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The Seedy Underbelly
A Faction Guide For Android
Android | Published 19 November 2008

The city is built on a web of corruption and lies. Murders happen every day, but this one. Man this one is something special. No one saw it coming, no one was able to stop it. I planned this for years, and I made sure I took my time. Once I had him there, the screams were better than Beethoven. I dragged it out, enjoyed it so much I almost went too far too fast. Then it was done, and I was gone. I had it all figured out. How did you find me? There were no traces, not even a freakin' hair! How did you find me? Answer me!

-Taken from the NAPD report filed by Agent Nisei

Android puts players in the role of detective in a futuristic world, a world dominated by rival factions. The Jinteki Corporation seeks to place their clone models in as many different areas of society as possible. Their slogan, When you need the human touch, has rallied many to their side. Their counter-parts are Haas-Bioroid. While Jinteki focused on the organic, Haas-Bioroid looked to the cybernetic. Their bioroids are the finest example of the fusion of metal and flesh. Together these companies produce androids, artificial humans, at a rapid rate, and both are looking for new markets.

As the Androids fill the labor and different blue collar jobs, many a person has been put out of a job. The anger at losing their jobs to something less than human has fueled the creation of Human First. Human First seeks to end the android production and doesn't care at what cost. They are known for getting a group together, armed with sledgehammers, and roaming the city looking for "golems," the insult of choice.

Standing between these three factions are the beleaguered forces of the New Angeles Police Department. The men, women, and androids of this organization do their best to prevent crime, but with so many different players in this game, many agents on the force have found ways to supplement their income. Small crimes overlooked have a way of lining someone's pockets, and no one is above a little spending cash now and again. The androids on the payroll are a new addition. Jinteki has provided their first psychic clone, Caprice Nisei, as their potential contribution if they can land the very lucrative NAPD deal. From Haas-Bioroid comes Floyd. Floyd is an artificial construct, immensely strong and able to move quicker and process things quicker than a normal human. Both Jinteki and Haas-Bioroid are fighting to get the contract, and Human First is determined not to let the golems into the force. So goes a day in the life of New Angeles.

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