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Embrace Chaos 95
Announcing Black Crusade, a Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game
Black Crusade | Published 25 February 2011

In its hubris, Mankind claims dominion over the galaxy. However, their realm is naught but a few flickering candles in a vast and hungry darkness.
      – A Treatise on the End of the Imperium, denounced and burned in 800.M41

It is the 41st millennium, a future in which the vast Imperium of Man stretches light-years across the galaxy. The wildly popular Warhammer 40,000 universe is one of constant strife; for untold billions, merely to be born is to be condemned to a lifetime of cruel suffering under an unforgiving and draconian regime. Only a select few in positions of power possess limited freedom: the Inquisitors who hunt heretics, the Rogue Traders who gather wealth, and the Deathwatch Space Marines who combat the alien threat. Science and technology offer little promise of relief; too much has been lost since the Dark Age of Technology, and all that is left goes to fuel the Imperium’s mighty war machine. It is a universe of grim darkness.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Black Crusade, the fourth standalone RPG in our popular Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line! This remarkable experience offers players a new perspective on the conflict between the Imperium of Man and the forces of Chaos by delivering the unprecedented opportunity to play as a Disciple of the Dark Gods, whether as a Chaos Space Marine or a human Servant of Chaos.

Submit to your new masters
The intoxicating lure of Chaos leads untold millions down the path of corruption, and the noblest of intentions offers little protection against its dark influence. A soldier’s bloodlust, a politician's ambition, a lover’s desire, and even a mother’s whispered prayer over her feverish child – they are all the playthings of the Dark Gods. Why resist? Wealth, power, and happiness await those who serve the Ruinous Powers, and the only price is your humanity.
Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch each portray loyalty to the Imperium from multiple perspectives. Throughout them all, however, one common factor is Chaos: the ubiquitous antagonist responsible for much of what defines this immersive setting. But with Black Crusade, players can examine this exciting universe through an entirely new lens. Who are the characters, and what set them on the path of corruption? Are they willingly in league with the enemies of humanity, or are they merely the deluded slaves of forces far beyond their comprehension?
With countless creative and engaging opportunities, Black Crusade delivers an exciting new roleplaying experience. The days of the Imperium of Man are coming to an end, and the corpse-god will soon fall. Head to the Black Crusade website to learn more, and this summer, prepare to embrace Chaos!

Black Crusade is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Disciples of the Dark Gods, working against the rule of the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man and in pursuit of personal glory.

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Comments (95)

Published: 3/29/2011 7:25:42 AM

I like the fact that each game has it's own rulebook.  I don't mind buying all of them, because I love them, and if I decide to run a game, I know which book to tell the group to get.  No need to give them a shopping list.  This makes Papa Nurgle very happy!

Published: 3/7/2011 8:02:32 PM

When will they release an Eldar based RPG! Don't know about you all, but i want to play a Warp spider Exarch!

Published: 3/3/2011 2:53:15 PM

Captainsubatai. I believe what most of us are trying to say, is we would rather have 1 chaos sourcebook that supports all three systems. It would simply have to have entries that detail how it works with the different settings, which wouldnt take up so much space as you wouldnt me repeating 100+ pages of rules, gear and so forth.

Still, very interested in seeing how it turns out.

Oh, and FFG, stop telling us these things so far in advance. Tell me a few weeks before it is out.

Published: 3/3/2011 10:45:52 AM

I really like the idea of adding Chaos to the mix of choices of what to play.
I actually agree that FFG should have taken a different approach at the start and had a Generic WH40K core rule book and a DH Source book combination, which would then have meant that each line could concentrate of source books and not worry about retreading the corebooks. This would definately have made cross compatability much easier.
Its too late to do that now though. (And too early to think about a 2nd ed where they might do that.)

The suggestion that this approach would have meant less money for FFG is nonesense. You would still get all the same source books for each product line. In fact I personally would be more inclined (Having only bothered with DH so far) to buy into the other product lines if it wasn't a case of buying a massive core rule book retread for each line.
Anyhow, despite only having bothered with DH so far, I am very tempted by BC, and look forward to early reviews.

Horus Lupercal
Published: 3/3/2011 9:38:41 AM

"Death to the false Emperor!!!"

Very interesting!!

Published: 3/2/2011 12:53:08 PM

i am ready to embrace chaos, have been for years! going to give that chaos a huge man hug! oh yeah!

Published: 3/2/2011 9:36:38 AM

I am very much looking forward to this, and can't wait to get my hands on a brand new Chaos-oriented corebook rather then 3 separate supplements for the other systems, which would cost a lot more and involve more copypaste. And as for the nonsense of having a single core system book and then DH/RT/DW/BC being add on splats for that, whilst it may appeal to ideological puritans of game design, I'll be damned if I'm buying a second edition of any of these games this early...

Alpharius Omegon
Published: 3/1/2011 10:47:40 PM

Since the rules are pretty much universal anyway, it's not so much a new core rulebook as a stand alone rules supplement.  If someone wants to play an all-Chaos campaign, this book will allow them to without having to buy DH or RT or DW. 

And if someone wants to incorporate Chaos into their existing campaigns, this book will allow them to.

In my opinion it is a win-win situation.  It gives the players the ultimate in flexibility while allowing the designers to concentrate on one facet of the WH40K universe.

Published: 3/1/2011 8:11:02 PM

I like the concepts of this idea, but im not looking forward to buying a whole new core book! when I pretty much own 3. for the core engine of the game are all similar across this really incredible rpg, I think this idea stems from The Radical's Handbook, I rather just get some more material along them lines not a whole new line that i am going to buy, because i could just forecast them stemming off of the Xeno flav in that book into another line solely based on that cool idea. i think personally in DH a lot of fluff repeated across a few books, am i the only one who thinks so?
In my own personal fandom I was totally holding my dice back that ffg & GW would do A Necromunda line, Even tho you can do it now easily with what is all avail now and just some smooth GMing, but like to have it fully flesh out and ample fluff would keep my dice rolling!

Published: 3/1/2011 1:06:57 PM

 +1 to the belief that further standalone 40k RPGs is a mistake. Give us universal supplements. I want "chaos" options for Dark Heresy + Ascensions, Rogue Trader AND Deathwatch... but i don't want more power creep and tweaked rules and abitrary changes.

Published: 3/1/2011 5:01:39 AM


True but I suspect the spelling has more to do with it "being awesome" than any kind of literary reference to Greek mythology. Like spelling Magic with a "K" or witch with a "Y", different for its own sake.

Crazy Aido
Published: 3/1/2011 2:47:18 AM

Cancel everything I'm doing for the rest of my life.

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