Grey Order Magic

“…Which utilises the Grey Wind, called Ulgu, and whose colour is Grey, whose Lore is that of the Shadows, and whose rune is the Sword of Judgement, and whose practitioners are called Illusionists.”
–From The Founding of the Eight Orders, credited to Teclis

Grey Wizards shroud themselves in secrets and mysteries. When they dress in the long, grey robes of their Order, they often draw their cowls down low, hide their faces with scarves, or wear wide-brimmed hats that cast dark, heavy shadows. They may weave illusions to conceal their true appearances. Their eyes may dart from side to side, betraying their general tendencies to paranoia, and even if a Grey Wizard tells you about his goals for the future, it’s likely that he’s lying. It’s in his nature to deceive.

Grey Order Magic is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that that allows players to explore more of the Grey Order’s secrets and mysteries. Fifteen new spells and two new items allow your Grey Wizard to cloud minds, befuddle foes, and cut through both illusions and reality.

Shaping the Darkness

To those with magical sight, the Grey Wind Ulgu appears as a heavy mist, lurking in the dark corners of the world, and it is there that wizards of the Grey Order call upon the Lore of Shadows to shape the darkness and deceive the minds of others. Their Order is perhaps the most feared of any, for they toy with the very fabrics of reality.

Grey Order Magic introduces fifteen spells from Rank 1 to Rank 5 that expand the powers of your Grey Wizard and permit new tactics and strategies. You can drown the land in shadows, wrack your opponents’ minds with outbursts of all their weaknesses and fears, or conjure shadows to cut swaths across a battlefield. However, the students of Ulgu are also adept at more subtle magic, and the spells of Grey Order Magic also permit subtle – and potent – combinations of effects.

Additionally, two new items appear in Grey Order Magic. The Sword of Judgement signifies a Grey Wizard’s ability to cut through illusion and reality, and a Grey Staff attuned to the Wind of Ulgu can bolster your wizard’s abilities in Channelling and Spellcraft.

Power and Paranoia

Equally motivated to uncover new secrets as they are to keep the ones they’ve acquired, Grey Wizards often grow restless in the confines of their College. Accordingly, Grey Wizards are known as the most outgoing wizards of any of the Orders. They travel far and wide to search for old lore and ancient secrets. And while they are not quick to discuss their business, they do not hesitate to make mutual cause with other adventurers.

They may prove untrusting and difficult to trust. Their study of the Lore of Shadows warps their minds, feeding them nightmares and strange visions, and making them nervous, fidgety, and paranoid. However, their control of the Wind of Ulgu also makes them powerful, allowing them to create illusions, alter reality, and conjure shadows that can interact with the physical world. Their magic is subtle. Their secrets are myriad. Their combination of power and secrecy is one that is rightfully feared.

Now, with the new spells and items from Grey Order Magic, your Grey Wizard gains potent new tools to employ as he travels the Old World in search of knowledge. How will he employ them? That’s simply another secret only he can know.


Note: Orders for this expansion through our webstore cannot be combined with other Print on Demand products, but may be combined with non-Print on Demand items.

Faith of Morr

“There are many spirits who wander the world. They have died but they cannot leave. Some are evil and cling to this place with malice. Some are merely unfortunate, and simply need to be shown the way.”
    –Caspar Freundlich

Rarely does a Morrite travel, spending a lifetime tending his Garden, instead. Most travel only to visit another Garden or during the festival of Morr, which occurs once a year. Among the ranks of the Morrites, the Doomsayers are the most travelled. They seem to follow their dreams at random, visiting places where people are about to die – whether from battle, plague, or natural disaster. They preach the doom they have foreseen, and they battle necromancers and the undead. Many of Morr’s prayers focus on these efforts: providing aid against the undead and quieting restless spirits.

Faith of Morr is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that introduces fifteen new blessings and two new items to guide your Doomsayer of Morr along his journeys.

The God of the Dead

Morr has his Priests, his Temples, and his holy days, but nobody prays to him. Only the dead need his protection, and the dead do not pray. The dangers that haunt the Empire reach beyond the grave. A person’s spirit is in great peril after death, and the god that guards each spirit from the Dark Gods and necromancers is Morr. He is not the god of death, but of the Dead, ruler of the underworld. It is the duty of his followers to perform the sacred rites that ensure spirits enter his realm swiftly and safely.

Whether you’re speaking to the dead or garnering secret information from glimpses of the future, Faith of Morr provides you with powerful new invocations, benedictions, and items to send the dead quickly to their rest. Additionally, Faith of Morr is fully compatible with both Signs of Faith and Hero’s Call, and the fifteen blessings in the expansion grant priests of Morr new options from Rank 1 to Rank 5. 

Doomsayers of Morr

In a land as dangerous as the Old World, the God of Death and Dreams is a deity of everyday reverence. Morr’s priests are tireless defenders of dead and living alike from the vile undead, and the predictions of the Doomspeakers of Morr are an invaluable divination tool for leaders and the common man alike.

Not only do Morr’s servants dedicate their lives to destroying the undead and helping restless spirits to find their final rest, it is their duty to care for the bereaved as well as the dead. Because their work takes them from death to death, folk of the Empire are reluctant to welcome them. Whether or not this bothers the Doomsayers, few can guess because these dour priests never let their concerns show. Still, these Doomsayers are driven by faith that their work is of the utmost importance, and there are those who view the blackrobed Priests with gratitude rather than fear.

Now, with the new blessings of Faith of Morr, your priest gains powerful new options to bring final rest to the undead, the undead, and the living. Use your powers wisely!


From the Grave

Necromancers are amongst the most cursed of all those who practice the magical arts, for they have exchanged their humanity for the ability to raise the dead and command them to wage war upon the living. The practitioners of the dark arts are strange, twisted creatures. They are obsessed with death, yet desire nothing more than to go on living…

From the Grave is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that introduces and supports three new careers, the Necromancer, Master Necromancer, and Grave Warden. Will you stand as the first line of defense against the restless undead? Or will you sacrifice some of your humanity to gain understand and control over the very forces of life and death?

The Dead and the Undead

Though they stand in the face of death, all characters born from the new careers in From the Grave are obsessed with life.

It is the fear of death that motivates most Necromancers and sets them upon the road to damnation. Some begin with good intentions. They may have lost a loved one and seek to bring him or her back, or vowed to find the secret of everlasting life for the betterment of all mankind. Most are not so noble, and are motivated purely by their own self interest
and fear of their own mortality.

Meanwhile, Grave Wardens most frequently choose to travel with companions, for more than most they understand how dangerous it can be to walk alone at night. Although often dismissed as groundskeepers and dogsbodies, Grave Wardens do more than tend the Empire’s cemeteries; they are the first line of defense against the unquiet dead and anyone who would disturb the Empire’s deceased. Their duties for the Cult of Morr may even take them far beyond the borders of their Gardens, tracking rumors of necromancers or collecting corpses that have been improperly interred.

With three new careers, new career abilities, Talents, Actions, Items, and a new follower, From the Grave brings new life to characters who live in the twilight of death. It also presents exciting new options for your Warhammer Roleplay Campaign, enabling shady new characters and dreadful, memorable, new Adversaries!

Celestial Order Magic

The Wind of Azyr flows across the sky, touching the minds and thoughts of all who gaze upon the stars. Astromancers, Celestial Wizards who use the wind of Azyr, are renowned seers able to see and even perhaps manipulate the future. Will you join them?

Celestial Order Magic is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that features new spells for all ranks for wizards of the Celestial College! Gaze upon the stars to divine or even manipulate the future, or call down lightning bolts and meteor storms to smite your enemies!

Plot the Movement of Astral Bodies

The Comet of Power is the symbol of the Celestial Order, which is made up of wizards who study the Lore of Heavens that comes from the Wind of Azyr. Celestial Wizards, also known as astromancers, spend most of their time gazing into the night skies, plotting the movements of astral bodies. They are experts in divining the future and the most powerful of the order can even scry portents by peering into crystal balls. Celestial Wizards are equally feared and respected for the awesome powers that lie at their disposal; their spells are able to call lightning from the skies and summon meteorites to smite their enemies.

The sixteen towers of the Celestial College are the tallest buildings in Altdorf. A shimmering dome of enchanted glass encloses the peak of each spire. The information gathered from these towers is fed into a vast, magical astrolabe at the heart of the college that spins on the head of a mystical silver needle. From this, the masters of the Celestial college read the myriad signs and portents in their bid to understand the Empire’s potential futures.

With Celestial Order Magic’s fifteen new Action cards, two Item cards, and three Rules cards, you can bring the formidable power of these master wizards to your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaigns!

Faith of Shallya

“You think mercy is for the weak? ‘Twas Shallya’s mercy healed my broken arm so I could lead the vanguard against the beastmen in our last campaign. You saying that makes me weak? Think carefully before you answer, lad…”
    –Sergeant Marcus Orton to a green recruit

Priests of Shallya are unafraid to travel into the worst of situations to tend to the wounded and the diseased. For their lives of service, they are almost universally admired. In fact, it is said that everyone loves Shallya, though most regard her merciful views as folly in a world wracked by constant war.

Faith of Shallya is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that introduces fifteen new blessings and two new items to help your Shallyan ease pain and suffering throughout the Old World.

The Maiden of Mercy

 The Old World is full of pain and suffering, and the Ruinous Powers afflict the nations with blood, death, disease, and sickness. While the Empire battles beastmen, Chaos marauders, and Greenskin hordes, its people view Shallya’s doctrines of peace and mercy with a good measure of skepticism. Still, Shallyans have become accustomed to such cynicism, and they continue their mission of mercy undaunted. For their healing is needed most in those places which are darkest and most downtrodden.

 Whether you’re healing the wounds of a fallen soldier or battling the Fly Lord’s plagues, Faith of Shallya provides you with practical new charms, healing, and options for a life devoted to the Maiden of Mercy. Violence is a Shallyan’s last resort, and you’ll find the means to make non-violent contributions to your party’s efforts with powerful new blessings that run from Rank 1 to Rank 5. Additionally, two new items grant you greater means to combat disease and mark you as one of Shallya’s favoured.

Servants of Mercy

Shallyan priests are practical people, favoring simple adornment and ascetic lifestyles. Their temples are hospices where they tend to the sick, the wounded, and the insane. They avoid politics in order to avoid any ties that might pull them away from people in need, and they eschew material excesses, realizing that the wealth invested in silken robes and golden brooches could feed the poor and help ease suffering.

Still, a Shallyan in the Reikland will never go hungry. Though others may remain cynical that peace and mercy can ever truly win the day, there are very few in the Empire who have never been attended by a Shallyan or had an ailment cured in one of the Cult’s temples. Even the more honorable gangs of thieves refuse to steal from Shallyans. Shallyan priests strive to bring peace and mercy to the corners of the Old World, and it is rare to find an Imperial army that marches to war without at least one Shallyan to tend to the wounded.

Now, with the new blessings of Faith of Shallya, your priest gains powerful new options to confront the pain and suffering of those around you. It’s up to you to wield these blessings wisely.


Bright Order Magic

"…which utilizes the Bright Wind, called Aqshy, whose colour is Red, whose Lore is that of Fire, whose rune is the Key of Secrets, and whose practitioners are called Pyromancers.
     –From The Founding of the Eight Orders, credited to Teclis

Bright Wizards have the most aggressive spells of all the orders, and they are the most likely to be found in the front line of an Imperial army. To cast their spells, they harness the Red Wind, called Aqshy, the single most explosive and dangerous Wind, and many an apprentice of the Bright Order has gained a scar or lost a limb after straying even a single degree from accepted process. Nonetheless, Bright Wizards do occasionally master new spells. As the Bright Order’s repertoire increases, practitioners gain new and more effective ways to combine their work with flame and passions.

Bright Order Magic is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that introduces fifteen new spells and two new items for your Bright Wizard to unleash against his foes.

A Blaze of Glory

Bright Order Magic introduces spells for all ranks for wizards of the Bright College. Apprentices long to be Pyromancers, and Pyromancers work tirelessly to become Battle Wizards and support the Empire’s armies. These wizards share a reputation for stubbornness and bravery in the heat of battle. They are hot-headed and lack subtlety, but they wield enough brute force to meet most problems head-on. The more fiery magic he throws around, the more dangerous a Bright Wizard becomes, but also the more effective and celebrated within the Empire.

The other Colleges view the Bright Wizards as loose cannons, incapable of subtlety and liable to go off at any moment, but few can deny the effectiveness of an experienced Pyromancer with Imperial sanction and martial training. 

The Mastery of Magic

Each Bright Wizard wears a set of keys upon his belt. These are the Keys of Secrets. An apprentice earns his first key, a simple iron key, upon acceptance to the order, and earns a second near the end of his training. This grand bronze key will open the door of the College once the wizard is ready to return. Over the course of his adventures and advancement, a Bright Wizard earns many more keys, the nature of which are known only to senior Bright Wizards.

Bright Order Magic allows players to outfit their Bright Wizards with their own Keys of Secrets, and as your wizard gains the mastery of different spells, he can uncover different keys to success in battle. Running from Rank 1 to Rank 5, the fifteen new spells encourage casting multiple spells in combination, and grant greater benefits for those who are willing to channel the necessary power.

Dreadfleet Captains

As the clock strikes midnight, the Dreadfleet sails forth, its Undead captains eager to slake their unholy thirsts. On Geheimnisnacht, the mortal captains of the Grand Alliance sail to oppose them.

Heroes of the High Seas

Introduce the memorable characters of Games Workshop’s Dreadfleet to your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign! Dreadfleet Captains is a Print on Demand expansion for WFRP that delivers nearly a dozen new NPCs to your Old World adventures. Learn of quests from Captain Jaego Roth, parlay with The Golden Magus, or engage in combat with Count Noctilus himself. With Dreadfleet Captains, the choice is yours.

Will your party hunt Sartosa’s shadowy pubs for rumours leading to Aranessa Anja Saltspite, or seek an audience with Prince Yrellian of Ulthuan? Wherever your adventures take you, you’ll have the cards and components you need to bring a piece of Dreadfleet’s action to your story.

Bring the Captains to Your Adventures

Featuring legendary heroes and villains of the Old World High Seas, Dreadfleet Captains delivers all the tools necessary to bring engaging new characters to life in your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign.

Whether you incorporate just one of Dreadfleet’s epic figures or you use all of them, Dreadfleet Captains gives you exciting new ways to enjoy your game. Set sail for adventure!

Faith of Sigmar

"When Sigmar wishes to punish us, He answers our prayers.”
     –Erich Keller, Warrior Priest of Sigmar

Above all, the life of a priest of Sigmar is a life of war–an endless war waged against the Empire’s many foes. What the devout crave more than all else is the strength and wisdom to serve the Empire, defending it against foes without and within. Faith of Sigmar is a Print on Demand expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that introduces fifteen new blessings and two new items for your Sigmarite to wield against his foes.

A Life of Service

Sigmar is the Empire, and the Empire is Sigmar. He founded the Empire and served as its first ruler, and when he departed for adventure eighty years after his birth, he passed into legend. People of the Empire built temples and shrines in his honor, and he was soon worshipped openly as a god. Sigmar is the Empire’s patron, and his followers stand as beacons of righteous light, devoted to cleansing corruption and driving out wickedness, Chaos, and heretical influences.

Whether you’re confronting your first cultist or preparing to answer the Hero’s Call in epic battle, Faith of Sigmar offers your Sigmarite new blessings to bolster your allies, inflame their passions, and convey your hatred of your enemies into powerful and decisive action. Its fifteen blessings run all the way from Rank 1 to Rank 5, and its two new items easily mark their bearer as one of Sigmar’s most favoured.

Strength in a Time of Need

The great Twin-Tailed Comet traces across the sky, an omen intimately tied to both Sigmar and the Empire. Some see it as a sign of hope, though others see it as a harbinger of the coming End Times. Beastmen lay savage waste to the Empire’s outlying villages, Chaos cults summon daemons and foster corruption within the Empire’s greatest cities, marauders push south to test the Empire’s defences, and a Chaos champion marches against Kislev with a great horde at his command.

Now the Empire arrives at its hour of greatest need, and its patron deity has answered the prayers of his devout, granting them new strength. With these new blessings, Sigmarites gain the means to confront any foe. It’s up to you to wield this strength wisely.


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