His vision blurred, and for a moment the intense light from the naked bulb burned weird shapes onto the backs of his eyes, even with his eyelids closed. The air tasted stale in his mouth and nose as his breathing became just a little more urgent, a little more labored, and he knew that he had to get out of there. He was having some sort of weird panic attack. Heat surged through him. He dropped the bag and reached out for the table to steady himself as the strength drained from his legs. Even as his legs began to buckle beneath him, a raw, intense energy surged through him. In that moment he felt as though his skin was struggling to contain something so much bigger than him and he thought for one sickening moment it was about to tear open. He staggered outside. He head swam. His balance betrayed him, he felt himself falling, and as he hit the ground, looking up at the sky, he saw fire.

•   •   •

Powerful scions walk the streets of modern London, oblivious to their true nature. Unknowingly, they carry within them the spirits of reincarnated dragons from an age of high fantasy. As magic begins to emerge once more in the 21st century, long-dormant memories begin to flood the minds of these scions, reminding them of their mystical heritage.
Welcome to the world of Fireborn.

When a series of high-profile London thefts leaves Detective Jack Callaghan baffled, he begins to suspect that his perpetrator is no average cat burglar. After all, she can apparently melt locks with a gesture, render security cameras useless, and plant subconscious suggestions in the minds of onlookers. But why is this mysterious thief collecting relics of dubious monetary value? And how does Callaghan’s investigation tie in to his increasingly disturbing visions? To find answers, a veteran investigator must first unlock secrets buried deep within himself... all while unraveling a plot that could lead to the downfall of everything he holds dear.

Each Ember’s Ghost is a novel based on the acclaimed Fireborn roleplaying game setting. Written by internationally bestselling author Steven Savile, Each Ember’s Ghost presents readers with a modern world faced with the sudden emergence of magic.

A Word from the Author

Steven Savile took the time to share his enthusiasm for London, his background in literature, and his excitement for Each Ember’s Ghost:

London's my home town - if you can call it a town and keep a straight face, that is. I grew up within a couple of miles of city centre. My first kiss was there, the first time I was mugged was there, my first beer, my first concert, actually I bought my first book and my first record there. The book was Pet Sematery by Stephen King, the record was Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello, the concert was King (they had one hit, Love and Pride; youtube it and laugh and the gloriously bad taste of my youth), and the first kiss... well that would be telling. Suffice it to say London's my city. I didn't just walk the streets, I grew up on them. I got into trouble on them, and I had a great time on them. I played my first ever game of D&D in a student apartment in Bayswater, overlooking Hyde Park and almost wound up stranded in the city because rolling the character sheets took so long the Tube had stopped running for the day. Yeah, that was a good day. It was. I'm not being sarcastic. A love affair that's lasted thirty years (and outlasted all of my relationships apart from my one true love, Tottenham Hotspur) began that night. A fire was lit inside of me, and it was a hungry one. I wanted to consume all of this stuff. I was hungry to read about all of these incredible places. I wanted them to live inside me. So, it's hardly surprising to me that when it came to work I gravitated right back to the first love, games, roleplaying games, and those wonderful places where magic happen. 

Each Ember’s Ghost was a chance to take the magic of the place I grew up in and bring it to life in a way that I'd always wished it had been alive.

Plus let's be honest, it's cool, right?

You don't look convinced. Let me tell you why it's cool: first, there's dragons, but they're not big old scaly winged serpents, well at least not at first, then there's the ghosts of villains, there's dead queens and living maze monsters, there's a rich rich history to draw on, oh and there's werewolves... and football firms striding down the Seven Sisters Road. That's my favourite part of Each Ember’s Ghost, but then it would be, I'm a Spurs fan.


Explore the immersive world of Fireborn with a digital version of the Player's Handbook, available here:

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