The year is 1949. The first World War rages on. The forces of the Union strive to end the conflict through the use of advanced technology, created from the alien wreckage discovered at Roswell. Their soldiers are equipped with the finest military technology in existence thanks to the brilliance of Edison. From the devastating Flash Machine Gun to the sight-enhancing Night-eyes night vision goggles, the Union is winning the arms race. Their foes are the Reich. Headed by the occult powered Kaiser, this army of evil scours the globe for ways to enhance their prodigious occult abilities. Squads of the possessed sweep through Europe led by the Marquis General, Hermann Von Heïzinger. Recent developments in the war have forced Mother Russia to enter the battle. Living embodiments of the reawakened Slavic gods, the Matriarchy is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Their robotic hordes are fueled with the genius of Tesla, and his electrical weaponry is easily the equal of the Union's technological advancements. The war is reaching a fever point, which side will win?

Tannhäuser puts you in the middle of a alternate timeline. What we now call World War I has never ended, and the forces involved have chosen new ways to break the stalemate. Featuring the Pathfinding system, a revolutionary way to mark line of sight, Tannhäuser gets you in the thick of the battle quick. Each side has unique characters and equipment, and you must outfit your figures to best advantage in order to win. Each force has a multitude of equipment and weapon options. Customize your force, and ensure your soldiers have exactly what you need them to. The choices you make determine if your team is prepared for the enemy they will face.

Choose your side!

Play as the heroic Union and lay waste to your opponents with a withering hail of gunfire. Secure objectives and fire off smoke grenades to protect your troopers. Use the terrifying might of the Flash gun, or lay waste to your opponents with salvoes of grenades. The leader of this elite unit is John MacNeal. Born in 1910, John became the heavyweight champion of his unit at age 19. Showing extreme valor and courage, he distinguished himself during Operation Rolling Thunder. Most notably, MacNeal cemented himself as a hero by destroying five bunkers during Operation: White Blizzard, b y himself! In game, John MacNeal carries the deadly flash gun, a weapon capable of taking out an enemy before they get a chance to recover. In addition, the Union are known for their debilitating smoke grenades. John MacNeal has night vision goggles, which allow him to ignore the nasty effects and pick apart enemy agents under cover of smoke. Another member of this elite team is Tala Aponi. Daughter of the chief Navajo Helaku Aponi Commander of the Seventh Signal Corps Battalion, Tala quickly demonstrated aptitude in the field of engineering. Embracing both creation and destruction, she graduated from the College of Engineering and went into demolitions. In game, Tala carries a powerful item, the TNT 440gr. This explosive device can deal a massive explosion that will bring even the biggest fighter to half health, if not kill them entirely! These two skilled heroes of the Union are only part of the highly trained squad that is sent in to deal with the machinations of the forces of the Reich.

Adopt the mantle of Marquis General and lead the Reich into battle. Use your supernatural powers to direct the flow of battle, fire bullets around corners, and even call upon the power of the occult to burn your enemies from the inside! Herman Von Heïzinger, the Marquis General, has a long lineage of occult activity. His ancestors began the search for the fabled Corpus Hermeticum at the end of the 16th century! This artifact is comprised of 17 Hermeticas, incantations of immense power. On the fields of battle, the Marquis General commands legions of Schocktruppen, the twisted shells of the former soldiers under his banner, and squads of the deadly Stosstruppen, beings twisted by occult powers. Formerly regular soldiers, these troops were changed when Von Heïzinger unearthed the first of the four Cardinal Points, devices preventing the world from the forces Von Heïzinger wishes to unleash. With as powerful as Von Heïzinger is, the Kaiser is still far stronger. Protected by agents of the Blutsturm, the Kaiser directs the forces of the Reich in this war. One such agent is Eva Krämer. First spotted at age 9 by Feldmarschall Verra Komstfelder in one of the numerous military orphan houses, Eva Krämer (registered X-20-32) is to this date one of the most talented Investigators in the field. With a stainless steel personality and an instinctive gift for combat, it seems there is nothing that can scare her away from her objectives. In game, Eva commands Strafe, a deadly whip capable of rendering an opponent tied up and unable to react. As a member of the Blutsturm Division, Eva also has access to awesome powers of infiltration. Both of these fearsome foes are but a small taste of the powers of the Reich. 

With the addition of Operation Novgorod, you can channel the awesome might of the Slavic gods and lead the Matriarchy to victory. Direct robotic soldiers, unleash devastating electrical attacks, and unleash ancient forces to destroy your enemies. Backed by the might of the most powerful figure to grace the game, the Matriarchy packs a ton of punch.

Rewrite history

Each turn players bid for priority. Each player offers up victory points and adds a die roll. The highest total gets the honor of going first, and potentially wiping out an enemy agent before they can activate. Play alternates between players, allowing you to get back at your opponent quickly. Each character, when activated, may move and act. Do you go for the equipment hidden in crates scattered across the board, do you claim the objectives to gain precious victory points, or will you go in guns blazing and take out the enemy forces before they can do the same? Crates may be opened by anyone, objectives can only be claimed if you have the skills needed. Each hero has a skill set, and how you employ it will be part of your path to glory. Hacking into enemy files for intel on their newest technology will require a hero with the mechanics and sneak skills. Deciphering ancient glyphs to unlock a potential weapon's power will require archaeology and reasoning. Each objective you find will require a specific skill set to unlock. Fortunately each team has the skills to unlock anything you might run into.

The best defense is a good offense, and sometimes you need to kick some butt. Fortunately in Tannhäuser, this is easy to do. Featuring the Pathfinding system, tracing line of sight is a cinch. Your figure stands on a color-coded circle. Any figure on a circle with a matching color may be targeted by your weapons. It is that simple. Each weapon has a range, knives are close combat, pistols can target up to a space away, and the bigger guns only have a minimum range. The larger weapons do not care how far away you are, but are of little use once the enemy closes in. Once you have selected your target, you roll your attack value in dice. The score needed to hit is how tough your opponent is. Count up the successes, then your opponent gets to roll and see if they survive your hail of gunfire. Each wound a character takes changes their stats, so keep an eye on a character's health. Once it starts failing they will become weaker and make it harder to carry out your orders.

Pick Your Poison

Tannhäuser offers many ways to play, the most common game modes are Deathmatch, Story mode, and Scenario.

Deathmatch is a no holds barred fight to the finish. You are tasked with the elimination of the enemy squad, by any means necessary. Stalk the corridors of Castle Ksiaz, delve into the Crypt below the Castle, and explore the generator Tesla built, but above all, eliminate the enemy.

Story mode provides players with a narrative, guiding the course of the battle. Objectives are placed on the map, and players play for the highest victory point total. Each objective has certain skills that will be required from your team, and players must use their team effectively to get the most out of the objectives. Remember too, each eliminated opponent is also worth victory points, so be sure to watch your back. Enemy agents likely will be watching it as well.

Scenarios are often a blend of Deathmatch and Story mode. Each features a new way to play, and each scenario gives a small narrative as to what the battle consists of. You may be placed in a castle burning down, you may battle against the forces of demons unleashed, you may be recovering prisoners of war held behind enemy lines.

Regardless of which game mode you play, your objectives are clear. Domination or despair!

Two other modes of play, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill, are also available. Capture the Flag allows players to utilize the fastest members of their team to best advantage. King of the Hill paints a target on your leader's head, as they are the only way to score points.

Tannhäuser plays very quick, most matches taking between 30-90 minutes. New models are added to the game as the war continues, and different combinations provide near endless variety. Choose your side, and go forth. End the battle, win the war!

The year is 1949. All of Europe is engulfed in war, and every side is doing everything in their power to win. The Matriarchy has invested heavily in electrical weaponry, the Union in military hardware, the Reich in the occult. Every side has their reasons, their justifications for the bloodshed. Which side will you listen to?

Watch the Operation: Tannhäuser video briefing! (Quicktime 27MB)


11 + 2 - 10 1 - 2 hrs

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