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A Warhammer: Invasion card of the week
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 07 December 2010

Welcome back to the Warhammer: Invasion card of the week spotlight! Bleeding Sun, the final expansion pack in The Enemy Cycle, will be on tabletops in just one week. We’ve already seen the vile Chaos combo of Beast of Rot and Necrotic Spasms, as well as the Empire unit Warriors of Ulric. Today, let’s look at the Orcs, with their uncanny ability to turn even the most useless piece of junk into a weapon of deadly power.

The release of Bleeding Sun is exciting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the knowledge that the next series, The Morrslieb Cycle, is now set to begin soon. When we first announced The Morrslieb Cycle, we presented an interview with developer James Hata in which he discussed some of his design goals. Among these was an increased focus on developments across all factions. Why wait? Today’s card, though coming at the end of The Enemy Cycle, gives an early taste of the development-centered strategies coming your way in future packs.

One Orc’s Scrap is a two-cost Orc support card that, when placed in the kingdom zone, lets a player sacrifice a development to draw a card. This handy effect may quickly get you the cards you need to launch that final devastating attack, and in the meantime, you can combine it with Treasure Vaults to get some additional power. If you find yourself light on resources and cards, play Innovation followed immediately by the action on One Orc’s Scrap (several times, if needed). You’ll suddenly grab the units you need to smash your enemy, as well as the gold to afford them!

Look for Bleeding Sun on store shelves next week, then keep checking back; we’ll soon be featuring a special decklist by James Hata, including cards from throughout The Enemy Cycle!

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (15)

Published: 12/11/2010 9:52:59 AM

Am I the only one who thinks this card and treasure vaults are one of the worst combos ever?

Published: 12/9/2010 2:26:40 AM

I agre that this can be a very good card. You can always use develompents from a burning zone and gain new cards to Your hand. This even can be a very good support for every Destruction deck.

Published: 12/8/2010 1:18:15 PM

Not quite weaker just different. Remember that disorder doesn't have the same needs as an order player does. While it's just dandy for them to put down a developement and draw a card that way for each tunnels they own it's better for us to control exactly how many cards we wish to draw and especially when we draw them.  So I'm thinking a certain chaos tactic which requires all players to discard their hand and draw three new ones to be very nice with this.  Right now disorder is gaining ground very quickly.  I see this card as just anouther flavor of control style for disorder.

Published: 12/8/2010 7:37:13 AM

 This is Chaos' best support card BY FAR!!

Published: 12/8/2010 12:02:03 AM

I really like it. Finally a 2 cost 1 loyalty building that can be played easily in a DE control deck for Pillage. Dwarf Slaves really push it and the good thing is that you can play the Scrap just when you need the cards. Maybe the Verena matchup will get better for orcs because you can get cards even if your opponent moved all your developments into a useless or burning zone.

As mentioned necromancy tactics become more easy to setup. I already played orc undead deck versions where you get your big guys into discard pile with Stunty Smasha, Great Cave Squig, Muck, Grimgor or Gobbo Loot if you have to. One Orc's Srap will be a very effective addition for this.

Published: 12/7/2010 9:20:36 PM

This is a great card. Destruction will be very happy to use this. I agree, you can use it to just draw an extra card every turn if you don't care about developments. Many times, you are tossing a card you simply can't afford, or better yet, a card with necromancy that you will get to use later anyway. Second, you can save up developments in the early game for a big draw later in the game. Several cards at a time in one round if you run into a draw drought. Third, this can turn the 'useless' developments that are chilling in a burning zone into something useful. I will gladly pay the one loyalty to throw this into my Chaos deck. It will be good. Oh, and sacrificing all the developments to draw a card every time your opponent wants to destroy one of your developments. 

Published: 12/7/2010 6:47:48 PM

It's actually a pretty decent rush support.

Published: 12/7/2010 1:45:27 PM

There are not really many situations where saving a development is useful. If I only (not about cards, only this possible part of the situation) have dead cards in hand, there is no reason to save the development for later because I will get the same cards.
It can make sense when:
You get resources from devs, unlikly for Orc.
You play against DE-Scout.

Published: 12/7/2010 1:43:18 PM

Not better than tunnels that I can see.  Tunnels you get both the development AND the card.

In tunnels you get multiple triggers off playing one development - do you here?  It wouldn't seem like it (but I am not a rules lawyer) which would make it worse as well.

Rising Dragon
Published: 12/7/2010 12:59:54 PM

Its a lot more versatile than tunnels as you can choose to draw your extra cards one at time or several at once. The one big advantage it has over tunnels it that you start putting developments down before you have One Orc's Scrap and then get bunch extra cards once it does come out, so its not necessary to have this card in starting hand to have maxium effectiveness.

Published: 12/7/2010 11:58:39 AM

Hmm, interesting card. Looks like this is a little taste of what will be coming in the next cycle and what new strategies are coming with it. Can't wait for more. I hope that next week I will see it at my store!

Published: 12/7/2010 11:35:35 AM

Cool - was just grumbling about a lack of truly good Support cards for Orcs these days.  :)

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