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Announcing Deathwatch, a new RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe!
Deathwatch | Published 26 February 2010

"You will watch in the dark places where evil slumbers. You will hold back the night. You will bring justice and war to the malevolent Xenos. You will annihilate the alien and bring unto them the judgement of Mankind. You stand as the bulwark upon which the Imperium persists, from now until the end of time."

excerpt from the Deathwatch Apocryphon Oath

Greetings Initiate -

At long last, the time has come to walk a new path and fulfill your destiny. After years of successful, unfailing service in the name of your Chapter, your Primarch, and the Emperor - your exploits and successes have revealed you to be a most worthy candidate. Now that the oath has been spoken and the ritual painting of your power armour is complete, it is time to assume the mantle of service beyond the concerns of your single Chapter, and unlike any you have ever known.
Welcome to the Deathwatch!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of our latest roleplaying experience, a game set in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium!

This summer, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay will charge into the front lines with Deathwatch, an experience that centres around elite, special-missions style action involving some of the greatest heroes and deadliest opponents the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to offer.

Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which you and your friends take on the roles of the bio-engineered super-soldiers known as Space Marines, undertaking the most dangerous special missions in the universe. Join an elite warrior brotherhood and face hostile aliens and foul daemons in the Jericho Reach, a region of the Imperium devastated by war and on the brink of annihilation!

As a Deathwatch Space Marine you have been selected as an exceptional candidate from amongst the finest warriors alive. United in this newly forged brotherhood, all Deathwatch Space Marines must learn to put aside their differences and work together to succeed in the most extraordinary of missions — or face the threat of total annihilation when confronted by implacable alien foes.

During your missions for the Deathwatch, you and your fellow Space Marines will earn renown, advance in experience and prestige, and garner special wargear only entrusted to the the most honoured and trustworthy battle-brothers.

Head over to our description page to learn more, and this summer, prepare to charge to the front line!

Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which players take on the roles of the bio-engineered super-soldiers known as Space Marines. United with their battle-brothers, players will complete extraordinary missions involving some of the greatest heroes and deadliest opponents the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to offer.

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Comments (65)

Published: 2/28/2010 11:22:01 AM



The trilogy is complete!


It's like PARANOIA on steroids!!!

Gotta get sharp on those war litanies!

Captain Harlock
Published: 2/28/2010 11:07:59 AM

Hope it wont turn into a power gamer's wet dream...and that they get rogue trader some more intresting 'sandbox' kit supplements out rather than rushing deathwatch out to satisfy the killscore junkies.

Published: 2/28/2010 5:26:54 AM

My monie's still on the release being delayed (based on past form) until 2011, say March time.

Published: 2/28/2010 4:59:36 AM

May the Empereor bless the artists, the illustrations are magnificent!

Published: 2/27/2010 10:54:09 PM

 to lask: your probably right, looking at that example page is suspiciously similar to my copy of DH.

Published: 2/27/2010 5:11:20 PM


At last, Space Marines!!!!

Me want one me want one!!!

Hell even my girlfriend want's it!!!


Published: 2/27/2010 4:06:59 PM

lightofhand: Me too. I've been waiting for this ever since DH was first announced!

Published: 2/27/2010 3:46:42 PM

 Hmm, I just got DH and RT three days ago, and now the third major supplement is coming out soon.  This is amazing.  I can't wait to see how FFG does.  So far I am impressed with certain aspects of this game.  I can see how there are some problems from a technical stand point, but honestly all RPGs have problems of some kind or another.  Hopefully, I'll get my copy the first day and hopefully I'll have a stable group by then that are just as excited about Deathwatch.


Published: 2/27/2010 3:38:11 PM

Well I knew it was coming, just didn't realize it was so soon after rogue trader. It will likely be released at Gencon Indy, thats where they put out RT and that is august 2010 so probably the plan.

And oh god sorry redchapman but if this needs tokens and cards...i think its going to alienate the fans of DH/RT, it is likely going to be a similar system and probably built so that a space marine could be brought over to a HIGH rank DH or RT game or vice versa. As far as I could tell its all meant to be one system with increased scale and power level. DH was ground based with focus on investigation and people skills, RT added in space travel, DW will add much more tactics to combat and possibly official rules for large scale battles.

The benifit is that you can jump right to a game in the new 'book' without having to relearn a whole new system, and they system works great for me probably the best out of all the pnprpg's i've ever played/ran.


Published: 2/27/2010 12:07:14 PM

I shall probably get this for its value as a sourcebook for my Rogue Trader games, but FFG will have to pull something very special for this to compete with 3:16, which already does Space Marines so very well.

That's not to say FFG won't do it, but it's a big challenge. I'm looking forward to see what they come up with.

Published: 2/27/2010 12:03:41 PM

My dreams come true!!!!!

Published: 2/27/2010 11:01:08 AM

Wow, I never thought I'd see the day. It will be very interesting to see what they have done with this, very interesting indeed.

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