She dreamed of mud, and rain, and the sweet-sour stench of dead men opened and left to rot. She dreamed of a labyrinth cut from the ground, an insane sprawl of chasms and towers that stretched for miles across a torn and desolate plain. The city had been scoured by years of war, shattered by tons of explosives and poisoned by vast banks of black vapor that drifted across the land and tore at the lungs.

It was a place where nothing moved, where every creature that had walked or swam or crawled was dead. Only when the suns were gone did life return, drifting down from the sky on leathery wings to feast on the spoiled carcasses below.

She dreamed of being blind, and deaf. Unable to taste or smell or touch, severed from every physical sense, a thing of pure, unhindered thought. And yet somehow aware that she was being carried at unimaginable speeds, across endless gulfs of space, and that her destination was a place so awful, so utterly terrifying that to even know its name was death.

And then the bus hit a rut in the road, and the jolt woke her, and she remembered that those were not her dreams, but those of a dead man.

Three Destinies Intertwine

Something Sinister Plots Beneath the Streets of Arkham, Massachusetts. As ex-soldier Mark Harrigan suffers haunting visions that go well beyond shell shock, psychologist Carolyn Fern begins to suspect a dark influence at work. But when a young woman narrowly escapes her dangerous cult, what she reveals will tear all three of their lives apart, even as it intertwines their destinies forever. Now, with the fate of Arkham – and the world – at stake, these three strangers must come together to face unspeakable horrors from beyond!

Feeders from Within is a novel based on the popular Arkham Horror board game. The disturbing tale found within its pages will excite fans of H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos or of tense, action-packed supernatural mysteries!

A Word from the Author

Author Peter J. Evans took a moment to share a word on his influences:

Looking back, it’s quite difficult to find anything I’ve written that doesn’t have Mr. Lovecraft’s influence in it somewhere. His particular vision of the world – at a surface, a fragile shell, a trembling membrane separating us from a black gulf of unspeakable, uncaring horror – has coloured my own since I first learned of it. And my copies of his collected works, once pristine and bookshop-new, have been read and re-read until they resemble nothing so much as the yellowed and crumbling tomes described on their own pages. Naturally, then, the opportunity to write an Arkham Horror novel was not one I was going to pass up.
Any story, no matter how doom-laden or rife with oozing tendrils it may be, depends entirely on its characters. The game boasts an interesting and varied cast list, although each is described in just a few lines and a small picture. To take these short threads and tease them out, to weave them into convincing backstories and involving personalities was both a challenge and a joy; I hope that anyone reading the book will find its protagonists as much fun to be around as I did. In the end I actually became rather fond of them, and sometimes felt quite bad when I had to subject them to the madness, terror, and sundry agonies that the story demanded.
It didn’t stop me, of course. They don’t call it
Arkham Horror for nothing.


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