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Conan the Barbarian - Force of Nature!
A sneak peak at the upcoming Age of Conan - Plus Rules!
Age of Conan | Published 02 December 2008

Click on the button below to download the rules for Age of Conan (PDF, 5.6mb)

In anticipation of the Spring 2009 release of Nexus Games' and Fantasy Flight Games' new epic strategy board game, Age of Conan, we are presenting this brief sneak peak at Age of Conan, by Editor Sam Stewart. Those of you who attended Gen Con 2008 and got a chance to play the prototype of Age of Conan will remember Sam - he ran demoes the entire Gen Con weekend.


Photo by Thaadd Powell

Age of Conan is, at heart, a game of military conflict. Phalanxes of armored soldiers square off against hordes of howling, axe-wielding barbarians, while swarms of horsemen pepper ensorcelled legions with clouds of arrows. While players can (and should) send their diplomats to convince or coerce the provinces of Hyboria into alliances, they should not do so at the expense of their armies. Though military conquest may prove more difficult than diplomatic intrigue, it will also provide a player with more long-term rewards. After all, this is the time of Conan the Barbarian, when only the strong survive to reap their rewards.

Conan is a major presence in this game (of course!), as he adventures through Western Hyboria. He can start minor uprisings and raise bands of brigands in provinces as scum and rabble-rousers flock to his presence. He may even join the armies of neutral provinces to fight against the invading armies of the players. Obviously, this means Conan’s influence can often upset a player’s carefully laid plans. However, there are ways for players to temporarily enlist Conan to aid them in their endeavors. A canny player will time his actions to take full advantage of Conan’s presence or absence. A player may even steer Conan in the direction of his opponents, so their schemes will be disrupted while he can proceed unimpeded.

In addition, Conan is a man looking for the crown destined for him. In the final turns of the game, ambitious players may have the opportunity to offer Conan the chance to rule their kingdom. If he accepts, that player’s chances of winning go up significantly. However, Conan has no patience for weakness. If he judges a kingdom unworthy of his rule, he’s likely to leave that player’s head on the steps of his own castle.

In the end, the victorious player will be the one who maintained a balance between his military and diplomatic actions, compensated for the presence of Conan (or even used it to his advantage), and, above all, carved out a swath of Western Hyboria to rule with an iron fist. 

Thanks Sam! Stay tuned for more information on Age of Conan over the coming weeks!

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