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Call in the Elite 4
New expansions for Dust Tactics are now on sale
Dust Tactics | Published 31 December 2010

As the world’s superpowers clash over control of a rare and powerful new energy source, the world has been reduced to a smoking battlefield. Elite troops and massive combat robots meet in some of Earth’s most inhospitable environments and they fight to determine the fate of humanity. Now, as the war reaches its boiling point, new reinforcements arrive, bringing never-before-seen tactics. Which side will you choose?

Four new expansion boxes are now on sale for the Dust Tactics line! These expansions will be available in premium painted edition to expand the Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition, as well as primed and unpainted for the Dust Tactics Core Set. Offering even more options when building your Allied and Axis armies, these expansions will take your game to a new level. Pick up these exciting new squad boxes today from your local hobby games retailer or our webstore!

Dust Tactics painted unit expansions
The Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition is unprecedented in the industry. Every model is a reproduction of Dust Studio’s original, exceptional work. Each figure in the box has been painted to the same level of quality you’ll find pictured on the unit cards, throughout the scenario guide, and in the rulebook.These premium miniature expansions expand this great product, adding color and personality to your games of Dust Tactics.

For the Allies, speed and versatility mean staying one step ahead of the enemy. With the Recon Boys and Gunners expansions, you can outfit your squads with the ability to adapt to nearly any threat.

Recon Boys excel at their primary task of scouting ahead. Send them in before your main force to find cover or control a strategic location. Recon Boys carry a Victory machine gun that can cut through enemy troops, but with no anti-tank armaments, beware leaving them alone against armored units.

The Gunners are the most versatile unit the Allied forces have at their disposal, equipped with long-range rifles, Underbarrel Grenade Launchers (UGLs), and a Bazooka.

Meanwhile, the Axis’ Grenadiers stand ready to reduce enemy armored units to piles of twisted metal. Their Battle Grenadiers and Recon Grenadiers pack a punch against the toughest foes.

Recon Grenadiers are the primary scouts for the Axis forces. Equipped with a machine gun that can mow down whole infantry units, they specialize in softening up the enemy and paving the way for Special Forces to follow. And, should any tanks cross their path, they bring a few Panzerfausts along just in case.

Battle Grenadiers are comprised of well-equipped veterans armed with a Panzerschreck, Panzerfausts, and rapid-fire assault rifles. With the ability to threaten both armor and infantry, the Battle Grenadiers are a force to be reckoned with!

Dust Tactics unpainted unit expansions
These primed, unpainted expansions feature the same exciting options as the ones offered for the Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition. Each of the Battle Grenadiers, Recon Grenadiers, Gunners, and Recon Boys expansions come in primed and unpainted versions. However, there are a few additions to these unpainted expansions that offer even more versatility.

The Gunners squad box includes an additional Bazooka figure and the Bot Hunters unit card, allowing you to convert The Gunners unit into a squad especially fitted to bring down the most well-armored of tanks and vehicles.

Similarly, the Battle Grenadiers feature an additional Panzerschreck figure and the Tank Killers unit card, allowing you to convert your Battle Grenadiers unit into an elite anti-armor squad.

With tons of new choices for your army configurations, now is the best time explore the exciting world of Dust Tactics!

Be sure that your armies have the support they need! Pick any of these exciting new expansions today from your local retailer or our webstore!

A special note: The Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition and all premium painted expansions are Fantasy Flight Collector specialty products that are produced in small batch quantities which, along with various other production factors and costs, means we are unable to offer this line of figures through regular distribution and retail channels. Retailers wishing to carry these figures should contact our sales department for more information.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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Comments (4)

Published: 3/8/2011 7:34:59 PM

Saw the game at Origins last year- only had a display copy- tried to buy it anyway.  Got 2 copies at gencon- love the minis and the REAL simple rules.  The unit cards are what really make it easy . No big bookkeeping problems.


Published: 1/1/2011 11:58:54 PM

 Just got the base game and I must say, I am really impressed with the models and the game so far...


Published: 12/31/2010 7:11:12 PM

Saw them in store, bought all four.  Now i need to buy the painted ones.

Published: 12/31/2010 5:11:15 PM

 Saw them in store, gave them a pass.

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