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Announcing the sixth Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 13 January 2010

Ancient sorceries and epic spells rock the battlefield as the battle between Order and Destruction reaches a fever pitch. Overwhelm your opponents with the devastating force of arcane fire!

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Arcane Fire! Offering all-new Epic Spells, expensive but awesomely powerful tactics that can lay waste to your adversaries, this Battle Pack will bring new levels of excitement to your Warhammer: Invasion game.

Arcane Fire is the sixth Battle Pack installment of The Corruption Cycle, the current expansion cycle for Warhammer: Invasion, a card game of intense warfare, clever kingdom management, and epic questing. This 40 card pack contains 20 different never-before-seen cards designed to augment existing decks and add variety to the Warhammer: Invasion metagame.

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (8)

Published: 1/23/2010 2:23:33 AM


You know, its I think its cool to have the card as an option, but really in compeditive play, I do not see it being used much,  As most dwarf decks are forge heavy, and always healing lightly damaged zones, oppenents tend to do all or nothing attacks on them.  A blitz orc deck for example would tool one zone before the dwarves even got going, and build up quickley for an unstoppable rush on the next.  Dwarf zone attacks are ussaly all or nothing affairs.  I could see it being used a bit more in an empire deck splashed with dwarves.


But then again, healing 4-5 points in a hurt zone may be all you need to survive.  Lets face it, rarely will this card being ripping off 6+ points of damage.

Published: 1/16/2010 3:39:08 AM

The Goblin Shaman art is amazing! I saw it first in WFRP 3ed in the GM book but it still is great.

Published: 1/14/2010 9:25:35 AM

wow that is a huge card!!!!

Published: 1/14/2010 8:28:16 AM

I normally do build up pretty good, especially against the dwarves..but yeah, that IS powerful!

Published: 1/13/2010 11:47:52 PM

Amazing . . . . another reason now to may run Banner Of Da Red Sunz . . . .

Published: 1/13/2010 7:40:51 PM

I hope I'll still have a Twin-Tail in my hand when you play this.

Published: 1/13/2010 5:06:22 PM

Certainly a great card for Dwarves as they are able to actually bring it into play. I'm hoping the other Epic Spells for the other races will be able to pay the cost in alternative methods. "Reduce resource cost by 1 for each card you discard" or "Sacrifice a unit to reduce the resource cost by X where X is the unit's remaining health."

Published: 1/13/2010 4:44:03 PM

 Holy crap.  That's...pretty crazy.  Certainly makes a case for building up your kingdom. 

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