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Awakening the Forces of Nature 10
A Look at Primal Gods in Mists of Zanaga
Runebound | Published 18 May 2010

In Zanaga, people are afraid of the dark. This is the fear of Var Ni the Nightlord, the bat-god of darkness, the night, and terror. From the littlest mouse that quivers in its burrow to the mightiest thundertusk that flees from the storm, every wild thing knows fear because it knows that Var Ni is just behind it, hiding in the deepest shadows.

If Var Ni the Nightlord wakes, darkness will blanket all of Zanaga and the terrible predators of the night will reign supreme. Hope and love will fade as quickly as a candle in an endless night, and nothing will remain but the strange and unsettling call of the nocturnal creatures of the jungle.
-an excerpt from the gathered parchment entitled “Primal God Lore”

The primal gods are the legendary creators of Zanaga, each embodying a different aspect of the land itself. There is Hamzah the Pridelord, god of nature and youth, and Set the Deceiver, god of mystery and deceit. All the gods are protective of their domain and wrathful toward both civilization and corruption, which pervert the natural order.

In our last preview of Mists of Zanaga we looked at Rituals, which are used to awaken the primal gods. Once one of these mighty beings wakes they will abolish the corrosive presence of Tarakhe (unless they happen to awake Tarakhe himself...). However, the awoken primal god will not rest easy after purging Zanaga of corruption. They will reduce the land to the savage paradise they envision their land to be.

There are ten different primal gods in Mists of Zanaga, each with their own effects, omens, and flavor. Today we’ll look at the deadly lizard-god, Moakileki the Destroyer!

It is said that Moakileki’s descent into chaos is what brought about the demise of the once mighty lizardmen empire. He is now known as Moakileki the Destoryer - the force of nature that erodes and destroys all permanent things.

Moakileki will awaken if one moon ritual and two skull rituals are completed. When a primal god is stirred from its slumber, the primal god card will be flipped over to its Omen side.

For the remainder of the game, while the primal god’s Omen side is faceup, completed rituals will trigger Omen effects in addition the effects of the ritual itself. For example, if Moakileki has been awoken and his Omen side is faceup, whenever a moon ritual is completed the active hero must place a doom counter on Moakileki’s card. Even worse, if a skull ritual is completed 2 doom counters are placed on his card, and in addition, 2 ritual tokens are drawn at random and placed on ritual cards in play. This increases the chance of more rituals being completed!

If Moakileki is left unchecked, he will eventually lay waste to all of Zanaga, including any daring adventurers roaming the wilderness. If Moakileki ever has 8 doom counters on his card, all the players instantly lose the game!

In order to save Zanaga the players must confront and defeat the awoken primal god. To do so, a player must end his turn in the Lost City space while the red ritual deck is the current ritual deck. When this happens, flip the primal god’s card over so that its Confrontation side is faceup and prepare for an epic battle!

Join us next time when we explore the lurking threat of roaming monsters!

Runebound is a fantasy adventure game for 2-6 players in which heroes race about the lands of Terrinoth in an attempt to prevent the resurrection of the evil Dragonlord, Margath. As they encounter the various creatures and traps about the countryside, they will gain new skills and may acquire an exciting array of allies, weapons, and armor to assist them.

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Comments (10)

Published: 5/21/2010 2:06:18 AM

The idea of Terrinoth RPG is not new, for some time now all Descent, Runebound and Runewars fans are asking for it so maybe we will see it.

Published: 5/19/2010 10:06:35 PM

I would love the idea of a Terrinoth RPG.  Of course it is typical high fantasy, but that doesn't make it bad.  It has a lot of variety and options, and I think would make for a very fun RPG.

I also like the Warhammer world a lot, though I do think try and claim that it is "original" while Terrinoth is "typical" is laughable.  Warhammer is a fun world, but it is also very stereotypical.  But do you know why there are sometimes "typical" worlds?  Because often those are the most fun to play in :). 

Published: 5/19/2010 3:20:07 PM


Terrinoth as rpg setting is maybe "run of the mill" but at least its possible to play totally different themes in different terrains and places. 1001 arabian nights Al Kalim? Icy realms of frost witches in Frozen Wastes? Exploration in Jungle of Zanaga? Every Terrinoth country has a super description and a different flair and you can play in it totally different adventures.

In contrast to this colourful Terrinoth background Warhammer is poor. Its main playing area is very small (size of Germany) and there is nearly no description for other areas if you dont have old OOP books from Black Industries. In 3rd edition there is not even a good description of the main area  - the Empire - included in the box.

You can only travel from Altdorf to well ...lets see ...ah...Stromdorf for our traditional "catch the cultist of the week" scenario. How exiting. :) You can play this and similar themes over and over again since 20 years because typical Warhammer scenarios do not offer much more.

Published: 5/19/2010 1:45:15 PM

To my mind the problem with the Midnight expansion was that it's rules were... bizarre to say the least. The game mechanics were just messed around with too much and I didn't really warm to the concept of one player being the bad guys and taking on the others. That idea works best with dungeon crawls like Decent in my opinion. I think that with Ruins of Zanaga you might have to cooperate a bit to stop these primal gods from making everyone lose; but at the same time there is still only going to be one winner. That makes it a partially cooperative game.

Published: 5/19/2010 2:12:54 AM


Perhaps I have misunderstood the several previews seen so far but... Is this expansion a "cooperative" game like the Midnight expansion? I don't hope so because the Midnight is not exactly my favourite expansion...

Published: 5/19/2010 2:05:41 AM

 This expansion looks like it's going to make the game play a lot more like Arkham Horror. Interesting.

Published: 5/18/2010 5:38:19 PM

Im really looking forward to get this game on the table and have a go!

Published: 5/18/2010 3:16:07 PM

Nonsense. It's just a run-of-the-mill fantasy setting and cannot be compared to Warhammer.

Published: 5/18/2010 2:31:24 PM


I agree with superklause. Terrinoth would make a much better world to roleplay in than warhammer. I would be very excited to see a terrinoth rpg

Published: 5/18/2010 10:45:51 AM

Very well. I really like Terrinoth as world. IMO its colourful background with its many facets its much better suited to roleplaying than the monocrome Warhammer background. Terrinoth cries for a roleplaying adaption. So dear FFG, when does this come?

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