Fantasy Flight Publishing is proud to present a novel by the accomplished and talented Jesper Ejsing. A well-established author of nine previous books in his native Denmark, Jesper Ejsing makes his English-language debut with Jarvis: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

"You really don’t look too good, Jarvis. Do you know that?” Adrian said softly. “You remind me of the crow we pushed out from the tower…or was it a rabbit? Now, if you think that I have been hurting you so far, then you have been sadly mistaken. The hurting has only begun, cuckoo, and it is only going to get worse—a lot worse.”

Adrian squeezed Jarvis’s neck just below the jaw with his normal hand, then pulled his iron fist back, ready to strike a terrible blow right into his victim’s face. Keld and Welengis held Jarvis steady while Adrian made ready to strike. Jarvis made a feeble attempt to pull his head out of Adrian’s grip but he had no strength left. There was nothing he could do; his mind was racing but he couldn’t remember one single spell. The pain and the dizziness made it impossible to think straight. His eyes rolled back into his head, and for one blessed moment he passed out.

Fantasy Flight Publishing’s first novel tells the gripping story of an orphan goat herder who, while realizing his remarkable untapped potential, unravels a dark and perilous web of mystery. Jarvis: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a novel by the talented artist and author Jesper Ejsing, transports young readers to a world of high fantasy in which a powerful sorcerer named Harnigel scours the cities and villages of Ledu in search of an apprentice. When Harnigel comes to the small village of Smidals and chooses Jarvis for training, the boy can hardly believe his luck! The entire village is astonished. What would such a boy know about magic? In truth, Jarvis knows nothing, but will quickly learn the secrets of the Elder Tongue, of the Ledian Runes, and of incantations and wizardry he thought belonged only to fairy tales. However, Jarvis’s own story is soon to take a dark, mysterious turn. Why are there so many apprentices in Harnigel’s keep? Who was the keep’s mistress, and why did she disappear? Why has an emissary arrived from the Red Council, and what is behind the dangerous test Harnigel is preparing for his most capable apprentices?

Jesper Ejsing is an accomplished freelance illustrator and author working primarily on fantasy and science fiction illustrations for games and novels. He has created all of the covers for the popular Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Runebound line of board game releases from Fantasy Flight Games, in addition to producing memorable illustrations for many other board and card games. Jesper, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife Lea and two sons Asbjørn (God of Bears) and Bjarke (Little Bear), has written nine books in Danish. Jarvis: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is his first novel translated into English.


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