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Bring Order to Chaos 7
Announcing the upcoming release of the Game Master's Kit for Black Crusade
Black Crusade | Published 18 May 2011

“Make war upon the Imperium of Man? What is it you think the Legions have been doing for the last ten thousand years? War does not end with a single victory or a single planet. It is an eternal creature that outlives men and their tiny triumphs."
      -Arzyn the Silencebringer, warrior of the World Eaters

Guide your players down the path of Chaos with The Game Master’s Kit for Black Crusade, coming in the third quarter of 2011! This helpful resource features a sturdy Game Master’s screen, displaying stunning Black Crusade art on one side and a wealth of useful quick references on the other. In addition, The Game Master’s Kit includes a 32-page full colour booklet with a complete adventure, a selection of useful NPCs, expanded rules for running Black Crusade adventures, and advice for how to run an extended campaign.

Rivals for Glory

Challenge your players with the included adventure, which takes a group of Heretics to the shattered ruins of an infamous pirate empire. Once there, they’ll find a harsh reminder that the Screaming Vortex teems with other servants of Chaos, and in each one burns the same bloody determination to earn glory by any means necessary.

While on a hunt for a cultural relic of great influence that was lost in the wreck of a mercenary transport ship, the Heretics will begin a race for power against ruthless competition. But rival fortune-seekers may not be the greatest threat they face; their prize is on the brutal world of Sacgrave, a warp-ravaged planet that’s home to marauding gangs, horrific mutants, and worse. Gather clues, coerce the local populace, and deal with the planet’s fickle overseer, and you’ll earn the favour of your dark masters.

Glory and power await those willing to learn forbidden knowledge. Look for The Game Master’s Kit for Black Crusade in the third quarter of 2011!

Black Crusade is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Disciples of the Dark Gods, working against the rule of the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man and in pursuit of personal glory.

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Comments (7)

Published: 5/19/2011 5:03:11 PM

GM screen looks epic

Night Lord
Published: 5/18/2011 6:58:15 PM

It says that BC will come "Summer '11"... it's that time isn't it?


Published: 5/18/2011 11:03:07 AM

 Yes!  Another armoured GM Screen of Unruly Player Smiting to add to my collection!  MUAHAHAHA!

Published: 5/18/2011 6:37:27 AM

Pretty pretty please make sure the tables are correct this time - Deathwatch's screen was lacking the changes made between RT and DW.

Published: 5/18/2011 3:42:27 AM

Meh... not exactly news that this was going to be coming out sometime alongside the core rulebook.

Published: 5/17/2011 7:12:41 PM

I'm glad to hear news about black crusade, but I would rather had informatons about the gameplay than this; But still, I must admit this product is awesome!

Published: 5/17/2011 6:12:42 PM

why hello there mmm that's a fine looking bit of art

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