Interested in learning to play Warhammer: Invasion?  We have prepared a wonderful video tutorial designed to help you defend your capital. The tutorial is split into five 2-4 minute segments. They can be watched sequentially to learn the card game in around 20 minutes, or individually if you want a refresher on a particular phase.

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1. Introduction

2. Capital Board

3. Cards

4. Setup

5. Example of Play



Subscription Form

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Rules and Resources

Rules (pdf, 2.9 MB)
Legends Expansion
rulesheet (pdf, 1.0 MB)
Cataclysm Expansion rulesheet (pdf, 7.1 MB)

FAQ and Errata (updated 10/18/13, pdf, 4.6 MB)
Note: In disputes, the Warhammer: Invasion FAQ supersedes the rules. This is a living document, and will be updated periodically.

Official Tournament Rules (updated 10/18/13, pdf 5 MB)
Keep score at your next tournament with this Tournament Sheet (pdf, 217 KB)

Alternate Play Formats (pdf, 1 MB)
Includes rules for King of the Hill and 3-on-3 Teams.


Warhammer: Invasion is a two-player game of intense warfare, clever kingdom management, and epic questing. Players can choose between Order - Dwarfs, Empire, and High Elves - and Destruction - Orcs, Chaos, and Dark Elves. Players will battle head-to-head to achieve dominance of the Old World.

The Core Set is the best way to start playing it contains capital boards, a number of tokens and four playable out of the box decks.

By buying Battle Packs, fixed card supplements that each introduce multiple copies of 20 distinct cards, players will be able to customize their core decks, or create strategies and decks of their own.

Deluxe expansions introduce new factions, armies, and card types to the battles of Warhammer: Invasion.

The Assault on Ulthuan deluxe expansion adds two fully-playable decks and capital boards for the High Elves and Dark Elves, introducing two new factions into the Warhammer: Invasion card game.

The March of the Damned deluxe expansion introduces neutral Lizardmen and Undead units to the game.

The Legends deluxe expansion adds legends, a new type of card that lets you control the Old World's most famous and influential figures.

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