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The Island of Dread

Explore the uncharted islands of the world of Runebound and piece together the lost map to the fabled Island of Dread! By sea or land adventure awaits all brave heroes, whether they swing swords or cast spells.

The first full-sized expansion for the Runebound fantasy adventure board game. Island of Dread features a gorgeous new board overlay that creates a completely new game environment. The expansion set also features 110 new cards, including new characters, encounters, challenges, events and equipment.

The expansion also presents new rules for ships that characters can hire to transport them among the scattered islands of the dangerous seas in their quest to find the Island of Dread and win the game. Not all ships are created equal, however, and you get what you pay for: The Vulgar Princess and her crew might come cheap, but they might also seize all your loot and dump you overboard...

Island of Dread is an expansion for Runebound, the fantasy adventure board game. You need to own the Runebound basic game to play.

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589942318

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Sands of Al-Kalim

"As to the existence of Al-Kalim, the fabled land of song and story, no credible source exists. It is no doubt as fictional as the mirages of the desert." - Autorious of Greyhaven

"It's real. I been there. I spend every minute of every day tryin' ta get back." - Hob, Caravaner

In the tradition of Runebound: Island of Dread and Runebound: Midnight, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim. In the tales told in Terrinoth, there is a legendary land, a place long lost. Many have attempted to find it once more, but like a mirage in the desert, it has forever eluded them, remaining tantalizingly on the horizon. It is a harsh place of blowing sands and dangerous creatures, of beautiful cities and alien magics. It is the land of Al-Kalim!

In this expansion to the Runebound fantasy adventure board game, the players have found the key to this hidden place. Their goal is to forge their own entry in the Ninety-Nine Tales of Al-Kalim. Sands of Al-Kalim differs from most Runebound adventures in that it does not include Encounter and Event cards that describe a set story. Rather, the players tell the story! They will face legendary challenges and gain legendary rewards, including mighty mounts, forgotten runes, and magical artifacts. He who completes his tale first is immortalized in song and legend, and wins the game.

Sands of Al-Kalim is an expansion for the Runebound Second Edition board game, which is necessary in order to play this expansion. Sands of Al-Kalim is suitable for 2 to 6 players, and it includes:

  • 6 new Hero figures and Hero cards, for use in any Runebound game.
  • A new game board overlay and dynamic new environmental effects, including a moving sandstorm, the passage of day into night, and cities that appear and disappear.
  • Dozens of new cardboard counters and tokens, including the sandstorm, pack camels, waterskins, adventuring kits, Lost Cities, and more!
  • 56 new Challenges and 23 new Allies.
  • 25 Legendary Quest cards, which become Legendary Rewards as each hero completes his own epic tale.

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589943308

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The Frozen Wastes

A killing frost grips the land...

Travel north from Terrinoth, across the Sea of White Fangs, and discover the snow-covered land of Isheim, a place of frozen beauty and sudden savagery. There, those hardy souls who call that place home whisper fearfully of an impending doom. The winds grow ever colder, the storms more ominous, and the creatures of the wild more dangerous. An ancient evil has emerged from a long sleep and threatens to consume the land.

Now is the time for bold hearts to stand against the impending disaster. Now is the time to venture into the untamed wilds of Isheim and endure the ice, snow, and bitter winds. Now is the time to recover legendary items of power and wield them in the defense of warmth and hope's last glimmers. Vicious beasts lie in wait to cut short the journeys of unwary travelers, but beneath the ice also lies the secret of the land's ruinous mystery. Can you piece together the clues and rumors, and stop the approaching blight? Are you brave enough to pit your wits, your strength, and your will to survive against the unforgiving Frozen Wastes?

The Frozen Wastes features a new, beautifully rendered board overlay, 110 new cards, six new Hero figures, and winter survival gear. The ever-changing weather is represented by new rules for the harsh conditions, weather tiles, frost counters, and white death counters.

Will you defeat the rising darkness, or perish in the Frozen Wastes?

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589943698

Mists of Zanaga

As the Dragon Wars become a distant memory for the people of Terrinoth, adventurers set their sights on new realms of adventure. Ships set sail across treacherous waters for the first time in centuries to open the doors to the forgotten world of Zanaga. Chaos grips the land. The old empire of lizardmen has fallen, its people have become shadows of their ancestors, descending into savagery. The taint of an ancient evil known as Tarakhe corrupts all and the primal gods must be awoken to restore the balance of nature. Only the reptilian makhim have the rituals to summon the primal powers that can purge Tarakhe’s corruption, but heroes are needed to face the primal gods before they destroy more than just Tarakhe...

Mists of Zanaga adds a colorful new board overlay, depicting the wild jungles and swamps of Zanaga. Six brand new heroes will be able to explore this new continent, uncovering the secrets of the makhim’s rituals, encounter wandering monsters, and hunt for the elusive Lost City. Adding all-new gameplay mechanics, a variety of primal gods to face, and over 165 new cards to bring this lush landscape to life, Mists of Zanaga creates a totally new way to play Runebound. Search out the secrets of the primal gods’ power and help summon them to free Zanaga from the clutch of Tarakhe.

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-58994-645-3

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