Download the rules to Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (pdf, 5.1 MB)
Download the FAQ 2.0 for Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (pdf, 5.8 MB)
Download the rules for the Fame and Fortune expansion (pdf, 3.1 MB)
Download the rules for the Wisdom and Warfare expansion (pdf, 3.3 MB)

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A review of Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

Published in the notable publication WIN Das Spiele Journal (English edition) #143. Download here to read their review of Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game.


Reviews of Sid Meier's Civilization® V

Escapist - 5 out of 5 Stars

My favorite Civilization to date. Hex tiles and no stacking makes combat fun and more tactical. The new systems work incredibly well without altering what makes the game Civilization. Civ V is an excellent game.

Wall Street Journal

When you actually sit down and start playing, you cant stop. I had to drag myself to bed both nights I played it. And thats the point, isnt it?

Shacknews - Positive Review

All in all, Civilization V is an amazing game. Firaxis has changed so many things, but manages to keep the feel of what makes this a Civilization title. There's a major level of polish across all facets of the game and it is absolutely gorgeous. It can be a bit of a resource hog as games progress, but it won't require a top of the line rig. Series veterans will find welcome changes and newcomers should enjoy learning Civ in this version.

Destructoid - 9.5

Civilization V makes huge advances to the series that do nothing but enhance the essential experience. Improvements to the user interface and AI at all levels result in it being more approachable for newcomers without losing any of the strategic depth that long-time fans crave. It vastly improves combat, making the micro-level gameplay both more complex and entertaining. It trims all the fat, leaving only decision-making, strategic planning, and the sheer joy of crushing your enemies. Civ V is the pinnacle of the franchise to date.

Gaming Nexus - A

Civilization V is, once again, going to consume countless hours of my life in turn-based bliss. With the boardgame feel and the slick, polished features, I know I'm in for many sleep-deprived mornings. Fans of the series, or turn-based 4X games in general, will have a blast with this for a long time to come. And while it might be a little daunting to newcomers, Civilization V is also a great place for those who might want to wet their feet in the 4X pool.


14+ 2 - 4
2 - 4 hrs


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