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Embrace Chaos 95
Announcing Black Crusade, a Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game
Black Crusade | Published 25 February 2011

In its hubris, Mankind claims dominion over the galaxy. However, their realm is naught but a few flickering candles in a vast and hungry darkness.
      – A Treatise on the End of the Imperium, denounced and burned in 800.M41

It is the 41st millennium, a future in which the vast Imperium of Man stretches light-years across the galaxy. The wildly popular Warhammer 40,000 universe is one of constant strife; for untold billions, merely to be born is to be condemned to a lifetime of cruel suffering under an unforgiving and draconian regime. Only a select few in positions of power possess limited freedom: the Inquisitors who hunt heretics, the Rogue Traders who gather wealth, and the Deathwatch Space Marines who combat the alien threat. Science and technology offer little promise of relief; too much has been lost since the Dark Age of Technology, and all that is left goes to fuel the Imperium’s mighty war machine. It is a universe of grim darkness.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Black Crusade, the fourth standalone RPG in our popular Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line! This remarkable experience offers players a new perspective on the conflict between the Imperium of Man and the forces of Chaos by delivering the unprecedented opportunity to play as a Disciple of the Dark Gods, whether as a Chaos Space Marine or a human Servant of Chaos.

Submit to your new masters
The intoxicating lure of Chaos leads untold millions down the path of corruption, and the noblest of intentions offers little protection against its dark influence. A soldier’s bloodlust, a politician's ambition, a lover’s desire, and even a mother’s whispered prayer over her feverish child – they are all the playthings of the Dark Gods. Why resist? Wealth, power, and happiness await those who serve the Ruinous Powers, and the only price is your humanity.
Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch each portray loyalty to the Imperium from multiple perspectives. Throughout them all, however, one common factor is Chaos: the ubiquitous antagonist responsible for much of what defines this immersive setting. But with Black Crusade, players can examine this exciting universe through an entirely new lens. Who are the characters, and what set them on the path of corruption? Are they willingly in league with the enemies of humanity, or are they merely the deluded slaves of forces far beyond their comprehension?
With countless creative and engaging opportunities, Black Crusade delivers an exciting new roleplaying experience. The days of the Imperium of Man are coming to an end, and the corpse-god will soon fall. Head to the Black Crusade website to learn more, and this summer, prepare to embrace Chaos!

Black Crusade is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Disciples of the Dark Gods, working against the rule of the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man and in pursuit of personal glory.

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Comments (95)

Published: 3/1/2011 1:01:11 AM

 I don't quite appreciate those separates line on the same universe (Inquisitors - - traders - - elite troopers - - and now dark forces). It seems artificial and not really pragmatic, even if the games are compatibles. It's an no so elegant way to make you buy huge rulebooks again and again when you should only buy the new rules stuffs (ships, then infantery battle, then chaos powers...).

Published: 3/1/2011 12:47:51 AM

Yay!!!...  you can play a legit campaign fighting for Equality, Freedom, and Democracy  against the tyrannical and dictatorial Imperium... UP THE REPUBLIC!!!... all with the backing of the Alpha Legion hehe... or better yet the Soul Drinkers.

Published: 2/28/2011 3:22:52 PM

to be honest i don't have a set reason for not liking the cove, i just don't like it, you know, its not what i was hoping for, something like the 40k codex covers would have been nice or some more of the art we see with the nids in it , hell anything but what we got  lol nevermind, at least that was the only thing about all 3 lines i did not like :) technicaly i'm not even 1% unhappy :)

Published: 2/28/2011 3:00:27 PM

yes, i don't like the cover of the deathwatch core rule book, its the only cover of all the 40k rpgs i did not find stunning, to me and others as it happens) its a weak link.

as for your comment about me thinking the biblical stuff would suck etc,


you wrong.

:) x



Published: 2/28/2011 9:56:27 AM

@Liu Jen Hao

This might be interesting: the term isn't used purely as an alternative spelling of "Demon"...

Published: 2/28/2011 9:29:23 AM

I just heard about this today. I for one am looking forward to the game. Heretics of differing stripes to offer all sorts of roleplaying possibilities. That and the option of "KILL!MAIM!BURN!" style mini-campaigns. ;)

Published: 2/28/2011 8:49:16 AM

"and don't let the cover be as bad as deathwatch"

You can't possibly be serious. I'd like to know your criteria for a "good" cover. Do you not like the subject chosen for the cover or are you actually criticizing the skill of the artist?  I think the cover art is phenomenal. You must be very hard to please and would probably visit the Sistine Chapel and say "Why is there so much Biblical stuff? This sucks!"

" In my opinion it is a bad move and bad news...."

Apparently it's good news for about 60 out of 65 people so far on this thread, so I would say it's good news for FFG's sales and therefore a good business decision and investment.  I personally am looking forward to it. Fortunately those folks in the vocal minority who dislike the concept won't  be forced to buy the books, to read them, or even to look at the covers, and they can just walk away and spend their money elsewhere while allowing the majority to have their diabolical fun.

Liu Jen Hao
Published: 2/28/2011 6:59:21 AM

I have always wondered if Games Workshop decided to use the spelling of "Daemon" as opposed to good old fashioned "Demon" to dodge the bullet of media controversy, much like how TSR decided to use "Baatezu" and "Tanaari" in the 1980's - 1990's.

Heck, ironically, "Dungeons and Dragons" (under a different ownership, mind), thone one that started all this controversy, has now grown a pair, stood its ground and openly uses the terms "Demons" and "Devils" to denote their infernals. (snickers)

Published: 2/27/2011 7:48:56 PM

Going to be fun. I so want it dont think i can wait



hahahahahahaah  blood for the blood god skulls for the skull throne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published: 2/27/2011 5:50:28 PM

Also consider games like In Nomine, where you can play literally a Demon.

Or shows like Supernatural that have Demons making deals with humans, being hunted, etc.

Today is very different from the 80s or even the 90s. I remember in the 90s when I was still going to church I got an application for a bible college and it asked right on it if you have ever played Role playing games. I was like screw you and threw it out.

Published: 2/27/2011 3:59:13 PM

@Adeptus-B: When D&D caused all that silly controversy back in the 1980s rpgs were perhaps of greater media interest though. These days it's video games that cause controversy the way I see it, as they reach a much wider market. I doubt there will be any kind of hysterical over reaction; and FFG are going to be fairly careful about what they put in to the end product I bet. It's not going to be like Kult or anything; any talk about evil, demonic stuff and foul and depraved acts will be mostly suggested stuff I'd imagine.

Published: 2/27/2011 3:48:51 PM

I first started playing roleplaying games in the 1980s, and I well remember the hysteria and fear-mongering that the "news" media engaged in trying to demonize D&D- claiming that playing adventures where your characters try to rescue princesses will inevitably lead to devil worship and human sacrifies- it was pretty funny.

 -But now we have a new game where the player characters really are devil-worshippers who practice human sacrifices... Boy, I hope this game flies under the radar of the sensationalist news media! I don't think the resulting witch-hunt will be nearly as funny...

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