames was especially hard. She didn’t ask to be tainted… but tainted she was.
   –Witch Hunter Captain Leopold

The Old World is a place of constant war, and the unending battles take their tolls. Still, there are those rare individuals who continually apply themselves to improving their talents and accomplishing their goals. They let nothing stand between them and their terms for success, no matter how mammoth the opposition may be. These few, exceptional individuals rise to become the Old World’s great powers, generals of armies, wizard lords, and arch lectors… Are you ready to answer the Hero’s Call?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Hero’s Call, an epic supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes your campaign to the peaks of power!

Hero’s Call provides your heroes with tremendous new ammunition to face the challenges before them: 12 new high-powered careers, 12 regional options for men and dwarfs from outside Reikland, two new player races, action cards for each new trait, and–for the first time ever–new spells and blessings for Ranks 4 and 5. It’s a good thing, too, that your characters will gain greater power than ever before because Hero’s Call also explores the daily challenges of the Old World’s greatest heroes, including the Epic Threats they must face.

Epic power

With new rules for characters of Rank 4 and 5, players will be able to attain power most mortals have never tasted–provided your characters can survive the challenges that await them.

At long last, wizards and priests can further their mystical mastery beyond Rank 3. As they make choices about which path to pursue in their profession at Rank 4, the powerful new spells and blessings they wield provide them fantastic new options in battles. As an example, Caress of Laniph, a Rank 4 spell for the Amethyst Order can deal as much as 6 + WP + Int damage, ignoring the soak value of your target’s armour, and allow you to recover 1 wound.

But players aren’t the only ones who will gain untold power in Hero’s Call! Powerful new adversaries lurk within the supplement’s pages, with notable adversaries such as Archaon the Everchosen presented with special rules and guidelines for inclusion in your campaign. Additionally, other powerful creatures await adventuring heroes, and Epic Threat sheets allow you to boost standard creatures into elite adversaries.

A new paradigm for epic adventures

The paradigm shifts for the high and mighty, and Hero’s Call presents several adventure seeds and features a complete adventure, The Art of Waaagh!, specially tailored to meet the interests of heroes who have seen it all.

Get ready to wield powers of which few within the Old World have ever dreamt. Get ready to brave dangers that only the greatest heroes can withstand. In the First Quarter of 2012, get ready to answer the Hero’s Call!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.

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Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 12/4/2011 6:14:00 AM

I have to say, for me personally this looks like the most interesting supplement since Winds of Magic & Signs of Faith. I'd love to experience the more fantastical side of the Old World!

Published: 11/11/2011 9:50:16 AM

 @Halvgrim: I think it's dependent on your strengths as a GM and the strength of your Players.  It can present a lot of fun and play potential to bring in a character who has offerings for the party, but will need to be as creative and careful as the party will need to be with them.  Think of the low rank character's peril in the face of immense odds as a way to jeopardize and confound the higher rank characters, or find what the lower rank character has to offer that the rest of the party might be remiss in so that you can use that to give them leverage in a seemingly daunting situation.  All of that being said, the easiest path is no doubt letting the character start at a high rank and ensuring that they have a back story or reasoning behind the advances that is suitable.  Not unlike picking up a story on some very capable adventurer (i.e. Robert E. Howard's many) whom you haven't witnessed every little struggle or victory of yet.  Create some elastic tension or just bring it all to full speed.

Published: 10/23/2011 6:06:37 PM

 I'm betting we see halflings and ogres.  That being said, the sheer power of an ogre would have to be controlled in early rank games by really playing up its awful, disgusting, and dangerous side so that its combat efficacy comes at the cost of a massive social offset.  I'm hard pressed to see what other player races there could be outside of those and the ones already offered.  

Published: 10/4/2011 5:13:27 PM

Yes, a first rank PC can operate in a group of high rank PCs. The stakes are higher, and certainly some of the enemies are tougher. Still, WFRP has a lot of investigation (as evidenced by the adventures being published). The lower-rank PC will need to just be aware of their vulnerability to certain enemies.  That said, a rank 1 trollslayer/ironbreaker could easily be tougher in a fight than a rank 4/5 PC that was an apothecary/scribe/thief/etc (ie no combat careers), for example.

I'll also point out that just because there are "Epic" enemies, does not mean that high rank PCs and high-rank adventures will be purely, or even mainly, about combat.  I might suggest the opposite will be the case. Since the "challenges" for the PCs are essentially the Epic enemies, I would expect most of the combats would only be against epic enemies (since non-epics are considered not a challenge), which would tend to be only at a few pivotal points in the story. The rest of the adventure would therefore have to be social or investigative challenges. So, as you increase in rank the number of physical combats should decrease, while the intellectual and political challenges/encounters should increase.

Published: 10/2/2011 10:55:25 PM

This really is welcome news! Both for me as a GM and for my players. Can't wait to see it!

Published: 10/1/2011 8:59:50 PM

 I will buy it!  I just hope the reason it took so long is they play tested the hell out of it.  

Published: 10/1/2011 4:08:00 AM

By the way. How would you all deal with character death in a high level campaign?

Can a newly created first level character function in a high level party? 

Would you have to introduce replacement characters at level 3?

Published: 10/1/2011 3:42:33 AM

Wonderful news

I personally don't expect my character to live very long, so I am mostly interested in races and regions, but I can see why other people want epic levels. It is good to have a little something for everybody.

It looks like Fantasy flight has a schedule of announcing a new expansion every 3 months.

Published: 10/1/2011 3:36:40 AM

Wonderful news.

I don't expect my own character to live long, so I am mainly looking forward to regions and new player races, but details about high level characters will add some extra flavor to the game.

Mr. Grimace
Published: 9/30/2011 6:59:29 PM

 This is good news. I am also pleased to hear that Wfrp has a future. It would be great to get some source material on Brettonia, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts and High Elves. Hint.

Angelic Despot
Published: 9/30/2011 5:01:01 PM

While I can't say I'm personally that bothered by the Epic rank stuff - I much prefer my games dark, gritting and moderately incompetent - it's clearly something a lot of people want, so well done to FFG for bringing this out.

There are elements I'm very interested in though, like the new PC races and regional backgrounds.

And presumably if we're getting rules for Archaon, we'll be getting some more setting information too.   How Archaon is presented will kind of force FFG's hand in stating what date the current version of the game is set.   If he's a brooding, vengeful madman, holed up in Brass Keep, then we're post-Storm of Chaos.   If he's a young lunatic, out to win the attention of the Chaos Gods, then we're still safely pre-Storm of Chaos.

Published: 9/30/2011 10:59:03 AM

Two new races!?! Will we see (at last) the big coming back of the halflings!!!!

Cant wait.

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