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Unspeakable Horrors Invade Your Pocket 81
The Arkham Horror Toolkit is now available on the iTunes App Store
Arkham Horror Toolkit | Published 14 January 2011

Pete stumbled back from the bank of the river, falling into a pile of soft leaves, and Duke yipped ferociously at the menacing form emerging from the river. Clutching at the ground in a panic, Pete searched desperately in the darkness for something to throw or swing... anything with which to defend himself.

Arkham’s unlikely heroes have a new weapon in the ongoing fight to keep their streets safe. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the Arkham Horror Toolkit, a convenient digital accessory for the popular Arkham Horror board game, is now available on the iTunes App Store!

A Range of Functions

The Arkham Horror Toolkit is a full suite of tools designed to augment and enhance your Arkham Horror experience. Whether you use the Investigator tool, Dice Roller, Location Deck, Map Display, or all of the above, the Arkham Horror Toolkit will take care of the bookkeeping for you. This wide range of time-saving functions will let you concentrate on what’s most important: ridding Arkham of the dark forces that seek to overtake it.

With the Investigators tool, all the information pertinent to your character is at your fingertips. Choose from any of the base game characters (or those from any expansions you’ve added), or let the Arkham Horror Toolkit select one randomly for you. Then, you can monitor and adjust important stats like Sanity, Health, Money, Clue Tokens, or any of your Skills. You can also quickly access your character’s starting location, possessions, and backstory!

The Dice Roller lets you roll up to fifteen dice at a time, and will clearly display your successes at the top of the screen. It can even be adjusted for when you’re Blessed or Cursed, and you can spend clue tokens (the App remembers how many you’ve earned) to roll additional dice!

The Location Deck tool is perhaps the most time-saving feature of the Arkham Horror Toolkit, as it will conveniently randomize and reveal Location and Gate cards for all of Arkham’s many locales (or for those of any expansions you’ve downloaded). Simply choose your location from the alphabetized list (or change the list to limit it to Other World locations of those of specific expansions), then keep your fingers crossed as the Arkham Horror Toolkit chooses a random result. Including its many expansions, Arkham Horror features hundreds of unique location cards... but with the Arkham Horror Toolkit, you’ll spend less time shuffling, and more time playing!

Finally, the Map function brings the streets of Arkham right to your screen. Use the map as a convenient reference (and add other cities by downloading expansion content), or zoom in to a location and double tap to draw a random Location card!

With the Arkham Horror Toolkit, your struggle against ancient and unspeakable evil is more convenient than ever before. Visit our Arkham Horror Toolkit website for more details, then download your copy at the iTunes App Store today!

The Arkham Horror Toolkit is a full suite of tools designed to augment and enhance your Arkham Horror experience. Whether you use the Dice Roller, Investigator tool, Location Deck, Map Display, or all of the above, the Arkham Horror Toolkit will take care of the bookkeeping for you. This wide range of time-saving functions will let you concentrate on what’s most important: ridding Arkham of the dark forces that seek to overtake it.

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The Spaniard
Published: 1/17/2011 11:33:12 AM
FFG Staff


Some of the more hostile comments have been deleted from this thread. Please keep the rhetoric down. As with all technology ecosystems, purchasing a device does not entitle you to all software created, nor does it mean the the software creator is seeking to punish or insult by not publishing for a specific device.

There are four primary reasons why FFG develops primarily for iOS.

1) Market share
While the smartphone marketplace is about even, the overall iOS marketshare (when adding all the other iOS devices to the mix) is still overwhelmingly in favor of the iOS (remember to add iPad and iPod to this as well, and hopefully the Apple TV soon). Further, iOS development is a very easy port to OSX, which itself recently launched a elegant app store.

2) Cost
Developing an app such as the AH toolkit is very expensive, especially as it is done for a very small market (i.e. that of the Arkham Horror players). Converting to Android is not simple or inexpensive.  The accepted (or "normal") smartphone market pricing is very low (too low, in fact, in my opinion) making it very hard to viably create quality applications for niche markets. This current pricing reality does not provide the necessary incentive to take the risk to develop for many platforms at initial launch (if the product is proven successful, then this becomes more palatable).

3) Fractioned market
Due to the many different devices and OS versions of Android, it is more complex (and therefore expensive) to develop for the Android, especially as we want to make sure we provide an excellent user-experience. In fact, even while smartphone marketshare is current roughly tied between iOS and Android platforms, the severe range in capacity and the quality of devices in the Android market, makes any one "capability sphere" of Android devices significantly smaller than iOS. 

4) Maturity, dev, and business tools.
The Cocoa development environment, the iTunes business reporting and management tool, application security, the iOS business environment itself, etc, are more mature at this moment than the similar aspects for the younger, and fractured, Android. 

The above reasons are not unique to FFG and the AH Toolkit, of course, and you'll see similar opinion and informations in other discussions with mobile-device developers all over the internet (there are some users who kindly provided insight to this in the thread).

So, for these reasons, iOS is FFG's current launch environment of choice, and will likely be so in the near future. It's very possible that Android will catch up and eliminate the iOS advantages outlined above at which point we'll revisit our launch strategy for those good reasons. 

The good news: The above is not to say that we won't release the AH Toolkit for Android. We are currently studying this option carefully. The early response and sales of the iOS version are very encouraging (we only have a weekend to go on). The more successful the iOS version, the greater the chance that we'll port to Android. So if you're an interested Android user, help FFG encourage iOS users to use the AH toolkit in the AH sessions.

While this does not help Android users to an immediate helping of the AH Toolkit, I hope it does provide a sensible background to the reality that FFG is facing in software development.

Thanks for your understanding and in keeping the posts civil and respectful of all opinions (and software platforms).


Published: 1/17/2011 11:01:53 AM

Why was my previous comment removed? Am I not allowed to protest FFG ignoring non-apple users?

Aaron Foss
Published: 1/17/2011 10:37:32 AM

Well how about that. I asked about something exactly like this at the Arkham Nights event, and here it is. I guess I was either on the right track with something that was already in the works, or I helped put the idea in the right peoples' heads.

I really hope that someone gets on top of making an Android version, since that's my smartphone platform.

Published: 1/17/2011 9:02:32 AM

"Monsters in your Pocket"?





Gotta catch 'em all (humans)!!


Published: 1/17/2011 8:18:50 AM

Another vote for an Android version please...  how about actually posting a poll for this to resolve the debate about market share?

And to those who accuse others of 'whining' try and see things from other peoples perspective.  This is simply non-news for the rest of us who aren't iProduct users...


Published: 1/17/2011 6:31:26 AM

Thanks FFG!  This is a fantastic addition to my iPhone.  A very happy purchase! 

Published: 1/17/2011 2:32:07 AM

Apologies FFG, if I go to buy the in-app extras again from my iPhone, it knows that I've already bought them. Problem solved! :)

Published: 1/17/2011 2:24:20 AM

Yay, another Android/iPhone flamewar in the making!

I'd be interested to learn more about the app:

1) What does it actually do? I.e. what parts of the boardgame are no longer needed if I use this app?

2) What's the cost of the expansion materials?


Published: 1/17/2011 2:05:13 AM

More suggestions...

+ the ability to increase/decrease an investigator's Maximum Sanity/Stamina

+ for the dice roller, have little buttons on the side for 1, 2, 3, 4 so you can just press those to add that many dice at once... it would be a pain as it is to be rolling 10+ dice for combat and have to add them one at a time

Published: 1/17/2011 1:42:20 AM

Even deleting my iPhone & Mac copies and reloading both from the iPad copy doesn't fix this problem. Appears I have to buy the in-app extras twice to get them on my iPhone and iPad, which I would definitely like fixed please.

Published: 1/17/2011 1:03:59 AM

Bit of a technical problem:

Had this on my iPad and bought the in-app extras from there, and this won't upload to my computer and then sync with my iPhone. Please tell me I don't have to buy them all again for my iPhone...?


Published: 1/16/2011 11:27:34 PM

Wonderful stuff, and if ever a game needed an app like this it's Arkham Horror!

Some excellent ideas here for updates - please keep updating the apps in response to feedback folks, the WFRP dice roller app could do with some refinements as well.

Definitely need iPad versions. And on iPad versions, please add the ability to roll the dice with a finger tap as well as a 'shake'.

Also, I can immediately see it would be great to be able to zoom into a AH map location description with a single tap (and zoom out again with another).

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