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Westeros Awaits its Champion 4
Enter the Battles of Westeros Painting Contest by April 26th!
Battles of Westeros | Published 18 April 2011

...within the great round room called the Chamber of the Painted Table, they found Stannis Baratheon standing behind the artifact that gave the hall its name, a massive slab of wood carved and painted in the shape of Westeros as it had been in the time of Aegon the Conqueror. An iron brazier stood beside the king, its coals glowing a ruddy orange. Four tall pointed windows looked out to north, south, east, and west. Beyond was the night and the starry sky.
      - George R.R. Martin, a Storm of Swords

Don’t forget! You have only one more week to submit your entry for the Battles of Westeros miniatures painting contest. Here are the details:

  • This contest is open to all participants worldwide.
  • Paint at least one unit of your choice; it must include one commander.
  • Submit separate photographs of each figure, plus a photograph of the entire unit together. Depending on the unit you choose, your submission should consist of four to five photographs total.
  • Submit your entry by April 26th. Send it to with the subject line “Battles of Westeros Painting Contest.”
  • Agree to our submission terms by including the following disclaimer in your email, verbatim:

"I certify that I am the creator of the attached material and that attached material is original, unpublished work. Fantasy Flight Games and its licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works, and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fantasy Flight Games against all claims, suits, costs, damages, and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material." 

A Worthy Prize

Our panel of judges will select a winner based on neatness, faithfulness to the novels, and general aesthetic. We’ll announce a winner on May 3rd, and that lucky fan will receive one copy of every Battles of Westeros release to date, including the upcoming Tribes of the Vale expansion.

Show off your painting skills to the world and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Send photos of your entry to today!

Set in the rich and vibrant world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Battles of Westeros is a board game of tactical battlefield combat for two players. With scenarios that include beloved characters and settings, players can recreate the most significant battles from The War of the Five Kings.

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Comments (4)

Published: 5/3/2011 4:00:09 PM

 Are you announcing the winner today?

Published: 4/20/2011 8:41:25 PM

Just saw this and I was thinking of picking up the base set to give it a go.  This may push me to do it....about a week to paint 5 models isn't bad.

Published: 4/19/2011 3:34:51 AM

Damn... I'm afraid that my copy will not arrive on time to give me a chance to paint, take photos and sent them away... But best of luck to all participants :)

Published: 4/18/2011 9:27:21 PM

Cool contest. But those of us who would submit to paint...wouldn't we already have all the sets? I can't see a reason to have duplicate sets, unless to give it to friends?

Albeit, I haven't played the game much...can you use duplicate sets to do more epic battles? Maybe? I don't know.

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