Book Three: The Dweller in the Deep

Morley’s warning came not a moment too soon as the entire upper section of the apartment folded inwards, like a multitude of avalanches coming together. An explosion of paper erupted from the walls as something ghastly and vaporous pushed itself through, sloughing brick and plaster dust in its wake.

Loose pages glued themselves to its form, a nightmarish arrangement of clockwork limbs, membranous insectile anatomy, and a sinuous, feral quality common to the leaner wolfhounds. Oliver backed away in horror from the thing as it thrashed in the grip of the constricting apotropaic symbols Morley had etched there.

Its edges were defined by the paper, yet even they were inconstant and ever-shifting. The beast’s jaws spread and black, vaporous breath issued forth like swamp gas. It was ancient, this thing, ancient and eternally hungry, an apex predator from the dawn of time against whom no distance or span of time was too great to cross in search of prey…

Having learned the shocking truth behind a plot to cast the world into unimaginable darkness, Miskatonic University professor Oliver Grayson and his team of unlikely allies must arm themselves with deadly weapons, powerful eldritch artifacts, and the most potent tool an investigator can wield: knowledge. The stage is set for one ultimate, heart-stopping race to save mankind!

Dweller in the Deep is the final installment of The Dark Waters Trilogy by award-winning author Graham McNeill, and it concludes the harrowing story begun in Ghouls of the Miskatonic and continued in Bones of the Yopasi.

Book Two: Bones of the Yopasi

Many are the great emotions of mankind, and though poets may claim love as the highest and most noble, they do so with sunlight warming their skin and the comfort of their fellows close at hand. But as night falls and the dread of vanished shadows creeps into parlor, slum, and palace, even the most romantic must at last admit to the greater power of fear.

Such an emotion comes in many guises and plentiful hues. All men fear the dark, a primal memory of when beasts of fang and claw hunted in the night. Many fear crawling things, the loathsome touch of wriggling worms and hideous spiders. Others fear blood and injury, or the lingering agony of prolonged infirmity.

Yet of all these fears, greater still is the fear of the unknown, and no realm on this globe is more mysterious than the depths of the ocean, with its secret lore and unexplored depths, where things undreamed of since before mankind rose to dominance still hold sway. In its blackest chasms and unknown deeps, secrets thought lost and terrors buried long ago remain, dreaming of the day when the stars will be right and their dripping bulk will rise to the surface once again.

A Harrowing Story

The horror continues in Bones of the Yopasi, the second book in the terrifying The Dark Waters Trilogy! New York Times Bestselling author Graham McNeill returns to the world of Arkham Horror, and crafts another uncanny tale inspired by the legendary mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Having barely recovered from a profound psychological ordeal, Miskatonic University professor Oliver Grayson looks forward to returning to normal life. Unfortunately for Grayson, however, his trials are only just beginning. After being called to the mist-shrouded town of Kingsport to identify some strange bones, the professor must join an unlikely team of investigators to face a horrifying new threat. But can they conquer their own demons in time to confront their common enemy?

As the struggle against ancient powers escalates in Bones of the Yopasi, so does the immersive experience. Fans of the Arkham Horror board game will find a cast of recognizable characters brought to life as they continue their investigation, and the engrossing tale of mystery and otherworldly horror is sure to please H.P. Lovecraft enthusiasts.

A Word from the Author

Author Graham McNeill is widely respected for novels like Empire, A Thousand Suns, False Gods, and many other books set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 worlds. Graham had the following to say about his upcoming title:

Bones of the Yopasi is my second novel in The Dark Waters Trilogy, and is largely set in the mist and dream haunted city of Kingsport. The horror that began in Ghouls of the Miskatonic is far from over, and there are yet mysteries to be solved, ancient foes to confront and a long buried secret still to come to light. From the outset, I knew that this was going to be quite a different book to the first novel, with a much more measured pace, a creeping build of tension and an atmosphere of dread that permeates every page. We get to see new monsters, new settings and new characters, all woven into the existing mythos and building upon what went before while broadening the scope of what's at stake. And where Oliver and his fellow investigators were pretty much floundering in the dark in the first book, here they begin to gain some understanding of the terrible things they're facing, but learning of the mythos isn't always a welcome revelation.

The challenge with this book was to develop the characters and advance the story without making it feel like a stepping stone. The middle books of trilogies often feel like a necessary step to get to the finale rather than being an enjoyable book in their own right, and I took great pains to make sure that Bones of the Yopasi was just as interesting and just as creepy as the other books in the trilogy. If you like your mythos shot through with a dose of strange figures in the mist, ghost ships rising from the deep and the squirming, loathsome monsters of the undersea coming to drag you to your doom, then this is the book for you...

Book One: Ghouls of the Miskatonic

A dread moaning drifted from somewhere far beyond the archway, the mumbled moans of some vast sleeper who dreams fitfully in an aeons-long slumber. The meaningless garble of syllables and animal noises were utterly unintelligible to her, but filled her with such dread that she could not bring herself to look into the blackness of the arch for another second. The sound of pipes and echoing chants from distant lands seemed to swirl around the island, as though in answer to the dreamer’s wordless call.

This was the source of her nameless fear, this city of something dead yet still enduring, sunk beneath the sea to keep it from the world above. Though surely she was too deep for starlight to penetrate to the ocean floor, she saw the reflected light of ancient suns glistening on the glassy surface of polished blocks of unimaginable scale, tracing their patterns across the island tomb until they reached their appointed positions in the heavens. As she watched, the stars gleamed with sudden brightness and the ocean floor shook with the tectonic heaves of a great undersea earthquake. Billowing clouds of sand geysered up from the bottom of the ocean as the monstrous island shifted and the siren song of meaningless chants intensified.

A Terrible Power Stirs

Prepare yourself for mystery and horror as New York Times Bestselling author Graham McNeill takes you through a harrowing tale set in the eldritch world of Arkham Horror, based on the legendary Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft. Something terrible is stirring in the fathomless depths of the ocean. A young student at Miskatonic University dreams of its dark presence while a troubled professor struggles with the deteriorating sanity of a former colleague. Now, as mysteriously butchered bodies begin to appear around Arkham, a cast of familiar faces from the Arkham Horror board game join the investigation. A series of bizarre and inexplicable events soon follow, culminating in a cataclysmic discovery...

Beginning with the 350 page Ghouls of the Miskatonic, Graham McNeill’s The Dark Waters Trilogy is an exciting new way to experience the Arkham Horror setting. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror board game, mystery, and horror will instantly become immersed in the fascinating struggle against cosmic powers beyond comprehension.

About Graham McNeill

Graham McNeill is the author of such books as A Thousand Sons, False Gods, Fulgrim, and Mechanicum. Ghouls of the Miskatonic is his first novel published by Fantasy Flight. He had the following to say about this exciting new book:

I’ve been a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s work for many years now, and his influence extends into all my work like the tentacles of Great Cthulhu himself. The otherworldly horror, the cosmic bleakness and the mass of slimy, horrible monsters so terrible they’d drive you to madness just by hearing their name strikes a real chord in me. Lovecraft’s writings have influenced so much in the worlds of horror, SF and fantasy, that to be given the chance to tell stories of the mythos is just about the most exciting opportunity I’ve ever been offered. I mean, who wouldn’t want to write stories of witch-haunted Arkham, with its sagging, gambrel roofs and crooked streets, where the mist clings to the buildings and all manner of abominations might lurk in the shadows...?


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