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Death From Above 10
A Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game weekly spotlight
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 02 May 2011

When you consider the mountainous realm of the Dwarfs, it’s easy to see why they invented the ingeniously lightweight Gyrocopter. Capable of taking off and landing easily amid otherwise unreachable peaks, the Gyrocopter is a versatile tool that serves as both a scout and war machine. Supplies and messages can be dropped from a Gyrocopter directly onto a beleaguered Dwarf settlement, enabling them to hold out longer or send word for help. What’s more, the Gyrocopter is armed with a steam-powered gun capable of unleashing a hail of lead onto the heads of unsuspecting greenskins.

Welcome back to the Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game weekly spotlight! With The Twin Tailed Comet streaking across tabletops, it’s time to turn our attention to the stars. Signs in the Stars is the fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle, and it’s headed your way later this month. So far, we’ve seen the corrupting power of the Masque of Slaanesh. Today, let’s take a look at a versatile Dwarf war machine: the ingenious Gyrocopter.

A Versatile War Machine

This two-cost attachment allows a unit to attack from any zone, letting high-powered Dwarf units have their cake and eat it too. A hero like Gurni Thorgrimson can now lend his power to your Kingdom or Quest zone, but still remain available to bolster the front line (and in Gurni’s case, attaching the Gyrocopter will make him even more powerful).

For that matter (when it comes to attacking), the Gyrocopter provides a handy work-around for the “Limit one Hero per zone” rule, since you can have one Hero attack from the battlefield and another from either remaining zone. What are some other applications for the Gyrocopter? Share your comments below!

Morrslieb’s strange effect has brought destruction to the Old World, but perhaps there’s relief in the night sky’s other omens. Look for Signs in the Stars at your local retailer later this month, and keep checking back for more on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (10)

Published: 6/1/2011 1:29:41 PM

This is not the card dwarf need!

Published: 5/5/2011 10:44:07 PM

 Another great card....for the Dwarves...

Published: 5/4/2011 9:32:39 PM

I really like the artwork on this one.

Published: 5/4/2011 9:26:49 AM

Awesome. Now my Dragonslayer can attack from the quest zone ... wait. 

Published: 5/3/2011 5:12:11 PM

I love cards that seem to revel in breaking "The Golden Rule." 

Published: 5/3/2011 10:33:08 AM

Feels more Empire themed card than Dwarf...

Published: 5/3/2011 7:57:18 AM

You know, I have not really mastered deck building in ths game. I am at best a casual player purchaser..whatever. Its fun to play while waiting for bud to gather and play big games. Based on that, it seems to me that Dwarf decks just stomp everyone all the time. This card looks great and would add to that "Theme". For sho!



Published: 5/3/2011 4:01:03 AM

Thematically I still cant believe the dwarfs have a helicopter, but oh well I like weird stuff^^ But its an awesome card for the dwarfs. Luckily it is only usable for dwarf units. I guess its best for putting on the dwarf heroes Gurni and Kazador. Perhaps a nice combo in a josef bugman deck, with josef allready in play, then play Gurni Thorgrimson and search deck for gyrocopter.

Thanks FFG for these cards of the week spotlights, keep them up please

Published: 5/3/2011 1:56:34 AM

 dude, are you kiddin? even if the dwarf would get a tactic "1DD - You win the Game" they got so much nerfed that i'm more then sure they gonna lose the same xD

Published: 5/3/2011 1:00:08 AM

that card is pretty damned cool, thematic. but blergh, i am sick of MORE good dwarf cards coming out among battlepacks filled with junk for other factions.

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