Android: Netrunner The Card Game Core Rulebook (low-res pdf, 13.3 MB, last updated 1/8/13)


Android: Netrunner The Card Game FAQ (pdf, 11 MB, Last updated 4/15/14)

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Android: Netrunner The Card Game Tournament Rules (pdf, 6.1 MB, Last updated 4/15/14)
Keep score at your next tournament with Android: Netrunner Tournament Sheets (pdf, 67.1 KB)
Core Set Card List (pdf, 365 KB)

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1. Overview

2. Corporations & Runners

3. Gameplay: Turn One

4. Gameplay: Turn Two

5. Gameplay: Turn Three


Organized Play

Android: Netrunner Organized Play exists to bring players together for casual and competitive play. Many different levels exist, from our Game Nights to the FFG World Championship Weekend, so you can find a level of Android: Netrunner Organized Play that matches your interest!

Learn more about Android: Netrunner Organized Play.

Catch the eyes of local players by printing out your own Android: Netrunner Game Night sign-up sheet (pdf, 175 KB)

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