Once upon a time toothless thugs and uneducated phonies roamed the kingdom, recounting false tales of their deeds and deceiving humble citizens into giving them money. In order to check the nefarious behavior of these false heroes, the king arrested them and imprisoned them in various perilous dungeons throughout the realm. Those able to overcome the dangers lurking in these dimly lit caverns earn the right to be called heroes; those lacking true heroic prowess never again see the light of day.

Demonstrate your bravery and perform great deeds in Dungeon Fighter, a collaborative board game in which up to six players take on the role of self-proclaimed heroes seeking to escape from a dungeon full of gruesome monsters. As you navigate each level of the dungeon’s treacherous corridors, your heroic abilities will gradually develop, preparing you to encounter the Final Boss monster that guards the dungeon’s exit.

In this light-hearted game, your success depends on not only how and where the die lands, but also how well you can throw a die by bouncing it off your elbow, or with your eyes closed, or your back turned to the table. The added element of dexterity makes the game both challenging and amusing with every throw of the dice.

A Challenging and Whimsical Adventure

Play begins with the movement phase, in which you and the other heroes of your party enter the next room of the dungeon along your chosen path. Next, in the encounter phase, you fight the monster inhabiting that room– and yes, there is a monster in every room. When you’ve defeated the monster, a maintenance phase allows you to recuperate and, if you happen to be in one of the shops conveniently located throughout the dungeon, you may purchase equipment or dice with gold acquired in the course of your journey.

To fight a monster, players take turns throwing one die at a time. Usually, every hero in the party will contribute to a monster’s defeat. Some monsters may be defeated by a single die; more vicious monsters such as the Crazy Cat Lady will take multiple turns to kill. In order to count as a hit, the die must bounce off the table once and land on the target-shaped board. Where the die lands on the target board determines the hit’s strength: if it lands on one of the gold “6” spots, the hit does six points of damage, if it lands on the outer white section of the board, the hit only does one. If the die doesn’t land on the target, then the hero who threw it takes damage.

Once a die is used against a monster, it is put aside until the next turn. If you run out of dice during an encounter, you must take a point of damage before the dice can be used again. If you lose all your health in attempting to defeat a monster, don’t lose hope: you may faint from exhaustion, but heroes who faint can easily be revived during the maintenance phase.

Many monsters can only be harmed when the dice is thrown in a specific way. In order to attack a Cute Bear, use a crossbow shot– that is, flick the die off the back of your hand. In order to wound the Lovecraftian Creature, you must perform a borrowed-hand shot by placing the die in another player’s palm and shaking his wrist for him. A few rooms also limit how players can throw the dice. Sometimes you will have to combine the dice throw required by a monster with one required by a room; for example, you might have to toss the die while jumping up and down with your eyes closed.

Sneeze Machines, Five-Finger Discounts, and Beer 

In the shops you will find three types of equipment – potions, weapons, and shields – to aid you in battle. Each hero is capable of carrying a different combination of equipment: one hero may carry two potions and a weapon; another can have three weapons, but no potions or shields. Some equipment pieces are used once and then must be discard. Others can be used whenever you like, but require that you toss the die in a specific way; for example, in order to use the Sneeze Machine against a monster, you must fling the die off of your nose.

In addition, every hero has three special abilities that are keyed to the colors of the dice and activated when the matching die lands with the special eye-shaped icon facing up. These abilities may allow you to deal more damage, heal more quickly, or throw the die a second time. Some special abilities are more complex: Goldfinga can use his Five-Finger Discount ability to steal a piece of equipment. Brockenstock’s Beer ability prevents a chosen hero in the party from suffering damage during an encounter. Randolph can turn monsters into toads so that they deal less damage.

You’ll Never Step in the Same Dungeon Twice

Dungeon Fighter allows you to choose between three difficulty levels: easy, normal and insane. The difference between difficulty levels is the number of monsters randomly selected from each volume of the monster deck, called the Monstronomicon. In the easy level, most monsters come from the early volumes; in the insane level, more than half the monsters come from Volume IV. Not only do you encounter a different group of monsters in every game, but the dungeon itself changes. During setup, players construct the dungeon randomly out of several different sheets, allowing for dozens of different combinations. Every dungeon offers a unique set of dangers, and every party of heroes will face those dangers with different strengths and weaknesses.

The easy-to-learn mechanics and comical content of Dungeon Fighter make it an ideal party game, accessible and appealing to a variety of ages and levels of expertise. Dungeon Fighter will lure you in with the promise of adventure, challenge you with its dexterity component, and entertain you with its quirky humor. Make your way through the adventure of Dungeon Fighter in order to prove yourself a hero and earn your dramatic victory pose.

Whether you navigate the dungeon alone or with a group of your most valiant friends, Dungeon Fighter promises a good time. 


14+ 1 - 6
45-60 Min


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