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Heed the Signs 10
Announcing Signs in the Stars, an upcoming Warhammer: Invasion Battle Pack
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 16 February 2011

With the discovery of each new body, Kayl’s anger grew. His hand clenched upon the wood of his longbow until his fingers grew numb, and he could feel his jaw tightening with rage. These monsters had dared invade his home, had hunted and slaughtered his kin. Just then, a bubbling groan rang out from somewhere deeper within the woods, and Kayl’s head snapped towards it. With a snarl, the Waywatcher instantly loped towards the source of the sound, his fingers instinctually reaching for the fletchings of his arrows and fitting one to the string of his bow.
      - From “Signs in the Stars,” the included short story by Ross Watson

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Signs in the Stars, the fourth Battle Pack in The Morrslieb Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game! When the foul taint of Chaos disrupts the tranquility of Athel Loren, a lone Waywatcher may be the Wood Elves’ last hope of defending their homeland against total destruction.

An Ominous Portent

Signs in the Stars adds a host of new deck-building options to your Warhammer: Invasion experience. This 60 card pack contains 20 different never-before-seen cards designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Warhammer: Invasion metagame.

The High Elves’ Bladelord dominates the battlefield with his mastery of the Path of the Autumn Wind, while the Dark Elves’ Enraged Manticore lays waste to everything it sees. Meanwhile, the Empire hero Luthor Huss charges into battle, and the Dwarfs observe the battle from the safety of their Gyrocopter!

And in the included short story by Ross Watson, a Wood Elf Waywatcher surveys the scene of a mysterious but bloody skirmish, unaware that the threat is far from gone...

Look for Signs in the Stars on store shelves this spring, and keep checking back for more on Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (10)

Published: 2/18/2011 2:02:07 PM

I don't care too much for the newly revealed card but am more looking forward to the Wood Elves cards. They are my army in WHFB and I am glad they finally found there way into Invasion. Already seen the artwork on a Treekin and now a Spellsinger. Can't wait to see the rest and the ability of a Waywatcher (character) as they are my number 1 fluffy unit.


I was actually almost quiting the game but I will surely collect them again as of the next battlepack-series.

Published: 2/17/2011 3:49:14 PM

Kind of a betterish bule? He's kinda cheap, but being a hero really nerfs his potential in my eyes. Although I get the feeling FFG doesn't want multiple recurring corrupt effects comming out early game.

Published: 2/17/2011 7:44:49 AM

 Awesome card! caos is getting really strong this cycle.


Do you know when is it going to be released? They said in the middle of winter, and we're in the middle of winter

Published: 2/16/2011 2:09:49 PM

@ Virgo - that was a joke. ;) I know that Masque Of Slaanesh is a master deamonettes that dances to favour Slaanesh.

Published: 2/16/2011 1:26:55 PM

Ha ha ha! Hey! I just corrupted all your best defenders!

Yeah? Well I just corrupted all your best attackers. You know, the ones that get bonuses for my stuff being corrupted. And while we're at it, I'll just sacrifice dwarfs and kill you with RTF. Or I'll bounce these empire units and play them all next turn with resources to spare. Or I'll just HE bounce everything. But at least you corrupted 1-3 of my units.

Chaos doesn't  get any stronger with this, but Chaos/Skaven might be ok.

Published: 2/16/2011 1:10:13 PM

No, ale daemonettes are female :P

Published: 2/16/2011 12:22:07 PM

@Virgo - This is Slaanesh You can never be sure. ;p

Published: 2/16/2011 12:11:55 PM

The Masque of Slaanesh is actually she...

Awful artwork.

Published: 2/16/2011 11:41:37 AM

Oh by the way other unit are looking interesting to: High Elves’ Bladelord, Dark Elves’ Enraged Manticore, Empire Luthor Huss,Dwarfs Gyrocopter! I wonder what other great card will those new battlepack bring. :)

Published: 2/16/2011 11:32:27 AM

Masque Of Slaanesh - what a Hero! now, this one could be big. And the best thing is he's cheap, you can play him in second round. Yes, can't wait now for a pre-order of this one. Thanks FFG!

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