Rebel - Book Three of The Identity Trilogy

Eight men stood guard over Mara Parker, all of them heavily armed. If the rescue attempt failed, she would die.

The part of me that was still Drake 3GI2RC in the memory did not like what Simon Blake was about to do. Humans were not supposed to be harmed. That was the core of the laws that governed bioroids. Humans were to be protected at all costs. Protecting a human from a human was a complicated process for a bioroid. Bones could be broken. Unconsciousness rendered. But a bioroid could not kill.

Simon Blake didn’t operate under those constraints. At that moment, the part of me that was Drake envied Simon his freedom, which was a solid indication of how very far I’d strayed from the Haas-Bioroid programming.

I was no longer what I’d been built to be, by either Haas-Bioroid or Mara Blake. I was…something else, and still changing. I only hoped I would be enough to save Mara. All of my splintered self wanted that.

•  •  •

Drake 3GI2RC is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. Haunted by another man’s memories, the NAPD’s most infamous android cop must quickly uncover the truth of his own past. Unfortunately, his search has taken him from the familiar New Angeles streets to the politically volatile planet Mars. Will Drake find answers before he’s caught in the midst of an interplanetary civil war?

Rebel is the third and final installment of The Identity Trilogy, a series based in the near-future dystopian world of Android. In it, Mel Odom concludes his tale of murder, intrigue, and what it means to be human.

Mimic - Book Two of The Identity Trilogy

I knew something was wrong even before my deceased partner showed up to warn me about the coming attack. I was lounging in some tropical paradise and watching a woman in a burgundy one-piece bathing suit striding along the beach. She was walking toward me, but her attention was on the waves rolling onto the tan sand visible through the lush vegetation and bougainvillea.

This time I knew her name. The first time I’d seen her—at least, the first time that Drake 3GI2RC had seen her—I had not known her.

Point of fact, I had not known myself.

As a bioroid, I’d been created by Haas-Bioroid, rolled out of a factory with a fully functioning mind. Special software that was deemed to be necessary to my job had been uploaded into me, overlaying the core personality that had been selected. The mind I’d been given had been mapped from a living person, then stripped of identity and reduced to the neural channeling that brought me online.

•   •   •

New Angeles Detective Drake 3GI2RC is not your average Bioroid. First, he’s one of the New Angeles Police Department’s few android cops, and second, he’s haunted by another man’s memories. But even as Drake investigates a very public crime, he must look inward for answers. After all, where does his programming end, and his own personality begin?

Mimic is the second exciting novel in The Identity Trilogy, a series written by Mel Odom and set in the Android universe!

Author Mel Odom took a moment to talk to us about writing Mimic and about his process in continuing the journey of Drake 3GI2RC. Warning! There are spoilers ahead:

In the conventional mystery novel, there is so much the detective doesn’t know at the outset.  In The Identity Trilogy, I wanted the detective to gradually wean away from “whodunit” to “who am I.”  Drake 3G12RC is more than the sum of his parts, and the reality of that really comes to the forefront in Mimic.
He’s more than who he thought he was.  I think most of us are, and sometimes we get surprised by everything we become through living and experiencing.  In the seven years that he’s been “alive,” Drake has learned a lot.  Now he’s learning even more about himself, becoming a step closer to humanity, and that’s something his creators at Haas-Bioroid hadn’t counted on.
In this day and age when the economy and politics causes so much fear and confusion, when sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves who we really are, I wanted a hero that reflected that journey I feel we’re all on.  People learn through adversity and hardship, or they’re crushed.  I’ve heard a lot of success stories in the last few years that have inspired me.
I want Drake’s story to be one of inspiration too.  He’s on a journey too, and he’s only begun to glimpse the truth.

Join Drake on his journey in Mimic, the exciting second novel of The Identity Trilogy!

Golem - Book One of The Identity Trilogy

I didn’t know which of us started firing first, but the sudden roll of thunder filled the hallway. Bullets chopped through the elevator doors. My aim was better than theirs and I watched them driven backward as the bullets thudded into their armor.

Something hit me in my left side and pain flashed through me. I paid no attention to it because the pain was just a warning, nothing more. The impact drove me back inside the elevator cage and I let it. I yanked my foot back and slapped the close door button with my elbow.

I reloaded my weapons, which had blown back empty. Unexplained dizziness swept over me and I ran a diagnostic over the gyro stabilizers that controlled my equilibrium. I felt more stable. But the pain in my side didn’t fade as I’d expected it to.

The elevator cage dropped toward the first floor.

The woman stared at me. “You’re hurt.”

I shook my head, but I looked down all the same and felt my side. My fingers came away covered in red blood. That made no sense at all. My body had no blood in it.

•   •   •

When a talented New Angeles Detective wakes up in bed with a woman whose name he can't recall, this seemingly harmless mystery indicates a much larger problem. After all, as one of the few bioroids in the New Angeles Police Department, Drake 3G12RC isn't accustomed to forgetting...or even sleeping. But his personal issues are forced to wait when he and his human partner Shelly Nolan are assigned a high profile murder investigation–one that will change his world.

The wealthy CEO of IdentiKit, a successful android manufacturer, has been found dead in his hotel room. Now, what begins as just another murder in downtown New Angeles will quickly escalate into a tangled web of intrigue, love, and betrayal, as Drake and his partner work to solve this brutal crime before the killer strikes again. Drake’s investigation will lead him through the darkest corners of a conspiracy that reaches up the Beanstalk and out to the bustling industry of Mars… then right back to the woman of his dreams.

Mel Odom is the author of over 140 science fiction and fantasy works, and the bestselling author of Stalker Analog and Lethal Interface. He also penned the Alex Award-winning series The Rover, and has written for numerous tie-in lines such as Forgotten Realms, Hellgate: London, and Shadowrun.

Odom took the time to share his perspective on his process:

“When I first got the call from Fantasy Flight regarding possible involvement in Android and the world was described to me, I got excited. This sounded like an incredible mash-up between science fiction and noir. Being a fan of both schools of entertainment, and having read a lot of pulp stories, I knew I wanted to be part of this new venture. Then when I got the board game in my hands and started exploring that world, I got even more enthusiastic.
And I started scheming.
I knew my story couldn't be a straight-through murder investigation. With this much money and power in play, there had to be subterfuges, secrets, and–possibly–the world itself at stake. There had to be corp wars, battles, and skirmishes that could be seen, and those that would only be whispered about. Legendary things.
I also knew my hero had to be a bioroid, a person, a good person, who would suffer losses as he journeyed through this world, and he would have to make up his own mind about what kind of man he truly was.”

Prepare for a wild ride through the dystopian future of the Android universe, as Golem tells a story of murder, manipulation, and mystery in a world where humanity and technology collide.


Experience the dystopian future of the Android universe first hand! Visit the Android website to learn more about this popular board game:


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